Friday, August 01, 2008

WARDROBES TODAY..... and let the countdown begin!

Above: Before

Below: Done, all books now in the big bookcase... clothes sorted... Ahhhh another job done!

I know it doesn't look that bad... but it is! Griffin's wardrobe is getting a clean up today, and..... his clothes are in two sets of drawers in two different rooms, so I'm going to try and hang some of his sweatshirts etc up in the wardrobe and get everything else into ONE set of drawers. Then...

I will move on to Brylee's wardrobe... hers' isn't so bad... but there is a box of stuff in there that hasn't been unpacked from when we moved here 6 years ago!

From memory it's all sorts of 'sentimental' stuff we kept from our trip to Singapore a good 12 years ago! The things we keep eh? I kept it cos it reminded me of the last time I spent any length of time with my little brother before he was tragically killed in Indonesia in '99 (he was 36). I'm probably ready to reliquish it now.... I don't need bits of paper to help me remember him afterall.

Onward... have to get the kids up, fed, lunches made, bla bla bla....

OH and the COUNTDOWN.... 29 more sleeps and we leave Palmerston North for Auckland! I am getting so excited! We will be a 'family' together again so soon.

Butter wouldn't melt in me mouth eh? Mummy put me outside to do my 'business'.... but all I did was eat leaves and chew a stick... then I came inside and did 'it' on the carpet... Mummy was so mad she got a rolled up newspaper and smacked me bum! I didn't like that! Mummy is sorry I'm sure.....

LIKE HELL ya little shit..... in the process of cleaning out the Singapore box I found this photo and a few others! Taken in Singapore in 1997...

Makes me realise how far I have come from then....
I'm done for the day... I have done all of Griffin's room, all of Brylee's room, and the rumpus room... but not the rumpus attic yet. I am knackered... my tummy is saying STOP... so think I shall.
End of day: very productive, a good feeling chucking out so much rubbish.
NSV: eating well, getting some exercise.. should sleep well tonight! nite nite.


  1. Oh My ....I am not a dog person, but that is THE CUTEST little dog I have EVER seen! I would not be able to stay mad at him!

  2. Good luck on the organizing! Congrats on the impending move!

  3. Don't let Teddy's sweet looks make you drop the discipline! He might be sweet but doing his business inside isn't!

    Good job on the wardrobes!

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Oh my gosh! That little Teddy is just the cutest thing! We are getting a dog similar to him from my mom. Her name is Taffy and we picked her out on our trip to Seattle. She was born the day before our golden retriever and my mom is breeding her. In fact, I think that is what I will post about tomorrow. I've got pictures.

  5. 29 and counting. Good luck!

  6. Wow you are a woman on a mission Chris it must feel great knowing you have a purpose, you will be in your new lovely home in no time.

    Wwo I can't believe that photo of you you surely have come far. Good on you.


  7. lol that is too cool! it is 116 am here so lemmie guess it should be about 3 pm there? stay so confused on the time difference!
    hugs Laura

  8. You've done a fantastic job today.

    Yes you've come a long way from the Chris of yester years.

    I'm also glad you're learning when to say STOP!!!!!

  9. wowwwww you have come a long way....the difference is awesome!!!

    Happy de-cluttering.


  10. WOW what a day of shorting out and organisation that you have had.

    Also WOW what a difference between that photo and now.

  11. I love the therapeutic cleansing that happens when we move. New beginnings, getting rid of old baggage ....

    And I love buying new stuff to replace the old. Which sort of defeats the purpose I suppose!

    I envy you your countdown :)

    Very impressed with the difference between before and after. These photos are good to keep us grounded.

  12. Wow ... you have come a long way. baby!!!

    Packing for moving back to NZ, is allowing me a major declutter. Just got to stop buying cookbooks and Christmas decorations!

  13. Anonymous1:20 AM

    I love all the pictures you share on your blog! You really inspire me!

    Shih Tzu's and Teddy Bears are considered designer dogs here too. I cannot believe what people pay for my mom's dogs! She's got a really cool set up for all her dogs and they are very socialized. A lot of breeders just see it as a business. My mom and step dad love all those dogs and name all of them. They have a hard time letting them go sometimes. They even have people buying them from other states and have them flown to them. It's crazy. I remember when you were looking for Teddy. I am glad you got him directly from a breeder and got to see where he came from. You never know with pet store dogs and they mark up the price considerably.

  14. Wow you get a lot done! Will you come to my house and get my kids' stuff ready for school to start?

    In ALL the pictures I've seen of you, you're beautiful. The color of your eyes is unbelievable.

  15. god, this post makes me remember how much i cant STAND moving day!

    good luck!

  16. wow! I always consider taking the "before" and "after" pics. That one shows what an AMAZING job you've been doing.

    I hate cleaning, so I wish you lots of luck in the de-cluttering process.

  17. I kept thinking that your brother really looks just like Stew, but then I realized that it probably WAS Stew in the picture.

    29 more days?? Less than a month woo HOO!!!

    Have you thought of just scanning your papers into the computer and keeping them that way? Someday when you have more time, I mean.

    The closet looks great. It's very, very strange but I was cleaning a closet today as well and I almost never do that. I like the organizing system you have. We just have that icky popcorn ceiling stuff ALL OVER THE WALLS in the closet so every time you get something out, it's powdery. Yick.


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