Thursday, August 21, 2008

SINGLE DIGITS.... 9 sleeps to go!

Time LINE:
- Stew home Friday night, back to Auckland on Sunday night
- Move Steve's stuff into temporary storage (thanks Janene!)
- Packers arrive Monday 25th and Teddy goes to kennels
- Move to Motel Wednesday 27th
- Stew home Wednesday 27th
- Packers take everything away Friday 29th
- Do BIG CLEAN UP of house on Friday night, keys to Agent
- We leave for Auckland Saturday 30th
- Take possesion of new home Monday 1st September
- Move in Tuesday 2nd Sept
- Teddy home Friday 5th Sept

I think I have remembered everything we have to do... I have even lined up several girlfriends to feed us during the packing week... so I don't have to worry about dinner that whole week. Yaaaaa.

- kids to school
- do more last minute things around here
- check out the kennels Teddy is going to be staying in while we are moving. I hope they are nice.

Things I am putting off doing till the weekend:
- cleaning the oven (Stew can have that pleasure)
- defrosting the fridge/freezer
- disconnecting the washing machine
- putting all garden pots and "ornaments" in one place
- replacing our letterbox with the old original one
- put aside all the stuff the packers won't transport (paint, oils, flammables etc)
- Pack our bags for the motel stay and trip up to Auckland.

I think that's all !

I hope I'm not forgetting anything......I almost need a notebook hanging around my neck, there's so much to remember. But that would NOT be a good look....

Last night one of the lovely Real Estate Agents who did a lot of work to sell our home popped in with a wee gift for me! It's a cute metal pot... I can put dried flowers or grasses in it...

Now how cute is that? And so nice of Lolly to give it to me. ONWARD... Oh and I just have to laugh cos it's something new and I DIDN'T BUY IT! And do you realise that once we move anything I buy won't have a blue carpet backdrop? ha ha ha.

Well I think I have finally organised all the disconnections/reconnections.... I was on HOLD with Telecom for 25 darn minutes... I almost hung up and rang their rivals Telstra.... Grrrrr. Friggin HORRIBLE music I had to listen to as well. Pfffffffft.

GRRRRRRR... friggin dog did shit on the back seat of me van.. went out to check out the kennels, they are lovely... me dog is NOT. Oh well, the seat is now nice and clean... after I scrubbed the shit outta it... (literally) ! Home now, looking forward to a quiet evening. Steve has bathed the kids for me (wonders will NEVER cease!)... so all I have to do now is feed them and chuck them into bed. Yaaaaaaaa.

End of Day: just a so-so day really. All Steve's stuff got brought back to MY house today... pissed me off big time, but hey, what can ya do? Hopefully it will all leave again on Saturday. *sigh*

NSV: none, ate like a pig... should walk around snorting... just so stressed out and grumpy today. nite nite.


  1. Poor Teddy! He's going to miss you so much!
    LOVE that pot, what a nice gift!
    Now, I hope you'll be able to blog and post photos of your moving adventure!

  2. what a pleasant surprise that the realtor gave you a gift!


  3. YAY for single digits - that time has really gone fast. I think it's hard enough packing and moving house but to actually move cities as well just adds to the enormity of the task, what a great bonus that you don't have to pack and unpack yourself - do you think they might extend the service to come around clean for you as well? Even just on a weekly basis? :-) Oh if only!

    LOL @ no blue carpet back drop for things you buy in the future - do you mean moving cities won't cure your shopping addiction? OH NO!

  4. Hi stranger.

    Good to know that things have finally progressed for you on the homefront.

    I am going o try to blog a bit more....I'm back at work and will spend more time on the computer.

  5. You are an organising wonder woman! That metal box thing is really cute. I want one too :o)

  6. Can you have your girlfriends feed me too? My wife is out of town for the week and I'm getting hungry.

  7. WOW its all starting to happen. Whilst Teddy will not be happy going to the kennels he will get over it. I know when my cats come home from being in the kennels they don't talk to me for a few days. Hope Teddy isn't that bad. LOL...

    Glad to see you've got things sorted....

  8. Ya only 9 sleeps to go cant wait til you are in Acks!!!!!!!!!!

    Daughter #3

  9. mmmmm know how you feel Chris....I walking around snorting too....eating like a real pig and can't stop myself...sick and stressed here too !!
    What a lovely gift from your reator..a lovely thought.
    Not long to the big move now...wooohoooo!!!


  10. Oh dear... not long now.... hope you have good weather for the move!

  11. Oh the tension is mounting. So much to do and so little time. Looks like you got all you ducks in a row though. Hope everything runs smoothly. What a lovely gift! Ooops... sorry to hear about the dog pooh.

  12. That's a way cute pot!

  13. Teddy probably realises that something is going he's acting up a bit.

    I am so going to introduce my Steve to your Steve, once I get home. I tell you, those two would really suit each other!!!!


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