Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time is flying by... Stew is coming down today.... 2 sleeps till we move to Auckland and start our new life as JAFA's.....( Just Another Fucken Aucklander!).... I can't wait!

I have lived there before, OK, it was over 23 years ago, but I LIKED IT... I love the area, the shopping, the beaches, the proximity to our other kids/grandkids, the shopping, the warmer climate, the shopping.....

Did I mention the shopping? Oh how sad, we will be broke.... no more shopping for me (well not MUCH) lol.

I think I am finally feeling REALLY EXCITED about this move, it is going to happen! My house looks so WEIRD without our furniture in it... and forlorn..... BUT I DON'T CARE, a new home awaits.....


***KAREN*** (in the States) I have held off publishing your comment from yesterday as you used your hubby's blogger account again.... get back to me on that one.

SANDIE: I totally agree !!!

The house is full of blokes again... most of them are cheeky little buggers, especially that Joe.... ! He likes mosquites, BIG ones that suck on his neck.... LOL ! They have been going home and reading my bloody blog, the cheeky shits!

THIS (above) is Joe, he thinks he's all that.... ha ha ha! I'm waiting for the other blokes to ask to be on here next....

Stew got here safely around 2.30pm, AFTER I had been vacuming virtually all day... TYPICAL, there is still quite a bit of cleaning to do tomorrow, but I have done the bulk of it today.

End of Day: and early wrap up from me, but I'm knackered and ready to head back to the motel for a bit of relaxation. Back for the last day of packing/loading/cleaning tomorrow.

NSV: NONE... eating crap. No excuses, just too tired to worry about it. nite nite.


  1. WoooHooo! Can't wait to see photos of all of you settled in your new home!

  2. as soon as you are settled I think we need an JAFA chicks coffee outing :)

    getting exciting now !!!

  3. Whoop! Not long now! As much as packing sucks, UNpacking can be good fun; it's your time to get everything just so.

    I learnt the term JAFA a few weeks ago, and, with a cheekily-straight face, got to trot it out a few hours later (which, in Sydney, isn't all that remarkable, but still). I love expanding my vocab :oP

    Enjoy the last few days in your old haunts.


  4. good luck with the move chris, I hope it all goes smoothly... watch out auckland! ;)

    K :)

  5. Hey Chris - how can I contact Sandie? I have not read her blog but if she is also in Auckland it would be good to read her blog and get together... can you pass this blog request on to her? Ta :)

  6. Wooohoooo, it's so exciting!

  7. WooooHooo I can't believe how quickly the time has gone.

    All the best with the next few days and I can't wait to see pictures of the new house and your furniture in it.

    Hope Stew gets better soon. I'm sure it will be great to be a real family again (all in the one house)...

  8. Anonymous3:08 PM

    2 Sleeps already!?!?! Woot Woot! I'm so happy for you! So, how long are we going to have to wait before you start posting again???

  9. Wooo Hooo! im so excited for you, hope the rest of the move goes well.

  10. How exciting .... Enjoy!! xx

  11. Anonymous7:44 PM

    hi Chris

    I am going to be away from computer for couple days just wanna wish u well with your shift and big HUGS hope all the stress parts are over and it is clear sailing from here.


  12. hey are you going to invite the 'ex aucklanders' to your coffee get together.
    Jaxx, Lyn and me are all ex Jafa's so don't forgot to include us. (if ya want to).

  13. Surrounded by men eh... sounds like paradise.. hehe

  14. I'm glad Stew arrived safely and that he is there to help you out tomorrow...

  15. Good luck on the move. We are now on the housing Market here in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. So hopefully a sale soon so I do not have to keep being tidy al the time.

  16. The fact that the guys go home and read your blog has me laughing! They probably really like seeing what you say about them! Don't let the fact that they read stop you from being honest! I am thrilled for you - the move is coming!!!!!

  17. Chris, I actually, physically, entirely mailed the doodle yesterday (Wednesday) to you. I think the postal lady said that it would take about 10 days. I doubled layered the packaging, and so it should make it to Yuckland in good shape.


    P.S. I have an idea, but would you describe for me what it means for someone to be "cheeky"?

  18. Yipee you are almost on your way. Have a last great day. Wishing you a safe journey to your new home.

  19. I used his account again!! Sighhh. Wish the bugger would log out once he's finished... LOL

    Wonder where else I posted under his account... :-)

  20. LOL @ JAFA - amazing how one becomes so popular with the blokes just as they're about to move away :-)


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