Friday, October 26, 2018


Last night I said today was going to be different eh?

Well.. this is why:


She's having minor surgery today to cut back her ingrown toe nails.  It's desperately needed as you can see!

She's going to get it done this morning.  I will be with her... with trusty camera in hand!  Blog fodder ... yes!

Well... unless the doctor says I can't take photos of course.

So, that's our morning planned.  

Once we are home, Brylee  has to keep her feet up for at least 24 hours, only getting up for bathroom stops.  So I suppose I shall be her 'nurse'.

LOL ... more likely I will throw her a sandwich as I pass her room!  Hope she can catch.

Clearly I won't be going anywhere else today... so it will be a sewing day for me.
I am going to be working on a Red and Gold Table Runner today.  It's been waiting for me to get to it for a while now!


ONWARD...  And here's a blow by blow account of Brylee's visit to the Podiatrist:

 ABOVE: Her first GROWN UP ACT, signing permission for some bloke to cut up her toes!

 ABOVE: She got to choose what music to listen to... I hijacked that later on  *smiles*.


ABOVE:  Wasn't pretty.

ABOVE:  "Can ya feel this?" ... he made her WATCH! (AFTER it was numb of course!)

 ABOVE:  Reassured, she couldn't feel it.

 ABOVE: All ready to GO!

 ABOVE:  He cut the excess nail out of both big toes, and then rammed that instrument down to her nail bed with acid, to kill off the nail root... so the 'extra' bits won't grow back again.
This SHOULD solve the problem once and for all.

ABOVE:  Done!  Looks way better now.

 ABOVE:  Putting the dressings on.. look rather funny!

 ABOVE:  That was the excess nail from the worst toe.  Quite a lot had to come off!

 ABOVE:  All bandaged up, ready to go home, put her feet up and rest.

Hee hee.. ya never know what you will see on this blog eh?  *smiles*

I just realised what the time is!  I've been working on the table runner for about 7 hours today... and it's still not finished.
I am now about to head off on an FBG walk... be back later.

ABOVE:  Tonight's walk was ... interesting. It was going really well till about 2/3rds of the way, then I had a HYPO episode.  Luckily, I had rapid acting glucose tablets with me, so I had one and within a few minutes I felt OK again.
No idea why that happened, I had a good lunch and I've not done anything different (diet wise) today?
Oh well... just one of those things obviously.

Home now and I've cooled down and am actually cold!  

Watching some TV before settling down to do the hand stitching on the table runner.  That should take a good couple of hours.


  1. Brylees toes look really sore, poor thing. Good luck with your surgery Brylee. A red and gold table runner sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Poor thing. That looks so painful. My son used to get ingrown nails like that as well, I finally started taking him for pedicures once a month and it was worth every penny. He seemed to grow out of it around 18-20.

  3. Poor kid that looks so painful!

  4. Dam girl.. leigh had toes like that took ages to heal.. good luck..

  5. Oh My Lord Brylee your toe nail colour looks fabulous lol 😂
    Good luck and fingers x for a speedy recovery kiddo

  6. Oh I feel for Brylee. I had to have both my big toe nails removed in my 20's, not fun. I hope it all goes well!

  7. oh Brylee that looks so sore..I have bad toenails but nothing that looks that painful. hope today helps relieve the discomfort

  8. Oh golly that brings back memories. Most of my high school years were spent battling ingrown toenails, until surgery on one took the side of the nail out and I didn't have to suffer any more. The most agonising affliction I have ever experienced! And of course that was the toe everyone stepped on or I always kicked. Brylee, you have my heartfelt sympathy girl!!

  9. Thank goodness I didn't have breakfast this morning :-). I had the same problem when I was in my early 20's and had to have them cut out. The trick is to cut a small "v" in the middle of the nail and it helps to stop it happening and can fix minor ingrown (yours are way past that point now). Brylee, enjoy Mum waiting on you hand & foot, I am sure she will do it with lots of love, sympathy & compassion pandering to all your needs no matter how minor haha :-).

  10. HORK won't be scrolling back to this post better start a new one if you add on lol

  11. Oh Brylee you poor girl! Hope they feel better soon and your Mum looks after you well. Brylee's favourite meal for dinner, I reckon!

  12. Oh that's yukkie, how ya feeling better now that part is done Brylee

  13. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Poor up!!


  14. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Oh Brylee!!!! Hope they don't grow back & that you're back on your feet soon!!!!!

  15. Oh My God... I've never seen that ever. Poor Brylee, I do hope this is will never happen again, ouch. I'm now thankful for my normal toenails :)

  16. glad she's on the mend.... looking at the procedure made MY toes curl, Christy xxxx

  17. Oooooh ouch I felt all that. Braver than me. I bet itll hurt when the drugs wear off. Love to Brylee.

  18. Hope Brylee is feeling much better after the procedure..shes a gorgeous looking girl.

  19. Get well soon Brylee. Those toes look mighty painful. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Goodness - I am glad you had those tablets with you! Hope Brylee's feet are on the mend.


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