Thursday, October 04, 2018


A couple of weeks ago I think I mentioned the ball of my right foot was hurting while walking.

And yesterday the same thing happened.

Guess why?

ABOVE: One has popped already, the one under me little toe.  The other two are still coming to the surface.  They are DEEP.  And they will involve several layers of skin coming off eventually.

It's happened before.  I just hope it doesn't stop me walking!

Not that I have a walk today.  There's not many posted on this week.  I am doing my next one on Friday morning.  It will be a 'repeat' of one I've already done this week.  But... I just want to keep walking, so will do it.

Today though... I am going to do a grocery shop.  It doesn't need to be a big one thankfully.
But I will do it, so we don't run outta stuff like last time.  

Bloody daylight saving!  I'm slowly getting used to waking up earlier.  I'd like to stay in bed longer (who wouldn't?)... but once I'm awake that's pretty much 'it' for me usually. *sigh*


1.10 pm:  And the groceries are done, unpacked and put away, with the help of the teenagers.

And I got mail that I've been waiting for too.

ABOVE:  I ordered 60 labels for my crafts.  I won't order any more unless I decide to continue with markets next year.  They were not expensive, and arrived bang on time too.
So I'm very happy with them.  They came from the Netherlands!

Right... off to have me lunch.

Sorry there has been no updates during the afternoon/early evening!
I was unable to do it.
Will tell why tomorrow... cos right now I'm signing off for the day.


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I am prone to blisters too. I have to be very careful. One thing that helps me is two pairs of socks. Very thin pair next to my skin and then regular over it. The friction is then between the two socks. I get my socks off (whether it is one or two pairs) as soon as I get home; moisture seems to make blisters more likely. Air helps a lot. I am also wondering if you might benefit from inserts. It looks like you might need metetarsal support from where you are getting the blisters. I have to wear toe socks when we are traveling in hot climates (and walking a lot) or I have blisters on every toe.

  2. I used to get blisters in the exact same place 0 I changed to seamless socks and haven't had any since. Hope they are not painful for you!

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    As a diabetic you need to take extra care of your feet, maybe see the Dr and podiatrist? it would be a shame if you can't go on the walks as you are doing so well...


  4. Love the labels :-)

  5. Your walking shoes are getting older now - perhaps get another pair and break them in and alternate them. There is nothing worse than your current shoes hurting you/breaking etc and then having no choice but to wear new shoes. I always have two pairs on the go. As others have said the right socks might be of help too.

  6. Ouch! Try to get some merino wool walking socks., sells them although they are a bit pricey but worth the purchase. Since I switched the blister problem has stopped. Good luck take care of those feet.

  7. Well I see everyone already covered that you might want to change your socks lol.


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