Friday, October 19, 2018


Something nice today.  Me man is home.
He's taken today and next Tuesday off work... so he has a 5 day break, as Monday is a public holiday. 

He is going to do some yard work today, so the place is looking it's best for Sunday.

I'm going to potter around the house, get a few odd jobs done.

I had hoped to go on an FBG walk at 9.30 am, but I'm scared of getting blisters on top of blisters on my right foot (the ball of my foot already has blisters!) ... so I am taking the next few days off walking.

We have a cross trainer, so I can get on that and get some exercise, and not damage my foot any more.

Frustratingly, I've not heard back from the Tamahere Market organiser on what site I have been allocated yet.  She was supposed to get back to me last night, but didn't.  So I hope she does today... or I'm going to be left up in the air, with no idea if/where I have a site for tomorrow!

ABOVE: This was from last night's walk... the roundabout down by our 'low bridge' was finally getting re-sealed.  It had some horrible pot holes and corrugations, it was really rough going around it! 
We walked right past them when they had just started the repair.  
I am looking forward to driving around it next ... when it's nice and smooth again.

And that's about all I can yabber on about right now!  Let's see what the day brings.


2.30 pm:  Been a busy day so far.
I spent about 2 hours getting myself ready for the day today!
I dyed my hair.  Then I put purple shampoo on it.  Then I did a deep conditioning treatment.  Far out that took over an hour, and half of that time was spent in the shower washing shit off!


ABOVE:  It's come out quite good for a $5 dye job I must say!  Still a bit 'yellow/orange on the top, but I know that will fade pretty quick.

After that, Stew and I went to lunch at The Podium, which is out at Lake Karapiro.

We both had a chicken burger and chips:

ABOVE: Nothing to write about really, the chips were LOVELY though!  We both didn't even bother to eat the top half of the bun.  And who makes BLACK buns?  Weird.  
I'm sure they are 'trendy'... but I didn't think so.

I'm now taping paper together to fit on the trays for Sunday.  

Stew FINALLY went and bought a new garden edger... so he can trim all the edges.  He's only been looking at them for MONTHS!  *sigh*

Clearly he's not an impulse buyer like me.

8.20 pm:  FINALLY got confirmation that I DO have a site at the market tomorrow!  It's in a maybe 'shit' position, but let's wait and see how it goes?
Might be OK.  And if it's not... well I can always give it up!  BUT in saying that, I have promised myself to stick it out till after the January markets.

And now... the car is packed ready to go.  I'm watching The X Factor UK... entertaining but NOT that good.  It's a tired programme now.

Off to bed fairly early tonight, market tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday for Sunday - I hope you have an awesome day and that family woes won't get in the way.

    About your feet - you need new shoes. Walking shoes are only good for so long and clearly they are not working for you any more. Two pairs of socks will make things worse, not better. You have been walking in those shoes now for well over a year (can't remember how long). New Balance that you have are great butI have had 100% success with Puma shoes too - they have worked out to be the most comfortable I've ever had and are pretty cheap.

  2. I bought socks when I was walking that where especially designed for walking can't remember the life of me what they were called and they werent cheap but they did work as I got dreadful blisters always have even as a wonder the round about need re sealing if all those big trucks go around it every day, they had themselves a 'convoy'

    just seen this recipe thought of you no sugar might be nice for a snack when ya NEED something

  4. Love the new hair colour .. You did well cos lots of different highlights in it, Chris not just a block colour.

    Really suits you and well done you saved you many many $$$$ by not going to the Salon.

    The walking and the STEPS are keeping you so fit!!

    Hope you got to hear from Tamahere for tomorrow??

    Cheers and have a gr8 long weekend ..

  5. How a wonderful long weekend. Happy Birthday enjoy your party.

  6. Sounds like a nice, relatively uneventful day!

  7. Maybe your shoes are too big now? I have to do a locking thing with the laces since the front of my foot is wide and then it makes the back slip.

    Hope you are having good luck at your market! I am doing an event tomorrow too.


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