Saturday, October 06, 2018


Last night I sat down and wrote a list of food I will need for my birthday lunch.  Planning people... it's important!

I'm doing something a bit different this year.
It being a 'big' birthday an' all.

We are going to have a 'PLATTER' type lunch.

No BBQ, No traditional meal as such.

We are going to be doing something like this:

ABOVE:  A 'grazing platter' type of thing.  People can just help themselves to bits of this 'n' that.

Last night I made a couple of 'baby' platters for our dinner:

ABOVE:  And although I didn't have that much to put on the plates, it was actually really yum!

So... hopefully it works out on the day!

ABOVE:  I even tried making some Fairy Bread roll ups.  Brylee said they were nice.  There will be some things like that for the little kids.

Frustratingly, I have no idea how many people are coming to my birthday lunch!  Hopefully people rsvp eventually.  *smiles*  It's always an 'up in the air' thing as my birthday pretty much always falls on Labor Weekend.  That sucks.

My Mum isn't coming, because of her back still giving her pain, and well...   I never thought she would anyway.  Same with my sister... she can't come either.  

So it could be just us, some of our kids/grandkids and a few friends!  It will be a nice day though, I'm sure. 

Now... back to today.
Usual sort of weekend ahead.  Housework.  Griffin has work till lunchtime, then he's going into Hamilton I think.

Of course, Stew will be taking him in... and bringing him back.  I'm not sure why he's going in... *shrugging shoulders*.

I might finish cleaning windows... just a couple of rooms to go now!  

Not much else to yak about ... so will catch ya later.


"Doing a Happy Dance".... cos I am wearing a dress I have not worn for about TEN YEARS!!!
Very good feeling.

I'll get Brylee to take a photo after she's OUTTA BED!  

Off now to do a big clean up in the sewing room... it's a bit messy.   Plus I want to give the sewing machine a clean too... it's been on the go for months without a proper clean too.  Dust has built up so bad it no longer tells me when the bobbin is empty... which is a right pain in the butt.  

The dress photo:

ABOVE:  I bought this dress when we lived in Palmerston North! I've got another one exactly the same style, but in black and blue which I love too.  So happy they fit again... and I DIDN'T throw them out!

Our FBG walk organiser has posted a spur of the moment walk for this afternoon... just a 'social walk'... so I've decided to go... and drag Stew along too.
Only, it's clouding over a bit, hope it doesn't rain.  Cos if it does, I'm not going.
Plenty to do here instead of getting wet!

I had a brilliant idea!  And am now working on it in the sewing room.  It's a new project, something for ME.  Well... our kitchen really.  I might have enough done by tomorrow to show you.

ABOVE:  Pretty little Lake Te Koutu here in Cambridge.  We just walked around it 3 times, for a total distance of 4.2 kms.  It was fairly hot in the mid afternoon balmy weather... so although I'd thought we would go around at least 4 times, 3 was enough.  We were all hot after 3!

Home now and I'm about to head back into the sewing room.  Stew is doing dinner tonight, just sausages and ??? Dunno!

Well Stew did sausages, mashed potato with onion, baked beans and spaghetti for dinner!  Another silly bugger dinner.  I better cook them veges tomorrow night.

I've spent the evening cutting, stitching and ironing stuff.  Will show you what I got done... tomorrow.

Signing off for the day... it's late and I'm tired.


  1. Chris I'd be there if I could. No 1 son got the sack and justifiably so it's down to supporting a near 40 year old lazy arse again. It's doing my head in and dragging me down. I wasnt going to give him a bed when he arrived back but I relented. Nowhere else to send him.

  2. That food looks wonderful!

  3. That looks great (not sure I'd call it a dress though, more a tunic?) The colour suits you as well. That white cardigan looks like it needs taking in too!! I love the idea of the long platter. We had that at my mother-in-law's 80th birthday recently and it worked well.

  4. Karen Doyle12:07 PM

    Love the idea of the food platter.... may look at something like that for my 50th (gulp). You are looking fantastic my friend! You are really doing sooo well!

  5. Looking amazing there mum..supa proud of you..

  6. You look darling in that outfit! I love the whole look.

  7. You're looking great there Chris! You might have to start sewing some new things for your wardrobe soon with all the weight you're losing. Well done!

  8. Oh wow Chris. I love your photo. And you're so happy too. It's awesome. I wish I had your motivation and discipline. I'm struggling. Congratulations.

  9. Well done mate awesome oh that platter looks amazing! And I'm sure you will do just as fancy smancy.

  10. wolf whistle heading your way look great in for dress

  11. Hi Chris, interesting to see that you are going to have grazing platters. The one you showed is actually a grazing table. My daughter has her own business doing grazing tables platters and food styling. It is so classy and they appeal to everyone. You are looking wonderful, but you have worked very hard, you deserve it.

  12. You look great and so motivating me to get my head in the right place

  13. Nicole1:38 PM

    Chris I don't comment often but just wanted to say that you are looking awesome in both the photo today and the ones with your girls the other day ... what you are doing is working, keep at it.


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