Friday, August 15, 2008

FRIDAY.... 15 sleeps to go!

What's the haps today?
Well there is a quilt show on at the Convention Centre, and I'm gunna go check it out.... hope I get some ideas from all the gorgeous quilts on show.... one of my girlfriends has a quilt in the show.... wonder if she got a prize???

First off though, I will get the kids to school, do some basic housework...

And today I am doing nothing else! No cleaning, no de-cluttering no NOTHING like that! My body is telling me to take a break, so I will!

Can't think of anything else for now so will bugger off...

While I remember: it was so cold last night and it rained non-stop... Teddy cried and howled for so long I got mad and went out to him in the garage... the poor little bugger was cold and shivering so I have him a Hot water bottle.... he was fine after that! Now I suppose I will have to do that every night.... just like a baby he is!

- it's hailing
- it's blowing a gale
- it's freezing
I don't think I have ever seen my back yard so swamped with water... it's the PITS. Hell I hope this weather improves in two weeks! Imagine trying to move with it pissing down and blowing a gale! NO THANKS.

Have to go get the kids in a while, hope it stops raining by then or we are all going to get VERY wet.

NO PHOTOS!!! Can't have that.... so here we have the walls before and after I took everything down:

My poor walls look NAKED!!!! It is not nice, the house no longer feels like home.... it's cold and unwelcoming... isn't it amazing how your own pictures and stuff on the walls make a place 'HOME' !

The majority of the wall hangings are behind the couch in me lounge.... and some are in the hallway. In our new home I reckon we will only have room to hang about half of them back up!
End of Day: done nothing as planned, it felt good!
NSV: had a two hour nap today, that was good for me body! nite nite.


  1. Hope you get some great ideas. Has Steve cleaned the windows yet?

  2. Quilt show would be awesome.. I love craft and realy do miss creating something out of bits of fabric..
    My boss's wife has her own blog and she is a crafty woman.. i will email you her link.. she has her own shop online to buy her bags etc...
    she makes all sorts of things...

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I just bought my son his uniforms and that picture of your son's uniform in the previous post is sooooo like our son! Last year I had to buy him more uniforms in the spring (which he only wore for a couple of months and are now to small so they don't even help out this year!) and about two weeks later he totally ruined one of them in art class. Red paint. I was not pleased. He has art again this go round and I told him just a bit ago that if he gets paint on his clothes again he's not going to be liking his life! At least yours is still a little guy and that sort of thing can be expected. A 15/16 year old boy should be beyond that.

    And Teddy is going to expect that hot water bottle now! Hopefully he won't chew it up and swallow the pieces... you might want to be careful of that. I know many people that would take that little guy back to bed with them. I'm not one of them. My dogs sleep in crates too. Some people get upset and think it is a crummy way to treat a dog. Our Lu Lu loves her crate and is in it all the time when the door is open. It is her space. Benny, only being 18 months, doesn't feel that way about his though. I LOVE dogs but I will never let one lick my face and I don't want them in my bed or on the furniture!

  4. Hey Chris, glad you are doing well and you are finally moving! Woohoo! A hot water bottle you say? My dad has put an electric blanket in his dog's kennel under the matting, and has it on timer so that his Blue Heeler doesn't feel too cold at night! Love it!

  5. LMAO @ Teddy - I wish I had of thought of that - our dogs tend to just hog the end of our bed and god forbid if we move during the night and disturb them!

    Have fun looking at the quilts, glad to hear you're taking it easy.

  6. what no taking teddy to bed with you to keep his little butt warm LOl
    Hope you get to laze around today !~
    and hope your friend wins in the quilt show~
    Hugs LAura

  7. Enjoy your day. Nice to have a day where you're not decluttering.

  8. Welcome to my world. We don't get a lot of rain, but it rains a lot over here. Did that make sense?

  9. Hope the Quilt show gave you lots of new ideas and I can't wait to see what your next creation is (well after you settle into your new home).

    Our bodies are funny things sometimes , especially when they tell us to take a break from things. Hope you enjoyed your day doing nothing....

  10. LOL at me having a green finger - I don't have anything green! We got the landscaper in to put in the plants and all we do is clip them and weed!! Seriously no gardening here. As for the lawn it looks good for about two months of the year then it's either dead or full of moss (which I've just treated again today).

  11. Anonymous10:34 PM

    ohday with nothing sounds just heavenly! I can;t wait to put my stuff in my new home so i actually feels like a home!

  12. Hey - good morning. I came over to check for the artwork. Am I missing something here? Or do you have a secret blog somewhere. I guess in this case it really is that THOUGHT that counts.

    When I move, I always feel finally moved in when the pictures are hung.

    Good nite to you mate. (What time it it there?)

  13. Oh, yay! Getting closer! The hallway does look a little forlorn. :]


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