Sunday, October 28, 2018


Yesterday I did these lay outs:

ABOVE:  All different shades of trees, (not a good photo, taken a night, not the best lighting).  I am going to make a start on stitching them today.

That should keep me busy all day.  Well for days actually.

ABOVE:  Also yesterday, we pegged out the pool 'space'... to see just how it will fit in this area.
Well!  It's way bigger than I first thought, but that's good.  Plenty of room to play, paddle, lie on an airbed thingee and just enjoy the summer.

ABOVE:  LOL... I just had to patch the pool photo in!  Looks huge!

So, that's me for now.  Let's see if I can find something else to yabber on about.... later.


2 pm:  Well I've been busy.  Sewing. Then taking Stew into Hamilton for a get together with old school friends (happens bi-annually).
Then Spotllight, where I spent over $60 on thread ... can't sew without the darn stuff.

I bet no one buying sewn shit considers how much the thread costs!  I only got a 'few' as my Mum is getting me some in a sale over in Aussy this week sometime.  Yaaa!

Home now, and I'm going to prepare dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala), then semi prepare a little platter for tonight.

I've got an FBG 2019 planning meeting to attend.  Should be good.

I will need to pop back into Hamilton in a few hours to pick up Stew too... better not forget him! lol

Now... re: the pool's position.  The proposed position is just that... proposed. Not set in concrete yet.
We are considering two places.
It will depend on two things.

Access to power for the pump/filter... which is why we have thought of the above position.

And secondly, how easy it is to see children in the pool from inside the house.  Though when there are small children in it, obviously there will be an adult with them at all times.

The other place to put it would require the power cord being put under the ground.  Something we could do... just have to talk to the electrician once he's here.

So... we are considering our options still.

As for 'mud'... well we will address those sorts of things once the pool is in position.

Lacy has just been for a visit.  Nice to see her getting out and about under her own steam again.  She's bought a cheap run about car... with a PROPER PETROL TANK EVEN!  lol
Remember, her last car's 'petrol tank' was a plastic container in the car's boot!

I will never forget that.

Right, back to the sewing room I go.  I've got two runners trees stitched... but heaps more to go.

And now, it's 10.15 pm and I'm home from the FBG meeting.  It went really well... and my small platter was much appreciated.    

Time to wind down for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. That's a great pool but why are you putting it so close to the house? It's always better to have full access all around a pool for various reasons - cleaning being one of them. Also to prevent too much splashing water on your windows (you know there will be splashing!!). I had a pool very similar many years ago and we got paving tiles put around the edge (professionally laid) to prevent grass and mud going into the pool. It can get incredibly muddy around the edge!! More for you to think about and consider :)

    1. Just to clarify, I only meant a foot or two further than what you have it - still close to the house but not hard up to the garden :)

  2. Another option is to lay some of those inter-locking rubber mats where people get in and out - that would prevent mud and grass getting in the pool and much cheaper!

  3. Closer to house means Steve can bomb off ROOF!

    1. There will be NO BOMBING!!!!! The pool is not deep enough for starters. And then there's the safety factor! Nope, not gunna happen.

    2. Na, Steve will bomb off the roof :)

    3. I'll give it a go, depth is only a matter of perception mother

  4. Haha hay leave the Honda Accord alone lol that car was awesome lol 😂

  5. I will never forget Lacy in the petrol in the boot car too! LOL!

    1. Haha thanks Not So Cranky lol she was a bloody kewl car untill well yea the gas tank in the boot lol 😂 mummy wasn't too impressed lol but boi did she go.....when she was going lol 😂

  6. That's a lot for thread! I've been buying the boxes of Gutterman and using the 1/2 off coupons from Joanns so that's about $15 for the box.


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