Sunday, October 07, 2018


I told you yesterday my sewing machine needed a clean eh?

I wasn't kidding!...

ABOVE:  I was just a little bit ashamed of myself when I took the base plate off!  Talk about Dust Bunnies!  I got the vacuum cleaner out and sucked out as much as I could, then took to it with some tweezers to get the more stubborn bits out.

Luckily after I did that it went beautifully, and even gave me warning when the bobbin was running out of thread, like it should!  Yaaa.

ABOVE:  a couple of 'walk' photos from yesterday... totally different from the 'norm' too.  Hayley (walk organiser), took them as we walked off and left her to go home with her little boy.

Now, I mentioned yesterday I'd had a 'brilliant idea' for a new project ... well this was it.

I wanted to make a new runner for our kitchen island bench.
BUT... if I make one that fits the entire length of the bench (it's freakin' long)... if anyone spills something on it, I would have to take it and wash the entire thing.  Leaving the bench 'naked' for a period of time right?

Soooooo... I thought, what if I make several smaller sections,  and link them together somehow.  Then if one section gets dirty, I can take just the dirty section off and clean it, leaving the rest on the bench!

So, last night I sewed up 7 sections, which means I can have 5 on the bench and 2 'spare'.

I got two made last night:

ABOVE:  They are butted up against each other right now.  I was thinking of using buttons and loops to hold them together.  Not sure if I need to though, they might be more versatile just like that?  Not sure yet... I will give it some more thought. 

I don't think 'ties' would work.  Or Velcro.  Or domes. Zips would be a right pain in the arse.  So if I do link them together... maybe buttons and loops is the way to go? *sigh*.

Today?  No plans apart from doing the bench runner.
As for Stew and the kids?  No idea ... Brylee is probably working later on in the day.
I will find out what their plans are later ... once I'm actually out of bed!  lol


3.15 pm, and the day has gone like this:

Sleep in - DONE
Watch mindless TV - DONE
Do some sewing - DOING

Stew is mowing the lawns.
Brylee has been to a job interview, looks like she will get a few more hours at another part time job.
Griffin's at work.

The day is dragging.
I'm feeling blah.   Just a general can't be arsed sorta day really.  

What are YOU doing?  I hope you are having a fun filled day, or at least doing something interesting? 

ABOVE:  Would appear the 3 sisters have reunited.  Wonderful... god help us all.

Wow, this has to have been the laziest day I've had in months!  I've had a headache for hours and just haven't even been arsed getting a panadol!
Might do that before I go to bed.
And that's where I might go soon.


  1. Hey thats an amazing idea for the table runner,, Love it, true about the sections so easy to wash just a wee bit rather than the length of the table..

    BTW love the dining setting looks really family orientated

    Have a gr8 day Sunny where we are today,, so loving getting out and about!!!

  2. been in garden I HATE gardening love looking, hate the hard labour doing weeding etc, this place is suppose to have a gardener but we been here 7 months and yet to see one will be speaking to real estate agent- its way to much for us and I HATE gardening.but sunshine and lovely day

  3. I was wondering if you put loops on both ends of the sections and then lace them together with cord so as to keep with the marine theme... you know... white rope. Was just a thought :-)

  4. I have insisted Tom take me and the kids to a posh pub for lunch.... was delicious!! Now i am visiting a Scouts hall for the first time ever to pack and organise for a long camp in January (read: I'm actually hiding in the car) Christy xx

  5. Lovely to see the 3 happy sisters ...You can see you and Stew in each one of them and Thanks for sharing ..

    Busy day here (like most days ) and out getting some rays and doing some hand sewing .. Others having quiet afternoon as well cos most days we run around at 100% (smiles)

    Must be the time of year Chris,,, when we all hit the wall,,,, and need a day off (like we are having ) smiles !!

    1. Hey Chick, you need to read the post back on 28th September (titled: 33 YEARS)... cos none of those daughters have a drop of Stew's blood in them! lol

  6. Yep but it's bloody amazing

  7. yes yes abs yes lol 😂
    but it's actually bloody good
    #PositiveVibes ✌️💋
    Kelly bugger you lol and Amanda lol shall we bury her lol

  8. OOPS Its amazing but its the eyes and the expressions etc never even gave it a thought.. Must've forgotten to read the "fine print".lol

    Must say though its all a good mix and you all rub along well together ..

    1st day of DS for us and nearly 7pm and still light .. Loving it!!!

  9. If you leave them separate it's like place mats! I like it!


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