Thursday, July 31, 2008


- kids to school
- Visit the Surgeon for post-op check up (must remember to wear lovely knickers) ha ha ha
- be home in time to meet trailer buyer and get the money!
- Moving company coming at 1pm to organise our MOVE!!!

Oh man, I can't believe it really is going to finally happen! JUPMING UP AND DOWN FOR JOY (in me head you understand!)....

And because my weigh in last night went so well I'm going to eat well again today... I'm on medication to stop me feeling ill all the time so now I can eat! Hmmmm..... might have lovely soup and toast for me lunch.

- All is good with me fanny, the Gynaecologist is very happy with me progress. Can probably give it a 'try' in a few more weeks!

- did a grocery shop and managed on me own.

- man came and paid for and took away the trailer.

- No power at home so had to have a sandwich for lunch. boohoo.

- Lady came from moving compay, they will start packing our home up on august 25 - through to 29th.... so we will be leaving here around about the 30th! Our puppy Teddy is going into kennels during the pack up and move, he will come to our new home a few days after we have moved in.

All is good, it's coming together! Still lots to organise, but it will get done.
Feeling really tired now, so will just relax till it's time to go and get the kids from school....

Below: some happy snaps of us and our newest Granddaughter, Rena.... she didn't really like us, she cried in fact if she was facing us... won't be long now and we will be living close to her and she will get to know us and not cry!


She has MY EYES... ok, and her Mummy's!

Awww even Griffin thinks shes the shizzz.....

Mother, daughter and granddaughter.....

End of Day: overdid it a bit I think... feeling wiped out.... quiet evening ahead... hopefully I can get Steve to do the dishes and a few odd jobs before I go to bed.

NSV: ate well today.... pasta and chicken for dinner... all good. nite nite.


  1. :] Hope you are all well at your checkup.

  2. Great weigh in result last night Chris!! Well done:-)

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful weigh in Chris. Shows what weighing on different scales can do. You probably didn't gain as much as you thought last week. All good though!!

    It's great to read such a happy post from you. I can feel your excitement.

  4. I'm glad things are going well for you. I am loving reading your blog and comments!

  5. the storms and flooding we saw on the tv here tonight... I hope are not near you ... Hope all is well at the dr's and wow on the moving!
    hugs Laura

  6. lol,, you make the new and improved 'bits' sound like your taking a car for a test drive.
    'giving them a try in a couple more weeks' lol

  7. Cool bananas!! You must be feeling so good....and a weightloss even! You go girl :-)

    Talked to my daughter Christina, a little while ago. They had got all these dire warnings about the storm, down in Christchurch, but it seems to have lost a bit of steam.

  8. Rena is gorgeous!!! Won't take long until she gets to know you.

    LOL - I'm sure you can sort out your son to help!!!!

  9. What a pretty little tacker. A definite family resemblance :)

    Great news on the checkup, too. Glad to hear you can try out the bits soon. Don't want to get cobwebs!!!

  10. wow I can't believe how much she has grown already!!!

    And yes I was thinking the same thing ... might have to pop over for coffees and walks (of course) WHEN (not if) I get the job!! And I'm hoping I'll be based in South Auckland ... very exciting!!

  11. Awww... what lovely photos!!

  12. Your daughter looks just like you, only not as tan!!! WOW!!

    Hey, I found this on another blog. Metrosexual movers! LOL!

  13. Beautiful Baby! And the 3 of you look so much alike. You could never deny each other.

  14. How exciting the move is really starting to take shape now. Not long to go really.

    Love the pictures especially the picture of the 3 generations.

  15. What is up with the power being out? Did you have a storm? Or it that not unusual for you?

    Glad to hear everything is going well. The pictures of the grandchild are adorable. I loved the three generation one.

    You are looking good girl!

  16. awww. Great news about the checkup! The knickers comment made me laugh. Nothing like going to see the dr. in your best underwear =D LoL. I always plan it out the night ahead.

    What a cute little baby.

    Yeah, he ate the entire pan of brownies (minus one) but the stinker bought MY favorite cookie dough. I haven't been so great at staying out of them. Trying hard though!

  17. well there is little doubt as to where your daughter and grand came from LOL you left your mark all over them :) beautiful baby she is!
    Glad to hear the fanny is healing well and should be ready for use soon :D I absolutely love how you put things it makes me giggle and thats pretty hard to do these days !
    hugs Laura

  18. Those photos are bea-u-ti-ful! There is nothing like the excitement that a new baby brings to a family.


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