Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Today is gunna go something like this:

8 am:  FBG walk.

10 am:  Off to Hamilton for a few supplies.

12 noon:  Lunch with Amanda, Lacy and Kelly.

1.30 pm: Head home... and continue with my sewing.

So, a full day planned.

Here's last night's walk photo(s):

ABOVE:  First time I've walked without my FBG t-shirt in forever.
It was in the wash, and my 'old big' one was just too big to wear!
So, it felt really weird being out there in just a plain black shirt.  Better do some washing eh?  *smiles*

And... that's me for now... off to get ready for me walk.


2 pm:  And I'm finally home again.
The day has gone 100% to plan.
The walk went ahead, even though the weather was looking a bit iffy... it was raining at 7 am, but by 8 it was OK.

ABOVE: Frances, sitting on the swing, was celebrating finishing the Cambridge and Leamington sections of the Urban Challenge.
Quite a few of us have now, and just waiting to do the last few sections in St Kilda.

After the walk I went into Hamilton and bought a shit load of batting (while they actually had it in Hamilton!), a small extra trestle table and a 'tankini' top to wear in the pool.   I already have two pairs of shorts suitable for the pool, so just needed a top.

THEN I met up with the 3 crazies for lunch!

ABOVE:  I gave all three a token sum towards their lunch.   Lacy decided it was a worthy photo op.  lol

ABOVE: When we left I TRIED to get a nice photo of all four of us.  Bloody hell... like trying to shephard sheep!  Those bloody tongues!!!

ABOVE: This was the ONLY one that didn't have a freakin' tongue in it.  *shaking me head*

So anyway, now I'm home and just taking a break before getting back to me sewing.

I've got Cards with the girlfriends tonight... so need to have dinner ready for the family before I leave, better not forget that. *smiles*

ABOVE: Cards tonight was, as per usual, very enjoyable. EVEN though I lost... AGAIN.  

Kids enjoyed me coming home, cos I had lots of left over cakes for them.  Lucky shits.  I had a TEASPOON taste of banana cake.  *sniff*

But I must admit, I'm not even tempted very often to eat anything with sugar in it.  Amazing.

Right, time to sign off for the day.  I'm ready to relax for a while.


  1. Lunch with your girls how beaut that sounds Chick

  2. Haha 😜😜😜

  3. I Love the photos! Tongues and all. Seems Steve is not the only clown in the family. But, seriously, the last photo is a keeper! All of you look fabulous!

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    How good do you look, 2 of your girls look like twins. Jo

  5. That last pic...winner and loser is just great....certainly is a keeper.


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