Saturday, October 13, 2018


THANK YOU to Susan, Caroline and Kym for the Birthday Cards/gifts!  I have put them aside to be opened on my actual birthday.

I forgot to post my walk photo from last night, so here it is:

Now that I've done all the walks posted for now, any I do after today will be repeats.  Helping get other girls finished. I don't mind, it means I get to keep walking.  

The one thing I don't want is to stop over the hot summer months, so will try and do walks late at night or first thing in the morning.  Let's hope others feel the same within the group.  Last summer it all stopped for 4 months.  That sucked.  And I gained 8 kilos!  THAT ain't gunna happen again.

Today I shall be going over all my market stuff, making sure I've got everything I need... as I  have the Cambridge Trash 'n' Treasure Market tomorrow.  First of three this month.
Hoping like hell it's not raining!  Or bitterly cold.

Apart from that, just the usual sorta day here.  Housework.  Making sure the kids are ready for school on Monday.  They only have about 3 weeks of school left! 
Then big celebrations... NO MORE SCHOOL for them  ...OR US.


I cannot believe how bloody FREEZING it is today!  If it's like this tomorrow I will have to wear my thermals to Market!  Crazy cold.

Stew has gone to pick up Griffin from work, then we will be dropping Brylee off at work!
THEN we have decided to go into Hamilton.  I want to find some little tongs for my birthday party.   I have a couple of mid sized tongs, but they are worn and ikkkk, so hopefully we can find some at Steven's at the Base.

There's a nice kitchen shop on the main street in Hamilton too... so that's another option to try.

Right now though, I'm sitting under my electric throw TRYING to warm up!  I went into the garage earlier to sweep it out, wash the dogs area etc, but OMG no way!  Too cold in there for me.

LITTLE 'FUNNY':  I put Marley on Brylee's bed earlier, to wake Brylee up.  Marley was so excited she piddled a bit on Brylee's bed!  Brylee ain't impressed.  lol

5 pm:  And we had a successful trip into Hamilton.  I looked in about 5 different places for little tongs and found exactly what I wanted in Look Smart at The Base.
No paying between $5 -$10 EACH for tongs at various other places... I got them for:

ABOVE:  $1.25 each!  What a bargain.  So I have the trays sorted, the tongs, half the non-perishable food... last things to get will be bought on the Saturday afternoon, after the Tamahere Market, or first thing Sunday morning.
Which is all the perishables... meat/bread/fresh fruit and so on.

Such a lot to organise ... AND do a market tomorrow, next Saturday AND next Monday!

But, I'm the queen of organised!  Should be fine.

At least the weather has cheered up a bit!  It is not quite so windy or cold now.  Fingers crossed it is even better tomorrow.

Well... Stew's car is loaded up, ready to get me and my stuff to market tomorrow.  Hope I remembered everything.
It's still cold... so I shall have to make sure I've got warm clothes ready for tomorrow.

Off to bed soon... don't want to be up late tonight.


  1. You sure won't be gaining 8 kilos this summer!! Look at how different you are now compared to last summer. You might find that walking in the heat (not midday obviously) is not so bad now as it was a year ago due to you being much healthier, fitter and slimmer.

    Wow, school nearly over for Brylee and Griffin - what a brilliant job you and Stew have done raising those two gorgeous kids... they are a real credit to you both.

  2. I'm sure you won't gain that kind of weight as you have a much better mind set now!! Wishing you lots of luck at your market tomorrow. It won't feel so cold if you're making lots of sales! I have a craft show next week but it is inside thank goodness! What plans do Griffin and Brylee have for when they have finished school. Am I correct in remembering that Brylee wanted to go into nursing?

  3. As usual a neat blog .Like Lynda said you are totally on track and her and you are a good encouragement along with others for staying with "The program"

    Its like me,,, I often used to go for closer shopping,, not thinking outside the square,, but now with a few years under my belt, I dont mind a hunt for some things and love the tong bargains etc

    Bought a brand new case to travel for DH (6 months ahead of time) and we filled it with our 23kg 6 weeks ago to travel and the 4 wheels wouldn't turn properly.. Well cant find the docket now so thats a LOSS.!!

    However for mine ,,I came across a bigger one,,,, brand new ( better wheels etc ,,, at a retro/op shop for $5 and filled that,,, and it did the trip there and back ,,,,and still going strong!!And still looks brand new.

    So good for you Chris you are well organised and Know your markets will be gr8 tomorrow

  4. Are G and B in the same year at school? Or one finishing earlier? I can't believe you will be school free! What a load off your mind that will be!

  5. All the best for your market ... and I hope the weather isn't as cold as you are expecting.


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