Thursday, October 25, 2018


Yesterday afternoon I got ONE trestle table cover made:

ABOVE: The blue fabric is fitted so it won't blow up and away in a wind.  The white topper will be held down by the stuff on the table (or safety pins).
I need to make one more this size, and then two smaller ones too.

So, that's what I will be doing today.

I have a list of things to do in the sewing room... these are top of the list.  

After they are done, I have a friend's Tree Table Runner to finish before working on more for the November and December markets.

It's good to be busy... but I am quite tired!  Sleeping is a bit of a joke at the moment.  My hot flushes have kicked up a notch, now every hour, on the hour overnight.  So I never get a true night's sleep.  Compounds till I am exhausted.  Like now.

Soooo... there might be a 'nana nap' happening this afternoon!

But for now... I'm gunna get outta bed, get some washing on, make the bed, tidy the house then head off into the sewing room.


9.45 am:  I found out what happens when you go to bed at 8.30 pm.  Ya bloody well wake up at 4 am!  Yeah, not fun, particularly when ya can't get back to sleep.

Grrrrr.   Don't think I will do that again.

So anyway, I got up at the normal time, and decided to tidy up my market boxes first off.
Everything pretty much gets thrown in at the end of a market, and stays all muddled up till the next one.
So, it's all tidy now, much more organised.  I even labelled the boxes, so less confusion next time at pack up time.

I've got washing on, all the housework is kinda done, so time to make the next large trestle table cover.  

12.27 pm:  And I'm doing well on my list today!
I have finished the 2nd of the large trestle table covers, and also one of the 2 smaller trestle table covers too.

 ABOVE: This table always has the Placemats on it, so I wanted to work out some way to stop them being blown off in a strong wind.  

 ABOVE: So I tied elastic under the table, and brought it up and over through button holes I added to the ends of the table cloth.  Not bad thinking eh?  That should keep the placemats on.

I ordered a t-shirt online recently.  NOT something I would normally do, but it was just so lovely... I decided to risk it.
And it arrived in quick time...

ABOVE:  I ordered an X-Large, and it fits perfectly, even a bit big!  I just love it.  And of course, I got it in purple, so I can wear it on the FBG walks.  We can now wear any purple shirt ... no restrictions.

OMG just look at those tights I have on! Just a bit baggy around the thighs eh?  Might just thrown them out.


6.30 pm:  Had a busy afternoon sewing stuff and just fluffing around in the house.  The idiot bird has been flying into the window all day long, Stew reckons there's something wrong with it.  I concur.

So, just fed the family and am about to go out for the FBG walk, which is great as B & G are having a massive vocal fight.  Does my bloody head in.  Moments like this I just can't wait till they fucking leave home.

I HATE it when they fight.  There's enough sibling hate in this family already, without them adding to it.

So, I buggered off on me walk to get away from them.  It was a lovely walk, 5.23 kms long, all flat.  Nice.

ABOVE:  I was mid-talk obviously! What a face lol!

Home now, cooling down.  I'm staying up till my 'usual' bedtime tonight, no more early nights for me!

Catch ya tomorrow, it's going to be a different day tomorrow.


  1. Have you thought of putting elastic on the corners of the white topper like a fitted sheet?

  2. Gee you have been busy, love the T shirt um yes tights baggy indeed.

  3. great iodea with your table cover that should hold them at bay in wind..and oh my god how cute is that t shirt

  4. Birds do not perceive windows as a barrier. ... Another cause of window collisions is male birds defending territories during mating season. They perceive their own reflection in glass as a competing male, and attack it repeatedly in an attempt to drive the intruder off.

  5. Have you seen Hitchcock's The Birds? :D :D

    1. No I haven't! I don't watch horror/scary movies, I'm too scared!

  6. Great idea on the button holes, I had used safety pins and ribbon a few times before I made the boards for my mug cozies, those things are a life saver. I need to make another table cover or 2 also. Cute shirt too!


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