Tuesday, October 16, 2018


12th of July I go into our Cambridge SPARK shop and agree to be connected to the fibre network.

One month goes by. I find out she's sent the Fibre Connection Order to the WRONG company. So I email the manager. She doesn't reply. So next day I ring her. I get the run around... bullshit ... bullshit stories.

I'm not going into the nitty gritty... but she lied to me.

So for two more months I wait for something to happen. NOTHING happening... so... last week I went into Hamilton and talked to someone there. Got told our Fibre had been connected since JULY... but no one had told me.

Again.... WRONG! (new girl in the shop, didn't know what she was talking about obviously).

I got an email from SPARK yesterday... telling me our fibre connection ORDER was just done. JUST DONE! WTF?

JUST DONE?????????????

So, the Cambridge bitch (well SHE IS).... lied to me in August when she said she was going to RE-ISSUE the job to the correct company... THAT DAY, after stuffing it up the first time. OMG.

Now ... NOW.... it would appear she's JUST re-issued the job. TWO MONTHS LATER. OMG I am beyond incensed. It is now three months since I agreed to be connected.

I again talked to someone in Hamilton yesterday, cos I am not going to talk to the bitch here in Cambridge, cos I might just be a bit RUDE.... and we are working on getting this mess sorted out.

I'm NOT holding my breath.  But I am holding my temper in... but only just.  Yeah, that's my 'about to explode and say some very bad words' face!

I sent an email of complaint to SPARK about my dealings with the Cambridge Manager last Thursday, maybe that's why the Fibre Connection Order has just happened? Did she need a kick up the bum to actually DO IT?

I shall probably never know. 

AND the latest? Talked to the Area Manager in Hamilton... and he's sorting it out.  When Steve comes down on the weekend, he can connect the new modem up and then I'm to let the Area Manager know it's done, and he will disconnect our old system, and turn the new one on.

AND we won't be charged for being 'connected' when we weren't.  Just as well is all I can say! 

SO. OVER. IT.  I didn't even WANT bloody fibre!  But the kid (Griffin) reckons it will make HIS GAMES load faster!  Yep *sigh*.... and well... it will be interesting to see what's on Netflix!  Like I watch a lot of TV?  ha ha ha... HA HA!  NOT.

But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Best thing... that Cambridge Manager is gunna get a bollocking from her Area Manager!  For.  Sure.  He was NOT impressed with how this has played out, not at all.


Gunna get me blood test done this morning... gawd I hope it doesn't hurt like hell ... like last time. :(

AND I'm going into Hamilton to try and find something nice and new to wear at my party on Sunday.  Wish me luck!

OMG!   I found the PERFECT outfit to wear on Sunday! I'm pretty damn happy right now. Didn't think I would find something that I LOVED...but I did!

You are not going to believe this!
I just got home from Hamilton ... turn the computer on... and NO INTERNET!!!
Now waiting to hear back from Telecom/SPARK.

Having to use my phone and mobile data to update.

And OMG! The Area Manager is coming HERE right NOW from Hamilton to fix it!!!!

WOW!  The SPARK MANAGER arrived, and within like 2 minutes he had reconnected us using the new modem!
We now have 'fast' fibre connection!  And our expander down the other end of the house is working too... so very, very happy.

He has just left, and is on his way down to the Cambridge SPARK shop to talk to HER who stuffed it all up ... I wouldn't like to be in her shoes right now!

I will show you my new outfit tomorrow... cos right now... I really don't feel like trying to take a photo of myself!

It was Card night tonight, so I've just got home from spending 2 hours with the girlfriends playing cards. We always have a lovely evening, tonight was no exception.

Time to unwind and just relax for the rest of the night. Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Sounds terrible the whole thing...but when the fibre is connected you all will be very happy...great for movies and Griffins games lol...my son was able to listen to all his uni lecture etc etc..... We luckily have had the best fibre connection for the past 8 years...



    1. Well yes... there's always that positive I suppose *smiles*

  3. That kind of thing makes me so mad. You hang around in the background, trying not to be demanding about them getting it done in the early days because you are trying to be grown up about having to wait, etc. But meanwhile, your request is lost/abandoned and the worst bit is when people don't take you seriously when you ring up to enquire, they just tell you what should be happening rather than checking on what actually is happening. So sorry you have been treated so badly Chris. Hope it gets sorted this weekend.

  4. As well as not being charged for when you were not connected, I would ask for some significant credit on your account for the next few months.

  5. hope the blood test wasnt to painful Chris...I best get your card in the post its been sitting with stamp on for weeks didnt even realise it was Labour wkend yet thought still another 2 weeks away bugger now its gonna be late.

    1. The blood test went well! I don't mind cards arriving late mate!

  6. oh crap, I have been on the receiving end of those facials before, I was a little shit...still am but a good little shit lol 😂 that's a 'I'm gona @#*% #@&£ you' face 😯.

  7. I can't get over how they haven't been to actually set up the router - will your phones now work through the router? Ours do as our copper connection was stopped. Make sure you know about this too and that call is and out are working. Then tell Spark to get lost and join a better company!!

  8. I think most of us harveys have been on the receiving end of that face once or twice maybe even five times in our life before he he he he

  9. HI Sweetheart. I sent off your birthday card today. I am not sure if it will make it in time or not. Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic day. Cheryl McIntosh x

  10. One sentence will say it all today..

    That colour outfit you have chosen (The wee sneak peek we got) Will look amazing on you with your blonde hair!!


  11. Love the grumpy face! I am glad you are all up and running. Let us know what you end up addicted to on Netflix!

  12. Anonymous8:52 PM

    I have been watching the mini series called "The Haunting of Hill House" on netflix.just came out on the weekend..scary..lol


    1. Thanks for that, I won't be watching it. I don't like scary movies or programmes!

  13. Remind me to never make you angry! If you looked at me like the look in that picture, I'd run!
    Glad you found a nice outfit.

  14. Yeah glad your internet is working! I'd love to have fiber here but we only have satellite crappy internet.


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