Thursday, October 18, 2018


I haven't heard from the organiser of the Tamahere Market yet, to confirm my site for this coming Saturday's market. Frustrating.

I will email her soon to see what's going on.

I hope I can get a permanent site there soon, cos this uncertainty is not fun.

I'm going out shortly, gunna climb those steps again... maybe even do them twice, cos I found them fairly easy yesterday.

Then I am coming home to work on a couple of jobs around the house. I want to cut paper to fit the bottom of the trays for Sunday. Make some 'BOYS' and 'GIRLS' signs for the two bathrooms, again for Sunday's party.

I have quite a list of things to prep' for, but so many of them are 'last minute/hour' things. Doesn't make life very easy!

I also have to double check I've got everything ready for both markets this long weekend. At least I don't have to worry about having enough stock!

Oh I forgot last night's walk photo didn't I?

Can't have that:

ABOVE: LOL... first time I'd climbed up a slide's ladder and sat at the top in.... FOREVER (probably 30 years)! AND I slid down the freakin' thing too! My bum actually fitted!

It's little moments like this that I am really enjoying... all these 'firsts' again, and how they make me feel. I've felt really down the past few days, had a few tears ... so when I have a positive moment, I'm trying to make the most of it.

Now... off to climb some steps!

Well... OK ... OK... I do kinda need to get outta bed, get dressed, bla bla bla! lol


SO.... I got up outta bed, and went into my wardrobe for clothes for the day... and thought "Oh, this is one of my bigger jobs for today"... so yeah.

Got started on that. And TWO. HOURS. LATER.... it's done.

Of course, it meant reorganising THREE wardrobes ... but now I have three tidy wardrobes, and mine is ready for it's change around/alteration.

And climbing up on the step ladder enabled me to see the top shelf better, and yaaa! The alteration is not going to be such a big job after all.

Steve will be pleased *smiles*

Poor man, he comes home to visit Mum and Dad, and half the time gets a job!

So now I'm a bit hot and bothered, so am going to cool down, THEN go do some steps.

OK!  I couldn't wait to report my latest HbA1c RESULT!

To refresh your memory:

ABOVE:  This is the standard chart.  Most people are in the green.

ABOVE:  at the beginning of April I was reading 90.  After doing a NO SUGAR/NO CARB diet for three months ... I got a reading of:  


I was over the moon. This meant I did not have to go on twice daily insulin injections.  I HATE/FEAR/LOATHE injections.  I avoid them like the plague!

So... in the last three months from July till now I have halved my medication, AND added a FEW carbs into my diet.  NOT a lot, but a few here and there.  Not every day mind you, but some days.

When I took my blood test on Monday, I was shitting bricks, sure my HbA1c number would go UP... due to me having some carbs.  Right?

My doctor just text me (isn't she a love?), and this is my latest result:



I am shocked.  But so very relieved.  Clearly I CAN eat some carbs, but NO SUGAR, and keep my blood sugar level stable.  I am rather happy with myself.

As Stew said ... the exercise is helping too... of course it must be.  *smiles*

Let's keep doing what we are doing eh?  


8.30 pm:  home from today's FBG walk.  My right foot is getting blisters on top of blisters. Time to go and get something to help, maybe some insoles?  Wearing two pair of socks hasn't helped.

It was a 5.4 km walk tonight, and it was quite warm tonight.   Glad to be home ... can chill out for while.  It's been a busy day.

Before I forget:  tonight's walk photo... with the setting sun in our faces.


  1. Dress looks fantastic on you Chris.
    I struggle with steps so well done even considering going back and doing them again.

  2. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Sorry to read you've been feeling down :(

    1. It's OK... just very disappointed that some people who I would have loved to attend my birthday party can't come. Hurts.

    2. I guessed as much Chris, so sorry you are hurt, it’s their loss though, it’s one thing if they can’t come for a genuine reason, but to not make the effort if they could come if pathetic in my eyes.

  3. Oh - forgot to mention how much i like your walk photos! What a great thing, the walks, the people, the photos!

  4. That's another great result! I was thinking about your result the other day and suspected it would be better due to the walking. Walking is great for lowering blood sugar and yes, you can have some carbs - you just need to be careful about how much and how many. After being pre-diabetic in 2011 I'm still getting normal blood results (34) seven years on by having no sugar and lower carbs. It works :) It must be so good for you to have this latest result as confirmation you are doing everything right.

  5. Way to have done great! You deserve to be very proud of yourself.

  6. wahoo happy birthday to you under the hundred and low levels you rock I know Ive said it before but you do

  7. the changes you've made are clearly paying off, it's so great to see, you must be delighted xxx Christy

  8. Blatdy Fantastic result you go girl.

  9. Congratulations on a fantastic result!! You rock!!

  10. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Fantastic!! amazing! all your hard work has paid off...yes walking really seem to have a lot of energy..I would not be able to walk that much


  11. Well done with the blood test results. Keep up the good work. Birthday outfit looks lovely.


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