Monday, October 29, 2018


I mentioned yesterday we have a 2nd option for the pool's position, this is it:

ABOVE: This option would mean running a power cord under the ground from the house to the pool.
And the pool would have to be at least 2 metres away from the boundary fence, so a kid couldn't get into the pool by standing on the fence.  EVEN though the fence is behind the hedge, there are rules you have to adhere to.

I actually prefer this position... but it just means a few more things to think about.  Leaves from the olive trees could be an issue too.  The pool comes with a cover though, so maybe not a worry?

What position do YOU think is the best??? And give me your reasons too.  (If you didn't see the 1st possible pool position, it's on yesterday's post.)

Stew is home today. He took the day off as a 'rest' day.  I'm glad he did, he works far too hard and hardly ever takes time off.  He should, he has masses of holiday time saved up.

We don't have any plans for the day.... YET.  Let's see what I can come up with (or Stew for that matter *smiles*).



A few days ago I said quite CLEARLY I had spoken to our local council re: if we had to fence the pool BEFORE we even bought it.

They said NO.


Pool fences ARE required for in-ground pools, paddle pools and the like... in fact ANY pool that a small child can FALL INTO.  Clarification.... a small child can FALL INTO a pool that is in the ground or sitting on the ground and is very low.. ie, a paddle pool.

The pool we have bought is ABOVE the ground, AND IS EFFECTIVELY fenced by it's OWN SIDES.

They are solid, just like a bloody fence!

ABOVE:  Left is the pool's sides, on the right is a wooden fence.

Both act as a LEGAL fence.  Any child can scale a fence if they are determined enough.  A baby or toddler cannot.

A baby/toddler or pre-schooler CANNOT fall INTO our pool... it's not in the ground.

So, I do believe we have our facts correct. 
If you have doubts, I invite you to ring the Waipa District  Council to find out for yourself. 
(0064) 07823 3800

*** The ONLY stipulation we have to adhere to is that the pool ladder is not kept by the pool when the pool is not in use. We plan on chaining the ladder to a structure well away from the pool at all times, unless we are using the pool.***

I will not be publishing any more comments that are on pool fencing. Thanks.

I have every right to get cross when I am told I don't know the rules/legalities when clearly I do.  LYNDA, you are not the only person to try and 'correct' me on the facts. Thank you for sending an email to apologise.

And here it shall end.


WEIGH IN.  Last week I stayed the same.
This week?

I had my FIRST GAIN in over 6 months!
Of .300 grams.
So, just a piddle.

I'm pretty happy with that, considering some of the stuff I've eaten over the past week or so!

But, back on track now.

Stew and I are having broccoli and cauliflower cheese, with some cold meats added for lunch.
It's quite cold today, so we felt like something warm.

I'm going great guns on stitching around all the freakin' trees!  I've done 4 runners, just 3 to go.  Then I have to do the quilting (minimal amount), add the backing and binding and boom!  Done. 

Said she,  who knows all THAT will take me till the end of the week AT LEAST.  lol

8.22 pm:  And I just got home from an FBG walk.  It was a slightly longer one, done at a good pace... so I'm a bit knackered.
After sitting on me bum all day sewing... it was good to get some exercise though.

I'm done sewing for the day... I got way more done today than I expected! 

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Maria7:15 AM

    I'd put a fence around it even if you don't have too. (I've heard stories of children from other houses using pools and no one knowing and then drowning). Second option looks best. An adult needs to be outside with kids swimming, not watching thru a window and it would be too tempting to do that in the first spot.

    1. Clearly whenever a young child is using the pool an adult would be in attendance. If Brylee or Griffin were in the pool, I would feel comfortable being inside, keeping an eye out through the windows.

  2. I like the second option and it wouldn't be that hard to put the power cord under the ground we've had to do that before.. a good view through the window and it's not as if you're miles and miles away from the pool that you can't quickly get up and race out if you hear a screaming child. you don't need to put a fence around it as it's going to be a certain height above the ground and a little child is not going to be able to access the water from the side of the pool.. but again I don't think you're going to be stupid enough not to have an adult ( dad or yourself ) or a Brylee or a griffin or a Steve or a lacy or a bex or a Kelly out there watching on the odd occasion / weekend...
    you would need to put a mat on the concrete leading to the back door so that you wouldn't get grass clippings or wet carpet inside but you already new they aye..
    we are not putting a pool up this year as we have a puppy and it's not a firm structured pool like yours mite be our pool was a material pool which means if the puppy got in it she could easily rip the sides and then all over Rover..

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Hi the second option looks good as the pool isn't right in your face all year round ? in Australia the pool has to be fenced off at all times you could even put a glass fence up?. Peace of mind?


    1. The pool's walls act as a 'fence'. To put another fence around it would be counter-productive.

  4. Hey Chris - did you see this? It's your council's new regulations for pools and it says it must be fenced. Middle part, second page.

  5. More research... it's now Government legislation throughout the entire country as of January 2017. Whoever sold you that pool told you a story just to sell it!!

  6. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Option 2 is good because it's out of the way BUT Option 1 - isn't outside the kitchen window & closer to an outside door? I think being able to look at the window as you are pottering about in the kitchen is good & if you are eating etc out there, being closer to the door is probably more convenient. You'll work out which way works best for you!!!

  7. Option 2 is out of the way for you but very close to the enghbors house. I had neighbors put a pool very close to my last house. When I had my windows open I felt as though their children were in my kitchen with me-lol. Maybe somewhere away from your house and away from their house?

  8. Ugh! Just jump in the lovely pool already! Bring a cocktail! Have fun and enjoy the damn thing! (I do realize you need to receive it first) As I prepare for snow - because we are in opposite climates!

  9. So option one is better here's why water and children running on grass equals ruined grass and mud and option means a lot if grass to fix. Option 1 sand base around it with artificial grass then real grass maybe will a pump be on all the time close to the house might disturb?

  10. We've had a couple pools similar to the ones in your pitures. I've found they last just about as long as the warranty, it's OK, if you don't mind replacing it every other year. (But here, they stay out 12 months a year).

  11. Katie2:32 AM

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