Wednesday, October 03, 2018


First up for today:

ABOVE:  a little video of Brylee blowing out her birthday cake candles.

Now, before anyone asks, young Zoe (on the left) is wearing fake vampire teeth, they are NOT her own teeth!
And don't ask me WHY she's wearing them.  She just is.  Zoe walks to her own tune.

I  have an FBG walk on this morning at 9.30.  I doubt the kids will even be out of bed before I leave!
School holidays... they can sleep in every day.

I also have another FBG walk on tonight.  From memory, this morning's walk is about 4.5 kms long and tonight's is only about 3.5 kms.  So, I should be fine doing both today.

In between the walks, I want to get on with some more sewing, and also probably some housework.  Oh yaaaa... housework.

Thinking of my friend Tracy R and her family today... may your day go smoothly and you find comfort with loved ones.


Tis a weird day today.  Hot one minute, freezing the next!
But... at least I got my first walk done.  It was actually longer than I first thought at 5 kms.
And it was a bit scary today.  There were LOTS of dogs living on those streets, and some of them (NO MOST)... were seriously scary! Thankfully they were all fenced in and couldn't get out and eat us!  
I really, really don't like vicious dogs barking and snarling at me!

So, home again and about to do some sewing.  I've cut out one new soft toy... it's a cat.  But I doubt it will look like a 'Calico Cat'!  The colours are all 'wrong' for that.

But it might be nice anyway?  We will see.

ABOVE: Whoops, almost forgot the 'walk photo'!  The trampoline behind us was sitting on the side of the road, FREE for removal.  We left it there.  lol

And now....

ABOVE: We have a cat.  With floppy legs.  I think it's a bit cute.  For a cat.  I only think about it NOW... it should have had something on it's front.  Derrrr.  Next one will ...

ABOVE:  I changed my mind about more cats (for now) and instead... I'm making more owls.
6 more for now anyway.

Chicken casserole's in the oven... and I'm about to head out for my 2nd walk for the day.  This one IS a short one, I'm sure.  Well, I hope it is... cos I'm a bit tired from being busy all day.

ABOVE: 2nd walk of the day, done and dusted.  It was as I thought and only 3.4 kms long.  So all up today I've walked 8.4 kms.  Not bad!

Home now, and warming up cos I'm bloody cold.

I'm signing off for the day now... time to relax.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Is Brylee tall for her age or are the other girls younger/shorter?

    1. Both E and Z are younger than Brylee.

  2. Why not make a little hanging name tag off the ribbon? That could look cute - you could even make individual name tags if requested :)

  3. Cute cat! I forgot to comment earlier on the dots on your shirt and I actually did LOL when I read it haha.

  4. Wow go you walking sewing loving the progress reports and updates Brylee cake yummmm.

  5. Chris ,,,over 8km walks in a day,,, Well done you!!

    Hope some of your enthusiasm rubs off on me as need some fitness boosts for an upcoming holiday in 3 weeks time.. (smiles)

    Nice happy colourful sewing you are doing just now (loving the Owls for sure..

    Appreciate you sharing with us


  6. Feel free to not publish this at it could be seen as a bit mean .... but when you used to post the FBG photos I would look for the largest person .... now I have to look at your faces to see you. Take this as very backhanded but very well meant and sincere praise on how far you've come.

    1. I published your comment because I KNOW I was one of the biggest girls there! Now I love seeing the photos... cos I'm not the biggest, just one of the cuddly ones! I'm so glad my doctor gave me such a rev up by threatening me with insulin injections, otherwise I would probably still be that big.

    2. OH and I see your comment as a compliment, nothing else. *smiles*

  7. Keep up the good work Chris. Walking is the best.

  8. That cake looks delicious! There would have been a slice missing beforehand if I was there.... Happy Birthday Brylee!
    I love y'alls voices!

  9. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Happy Birthday Brylee!!!!!!!!


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