Friday, October 12, 2018


Right... a couple more photos from Lake Tarawera yesterday:

ABOVE: This lake is really beautiful!  And the water was so clear too... I was surprised about that.

ABOVE:  Spring growth.

 ABOVE: At the bottom of the Gondolas... ALL ABOARD!

 ABOVE:  Looking back half way up the hill.
It was a neat trip up.
Not the best day, overcast and dull... but at least the rain held off till the end of the day!
So lucky.

 ABOVE:  Rotorua, I went to school here for about 3 years (Girl's High).  Didn't really like the place, but it's not that bad now!  We certainly enjoyed our day there yesterday.

ABOVE:  Brylee and Griffin setting off on their first ever Luge ride.  

 ABOVE: Brylee looks a bit .... nervous!  But she needn't have been, it was so much fun!  Stew and I decided we wanted to try it ourselves after seeing how easy it seemed to be!

 ABOVE:  The kids coming back up after their first ride, then in front of us on our way back up after our first ride too!  It was so much fun... Stew and I did the Luge 3 times each, and the kids did it 6 times each!

ABOVE: PROOF I did it!  I even got faster by my 3rd run.

So, I can highly recommend the Luge in Rotorua!  I do believe we will be going back there.

Today... Griffin has work all day.
Stew has the day off work, so he's home all day.
Not sure what we will get up to yet... but it better be cheap. We spent a small fortune yesterday, though it was well worth it.

Nothing beats spending time with the kids and Stew, having a blast together.

Right I'm off to start the day.


1 pm:  it's bitterly cold today!  We keep getting sporadic downpours and wind.  Talk about a shitty day!  I'm freezing, so I'm not doing much at all.  I don't function well when I'm cold!

I had an FBG friend call in and snaffle some lace for a camisole she wanted to lengthen , that was nice to help out someone.  

We got a few groceries, had to dodge some heavy showers!  Then we got Pizza for lunch, from a place we'd not been to before.  (Big Poppas).  Verdict:  average.

So now... I'm watching Home and Away that I taped, then I will do some housework.  Totally boring day really!  

ABOVE:  Just spent some time pricing soft toys.  Bit of a shitty job, but needed doing.  I also sewed some pupils on one of the dolls eyes that didn't have any... looks way better now.  Much harder to do once they doll is 'finished' though!  Won't be doing 'pupil-less' eyes again!  *smiles*

I asked Stew to do some vacumming for me.  He killed the vacum.
WELL OK... he didn't kill it exactly, but the belt broke and he spend ages getting all bent and twisted trying to get it off to put a new one on.

So, I went to trusty old You Tube, found a quick tutorial on how to get it off (ya just pull it!) lol!
Now he's gone into the Kirby shop in Hamilton ... cos typically, we don't have a spare belt eh?

So... Home alone.  What can I get up to? lol

NOTHING!  It's too crappy a day to do much.  Stew and Brylee got back from Hamilton and Stew finished off the vacuming.  

Then I went for my FBG walk... it rained for about 10 minutes at the start then stopped, so that was good.  Awesome turn out for a cold/wet Friday night with 10 of us walking!

It was my last section on the Leamington Side, so technically I've walked ALL the streets of Cambridge again, except for St Kilda subdivision.  I hope to get that lot done over the next few weeks.  They are not even posted (scheduled) yet.

Looking forward to a quiet evening in front of the telly.  
Signing off for the day.


  1. Great fun place isn't it? You have a wonderful day out. So many beautiful places to visit in NZ.

  2. What a great day out, the kids look like they had a ball, as did you & Stew. Weather here is rubbish too, home soon to blob on the couch I think (via the supermarket to get wine).

  3. you look to have had a truly memorable day yesterday - a drop into reality today chick. We have had flurries of snow, scattery showers to heavy downpours, with bitterly cold wind needless to say this old tart be staying inside.

  4. Many years ago we had my folks 50th wedding anniversary up in the restaurant there and they went up in the gondala which they had decorated and drank champagne on the way. Mighty

  5. Gr8 photos again today ..What a neat variety filled day you all had So glad weather held for you all..

    At least with the wet weather today (same where we are today) it makes us girls sit down and take a break?? , Otherwise we seem to be on the run 24/7

    Enjoy your weekend


  6. loved the pics...what a great day you guys had.

  7. Well the luge ride looks fun!

  8. Looks like a fun day. Have a relaxing weekend.


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