Saturday, October 20, 2018


Yesterday, while standing in front of a mirror doing me hair... I swear, just for a moment, I thought I could see my collar bones!

But...  I was wrong.

Cos, while they may be there SOMEWHERE, I still can't see them.  *sigh*

That is a big goal of mine.  To SEE THEM BONES again.  One day, probably next year, it will happen.

Till then.. I will stop looking.  I go cross eyed looking. lol

It's the Tamahere Market today.  Stew is leaving before me and starting the set up.  I have to drop Griffin off at work before I head off to Tamahere.

It's going to be a lovely day (weather wise), so we don't have to worry about rain.  That's a relief, as it usually rains on Labor Weekend!
Very lucky ... it's looking good all weekend in fact.

ABOVE:  My site today.  There's usually quite a few food stalls in this area, so maybe it will be good there, I just don't know.  *shrugging shoulders*

And now... I better get moving!  Probably going to overdress today... but it IS still cool in the morning!  And I can take layers off eh?


It's going WELL!

FINALLY!  A market day where I didn't FREEZE!!!  AND I made a decent amount of money too!

So ... very happy with today.  It was just lovely sitting in the sun... chatting with people, getting many, many compliments about my work.  *smiles*   Made the early rise worth it.

ABOVE:  Our set up today.  We had plenty of room, and although I wasn't sure about our position, it was just fine.

Now home, and about to have some lunch (2 pm already!)... Brylee is at work and Stew and Griffin have gone into Hamilton to do some shopping/get a haircut.

So, I'm home alone.  I can relax for a little while before tackling the next job.  Perishables shopping for my Birthday party tomorrow!

LOTS of Birthday Cards in the mail today... THANK YOU EVERYONE who sent me a card.

My Mum sent me some flowers too, Thanks Mum.

Well.. I didn't do the shopping.  It will have to wait till tomorrow morning.
Steve and Bex and the kids arrived.  
So some socialising, catching up.

Then I went into the sewing room and sewed for a while... I need to make a couple more things before Monday's market!

It's been a  long, but good day.
Happy to wind down now.
Catch ya tomorrow... when I turn OLD-ish!  *smiles*


  1. Good luck today! I found my collar bones but now I lost them again :sigh:

  2. Hope your day goes well Chris.

  3. Glad its going well maybe the sun shining is bring out more peeps..


  4. I hope that your day is going well

  5. yes my collar bones was a great joy to see when I lost my weight too that and my hands they felt like they belonged to someone else. Hope your site is a good one and they havnt spent all there money before they get to you.

  6. Yay!!! Hope you're having a super duper day

  7. Chris did my card arrive yet I do hope so ( oh and I apologise in advance for the envelope xx I do love you ) Blondie

    1. Yes it arrived today. I will be opening it tomorrow, thanks!

  8. YAY I won't ring at 6 am when I finish work eh! Glad the market went well stunning day here too x

  9. That's great that the market went well - makes it all worthwhile when you get good feedback too.

  10. Congrats on having a great day! Makes you look forward to doing the next one. What would you say was your best seller?

    1. That would be Table Runners by far! I am trying to get a couple more made before Monday morning!

    2. you r a machine 2 markets and birthday celebrations id be shattered just preparing the birthday not to mention stressed to the max

  11. Yay, glad you had a great day at the markets.

    Hope my card was one of the ones that arrived.

  12. Yay, glad you had a great day at the markets.

    Hope my card was one of the ones that arrived.

  13. I'm glad you had a good market day!


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