Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Funny how new clothes can give you such a boost!
I really didn't think I'd find anything I loved yesterday, when I went out to look for a birthday outfit.

But, I did and I couldn't be happier!

Here it is:

ABOVE:  I usually only wear black/white and blue... so well... this is perfect!  The skirt twirls a bit!  And it is just a lovely fabric ... it has an 'under dress' too.  

BEST THING?  It's NOT A TENT.  That is what I really didn't want... some shapeless thing that I would hate wearing and end up giving away.  This dress can be worn for ages to lots of 'events' and I will still love it.

I love it.  I really, really do.  And I feel comfortable in it, which is super important.

I didn't want to feel like a frump on my birthday, and now I won't.  *smiles*

Do ya like it?  

Today, first thing I am heading over to Leamington (the other side of Cambridge) to order my Birthday cake.  It's a simple cake, not horribly expensive, but nicer than a supermarket one. 

 ABOVE:  My cake is going to be like this, but it will only be blue on the top, not chocolate and yellow!  And of course the words will be 'HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY".  It should be nice.

After I've confirmed the cake and paid for it,  I'm going into Hamilton to get more party supplies... I sat down and worked out what we need more of... that I can get NOW.

The rest (the perishables) will be bought on Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning.

It's going to be SUCH a busy weekend!  Markets on Saturday and Monday, and my birthday in between on the Sunday!  So, I'm trying to get as much done before hand as I can.

I have an FBG walk on tonight that I'm really looking forward to as well.  It's a 5.6 km one, so quite a decent distance.


CAKE IS ORDERED AND PAID FOR, will be ready to pick up first thing Sunday morning. Big tick on that job.

Picked up Prescription for Griffin.  Yaaa, didn't forget it!

Then.. before I went into Hamilton for more party supplies, I decided to do some steps at the lake.

So I parked up....

 ABOVE: Right beside the carpark.. lovely new steps leading up to the walking track that goes around the top of Lake Te Koutu.  So, I did the first 9.

 ABOVE: AND then I thought... let's see how many more I can do... so I started up the rest of the steps.  AND...

 ABOVE:  (looking down)... I got to the top... and can tell you that there are 120 steps to the top!  I can't believe I did it!  I am NOT good on steps, I get so puffed.
But, clearly I'm a bit fitter than I thought!

ABOVE: The lovely view from the top. So happy I did it, and I'm gunna do it again and again... cos I want to improve my cardio fitness.

After that, and it didn't even take much time... I went into Hamilton and did another party supplies shop.

Home now, and about to eat my lunch, which is chicken stir fry with a lemon sauce.  Yummy!

6.35 pm:  I've spent the afternoon doing housework.  And re-arranging my wardrobe.  We are going to be re-jigging it a bit soon.  So, it was time to get brutal and throw some shit out!

Almost time to head out for my FBG walk.  Catch ya later.

So... the walk went well.  It was the 3rd time I've done that section this year.  Every walk from now on will be a repeat, until the last 2-3 sections are posted.  I hope they come up soon.

Time to wind down for the day.  Watching Coronation Street, then probably head off to bed.  I'm a bit tired tonight!


  1. Your birthday outfit is all you, it's blue, and you look really good in it. It was made just for you! You are right, you can wear it to many events/occasions.. Have a Happy Birthday, and I hope that your day is a great one filled with lots of love, good times, and no drama..

  2. You look fabulous - that weight loss is really showing! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  3. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Congratulations on the weight loss Chris, you look great in the outfit, the blue matches your eyes. I hope you have a great Birthday. Em, London

  4. Love it. You look great :) All your hard work is showing :)

  5. The dress and colour is lovely Chris. I know what you mean about not wanting a tent dress, a fitted dress is so much more flattering.

  6. I LOVE your new outfit. It looks wonderful on you and will be perfect for many occasions.

  7. Your birthday outfit looks lovely on you Chris. You can definitely see how much weight you've lost over recent months ... well done!

  8. Absolutely love the dress Mum and can't wait to see you on Sunday

  9. Fab dress Ma 😊

  10. Love the dress, and you look FANTASTIC! I would never in a million years think you were anywhere close to 60!

  11. OMG you look fabulous darling!!!!

  12. oml awesome effort on the Lake steps Ma 😊 you go woman 💪💯👌

  13. Love the dress , you are looking gorgeous.

    You willingly walked up 120 steps!!!!! That would not have happened a few months ago, talk about progress both physically & mentally, you are an inspiration.

    1. YEAH! and no dog was chasing me either! lol

  14. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Congrats on the steps!!! Dress looks lovely :-) :-) :-) glad you found it!!!

  15. You look fantastic Chris...the dress looks gorgeous!,weightloss is so noticeable. Congratulations!

  16. Awesome jobs on the steps 120 steps way to go Mum

  17. I think I would walk up steps too, if I had a place that pretty to go to! The dress looks fabulous!

  18. Great dress Chris, looks fantastic.
    I couldn't comment yesterday, but are you tracking your carbs? Are you really doing LCHF or just lower carbs? If you aren't eating enough food but are eating a moderate amount of carbs your body is going to hang on to weight for dear life.
    You have time on your hands (more so than some of us, anyway! :D ) Why don't you get on Diet Doctor and make some of those low carb recipes? Then you won't get sick of what you are eating everyday. You can do this!

  19. Your outfit looks great Chris. Wahoo for making it up the steps- gorgeous view from the top.

  20. You look terrific in that outfit. Shows how much you've shrunk! And 'way to go' with the steps. They are so much more difficult than just uphill.

  21. Anonymous7:40 PM

    You Look lovely in the outfit...


  22. Beautiful Chris. Blue suits you.

  23. Yeah! Fun dress and great on the steps!

  24. Both you and the outfit look fabulous. Congrats on conquering the steps up the hill; your fitness level is improving and you are an inspiration to us.

  25. You look fabulous, but that's not your birthday suit! Birthday suit photos are not allowed on Blogspot! But I will take a piece of cake!
    Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

  26. Beautiful dress colour. Those steps fantastic effort well done


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