Monday, October 22, 2018


Well... today I have the St Andrew's Church Market.
It's been a crazy, busy weekend!

So, we will be heading down to the church at around 7 am, setting up then Bex and her friend  will be joining me to sell their stuff too.

All going well, we will all have a profitable day.

The market ends at 2 pm, so by 3 pm I should be home, and relaxing!

RELAXING...that will be amazing.

By the end of the market today I sure will need to relax.  

Last night I stayed up till almost 1 am getting a Tree Table Runner finished!  I'm so, so tired!

So.. BRING. ON. 3 PM!


3 pm:  And we are home from Market.
AND.... OMG I made even MORE money than Saturday!
I am so thankful I made two more Tree Table Runners on Saturday and Sunday night... cos they both sold!
Plus sales from across my range.

I am just so happy.  I can now afford Christmas!  

I plan on getting a large splash pool for here, so everyone can use it when they visit, and I can finally stop cooling off in a baby's paddle pool!

Of course, it won't be a super expensive pool, but, it will be better than none!  

I have to admit, I am extremely tired now.  I have a backache from hell... and I feel like me head is full of cotton wool... I just need a good sleep tonight and I will be fine again though.

I had a BLAST at market today too... lots of laughs, talking with people, just having FUN.
Saw so many people I have made friends with here in Cambridge ... through Weight Watchers, Aqua Fit, Patchwork and The Fat Bottomed Girls walking group.  I. LOVE. CAMBRIDGE!

It was so good having Bex and Ren next door to me too... cos they watched my site when I had to go to the bathroom.  They even sold a Table Runner while I was away too!

Steve is busy changing my wardrobe around... I'm going to have DOUBLE the hanging space on my side now.  Excellent!

3.30 pm:  AND...

 ABOVE: And BOOM!  Just like that, instead of one rail half way down with drawers on the side taking up space... I have two rails.

ABOVE:  And he's putting the two drawers in this space... so it can be utilised better.
Such a handy, dandy son.

ABOVE:  Whoop!  I have two more drawers in a better place, and plenty of hanging space for my clothes.  NOT that I have many clothes, but gimme time and another 15 kilos down! 
I will get more eventually.

We are vegging out now, and will be having takeaways for dinner.  NO one has the energy to cook.  

Dinner done.  Steve, Bex and kids left for home.  Winding down... ready for bed.


  1. All the best for today's market. I hope that you have another awesome (and profitable) day :)

  2. Woohoo that's awesome!

  3. Great news re market I bet you will relax you earnt it.

  4. glad u had an awesome day

  5. Anonymous4:01 PM

    A very successful weekend for you, well done

  6. Im wrapped you've had such a successful weekend Chris. After all your hard work its finally the right time. Enjoy your birthday week. You look Beeutiful!!

  7. Sandy in the USA12:07 PM

    Your sewing work is super. So glad you made some good sales!

    1. Sandy your card arrived today.. it's very cute. Thank You "smiles"


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