Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Right, I've had a chance to post a few more photos from my birthday... not many, but a few:

 ABOVE:  The photographer extraordinaire!  Idiot son.

 ABOVE: Sandra and Chris came up from Palmerston North!  Just for a few hours.  
NOTE:  The idiot photo bombing the shot!

 ABOVE:  Little kids (and big ones) happily playing in the back yard.
For HOURS.... they slept like logs that night.

 ABOVE:  Me and two of my FBG girlfriends (both named Sue).  It was a bit windy.

 ABOVE:  Miss Muppet.  aka Keera.  *smiles*
I didn't get many photos of the kids this day as I was trying to actually enjoy the day, not take a gazillion photos.  
I left that up to Kelly and Steve. They did pretty well.

ABOVE:  Lots and lots of cards!  

And that's a wrap.

Today?  Staying in bed for a while, then as Stew is home today, we are going to do the grocery shopping.
Ikkk.  But, we can have a nice day together, lunch out, bla bla bla.

The kids are at school ... so just the two of us.  These days are getting a bit more frequent, and I love it.


2.15 pm:  And what a busy day so far!
Stew and I went into Hamilton, I got some fabric and cotton thread to make more Tree Table Runners, then we went and looked at splash pools.

Saw something that was a bit more expensive than I'd planned on spending, but oh well... we ordered it!  

ABOVE:  It's not going to be in the country till mid November, but that's OK.  We want it for the 'Family' Christmas present after all.  *smiles*

And there went all my market profit!  But it's going to be so worth it.  Last summer was BLISTERINGLY HOT... and everyone roasted.  So now, we can cool off in our little pool.

After 'just looking' at pools, we did the grocery shopping, came home and put it all away.  Then we had lunch together in town and got home JUST IN TIME, as we had electricians arriving to fix a faulty light fitting.

It was crackling and the lights wouldn't turn off!  So, it ended up being an easy fix, so thankfully we won't be getting a big bill.

I'm now gunna pop outside and take a photo to show you where the pool is going to sit.  Gimme 5 minutes...

Well that took longer than 5 mintues. Got sidetracked, as ya do.

But anyway, here's where the pool is going:

ABOVE:  It's the perfect site.  Already in a rounded area, and we can SEE it from the living/dining/kitchen room, so can watch kids in it at all times.

Very happy with our purchase, and the fun summers we will have in it.

9.35 pm:  time to sign off for the day.  Still damn tired as!   Probably be going to bed super early tonight. With any luck I will feel more refreshed tomorrow.


  1. Haha nice duck face bro lol 😂

  2. That dress looks fabulous on you Chris !

  3. enjoy your day with Stew Keera is looking more pretty every time we see here growing too, miss all her fun updates and photos and the wee men too

  4. Love the photos didnt I do well

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Your pool will need to be fenced by law.

    1. ANY POOL HIGHER THAN 1.20 METERS, WITH A REMOVABLE LADDER, AND NO FENCING THAT CAN BE CLIMBED TO ACCESS THE POOL, IS NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE POOL FENCING. If you doubt this, you are welcome to ring and check it out with your local council, as we did before purchasing it.

    2. True, you don't need that to be fenced. Just be sure that kids can't drag a chair or something over to the pool. You really will need to watch the kids carefully but mostly it will just be the big kids and you and Stew enjoying it. I presume you'll have a filter etc for the pool too.

    3. WE will be vigilant, don't worry! Yes, it comes with a filter, cover and so on.

  6. Lovely photos of all yes including Steve lol nice pool ( when it comes POOL PARTY)

  7. Hahaha love the photo with Steve photo bombing...cracked me up 🤣

  8. How exciting! Do you have to fence it? Here, you have to have an approved fence around any pool you install.

  9. Never mind! Just saw your previous answers to that question! hahaha!

  10. what a fab idea for the summer ,and right in to April (up north there) , we did that when ours were younger,, and it was us 2 lol that spent the most time in it,, just cooling off.

    Love the place you are putting it,(they are a nice home feature as well) and those pools last forever!!

    None of us here at our Whare ,,, need an olympic sized pool,,, we keep those places for others to enjoy (smiles) but a cool off is better,, than a holiday in the summery days ahead

    Good on you guys

    Off on a gifted holiday this week so take care till we get back and look 4ward to catchup then,
    cos where we are going is internet free

    but memories on an ipad by the dozens,,,, to download when we get back!!!! (Yay)


  11. Steve is such a character. Did Mike get up for your party? I'm glad everything went well and no drama because you are a wonderful mum and grandmother and the bestest friend to many. Not to forget a great wife lol.

  12. The pool will be a ton of fun!


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