Wednesday, October 10, 2018



ABOVE:  I didn't think to put this invite on here until Lynda mentioned it yesterday!  Sorry!  If you want to come, and know me pretty well... you are most welcome!   Email me at :  for our address.
As it's Labor Weekend, I really don't expect many to come, but it would be lovely to see you if you want to come.  *smiles*

Something started at the end of our road yesterday:

ABOVE:  Interesting!  The district plan is to build houses/a new school/shops etc on the farm land around us... maybe this is the start of that new development?  I will certainly be keeping an eye on it, and taking photos of course.  *smiles*

Not much on today... I might go into Hamilton with the kids, just to get outta the house.  I'm sure the kids would like a wander around the shops, maybe have lunch at the mall?

And the other thing I need to mention:

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY* TO MY SISTER LORI, I hope you have a lovely day.

And that's about it from me for now.  Catch ya later.


So it's 2.10 pm and Griffin and I just got back from Hamilton.  We had a lovely Son/Mum trip, just like when Brylee and I went out together.
I got him some desperately needed socks and shorts, and we had a nice lunch together.

Then we went to Pak N Save for a few more party supplies.

ABOVE:  just as well I'm getting stuff bit by bit, cos it's costing a small fortune! But... I'm sure it will be a nice party!  

After shopping we came home and I've spent the last hour trying to get my computer to start!  Bloody thing is so temperamental now.  Can't afford a new one, so it better keep going!

Can't blog without a computer!

I stopped in at Spark at The Base to ask about our Fibre connection, as I was sick to death of getting the run around from the stupid woman in Cambridge ... and it's now been 3 months waiting for it to be connected.

And get this:  I got told it WAS CONNECTED back in JULY!

I'm like ... NO WAY!  I've talked to the manager down in Cambridge on the phone and face to face several times and not once has she said it was connected!!!!  I was given specific details re: the connection, and how I would be contacted once it was connected... and I've heard NOTHING.

If it is connected, there's gunna be a formal complaint made about that woman!  She has dicked me around for months.  

6 pm:  Dinner is on for the family. Brylee is at work till 8 pm.  Griffin cleaned my cute wee car today.. yaaa!
I sent an email of complaint off to  Spark in Hamilton re: the Cambridge Manager.
Stew should be home soon.
I'm off on an FBG walk in 45 minutes and I need to get changed ... so better go!

On our walk tonight (with Griffin in tow) we passed a container by a building site. Griffin climbed on top of it... as teenage boys are bound to do.  Then he suggested he take our walk photo from the top! So we did that!

ABOVE: We had our arms outstretched ... to 'catch' Griffin.  Not that any of us could! He's a thumping big lump of a boy.  lol

I just noticed, Sue to my left and Karen to my right have the same shoes as me! New Balance are a great shoe I must say.

And... that's me day done and dusted.  Going to chill out for the remainder of the evening.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Wish I could come so I could "meet you".

  2. Well, I live in Utah. Don't think I'll make it. (LOL)
    But wishing you the best for your Birthday!

  3. Have you got a fibre box inside on a wall? If Fibre was installed you'd have one of those. We had ours put in two weeks ago - you can't miss the thing with it's flashing lights. Thankfully we got it put in a cupboard otherwise it would be like disco lights in the hall or wherever else they'd put it.

    1. Yes we do, but it's NOT connected yet. Well it is apparently, but not switched on/new modem connected. YET.

    2. Heck jump up and down and make a noise!! With us they made sure it was working and tested it etc before they'd sign it off - we are with Slingshot and I totally recommend them.

  4. What day is your real birthday? I keep thinking it's close to Scott's on the 18th. Wish I could come!

    1. My REAL birthday is on the 21st October, the day of the party... I wish you could come too! I would LOVE to meet you one day Julie. WE got so much in common!

    2. Maybe some day we can take a vacation! Need to get a passport first lol.

  5. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Pity I’m in Australia otherwise I’d love to pop in and meet you and help celebrate your special day. I’m sure your party will be wonderful. I posted your card from Australia a week ago. The lady at the post office said it will take 2 weeks, seemed a long time. I hope it makes it in time.
    Kym/ Australia

    1. Your 'card' arrived today! I'm going to wait till my birthday to open it... looks like there's a little surprise in there! THANK YOU.

  6. Wish I could be there and celebrate with you Chris. Be great to have a good catch up. Loved meeting you off our cruise ship, you and Lyn really helped me forget what I had to face when I got home. One day Chris...I will be back !!
    A card has been post from Ted and I here in West Oz.

  7. Would I fly to Aukland or Christchurch to attend this party??


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