Saturday, October 27, 2018


Last night I should have done the hand stitching of the Red and Gold Table Runner.
But I was just too tired.

So, that is what I plan on doing this morning.
It will take me a couple of hours, minimum.

Not sure how Brylee is feeling today, I will check on her a bit later.  She's still sleeping.

Stew and I are trying to have a lie in as well... we are both tired.

This afternoon I am attending my Birthday Afternoon Tea with my FBG friends.  So, that's something to look forward to.  AND I get to wear my birthday dress again... yaaa.  I just love that dress.  *smiles*

Not much else to yabber on about so I will go for now.  Catch ya later.


10.45 am: And it's done. It took me over 2.5 hours to hand stitch down the binding... I doubt I will ever make a 2 metre long runner again! (Well, unless it was a pre-paid order of course)

ABOVE: I'm very happy with how this one has come out, even though the colour/fabric choices were limited. I sure hope Jacqui likes it!

NOW... I can have my shower and actually get dressed for the day! I was determined to get that runner finished before I did anything else. *smiles*

And the best thing is, I can now start making more Tree Runners and Placemats for market.

I just had my Birthday Afternoon Tea with a dozen FBG girlfriends.  It was just lovely.

ABOVE:  I got to wear my lovely dress and cardi again.  
And I am going to wear it all night as we are going out to dinner... just Stew, Brylee and me.
Griffin is having a sleep over at a friend's.
So we don't have to feed him!  Yaaaa.  LOL

Such a lovely day... I got a big job done, I've got more tree runners laid out, birthday afternoon tea, and now off to dinner.


Sooooo.... home after having a very nice meal at ONYX here in Cambridge.  Thanks to Martyn and Jacqui for my Birthday Present of dinner out.

I had a 200 ml bottle of bubbly, it went straight to my head, as I knew it would.  First alcohol in at least 9 months!
It was nice to let my hair down and just totally relax though.  *smiles*

Now I'm going to just do NOTHING for the remainder of the night.

Stew is watching rugby, All Blacks vs. The Wallabies, playing in Japan right now.  He's glued to the screen.  

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. lov lov lov the runner Chris you guys will be exhausted after the weekend you had..the lead up alone to the party would have done me in and the stress will it go off without a hitch not to mention 2 market stalls give ya selves a weekend off girl

  2. Just to appreciate how different your life is now you should go back over some older blogs - you are an entirely different person these days. Isn't it wonderful how things turn out for the best.

  3. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Well done on that table runner. And now your a bit tiddley, your a bit funny when your tiddley 😂😂. From Brylee

  4. The runner is so pretty! I'm glad you had such a great lunch and dinner!


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