Friday, August 29, 2008

LAST FULL DAY HERE IN PALMY - 1 sleep to go!!!

- Kids to school for the last day there.
- final day of packing up our home.... to be followed by last bit of cleaning...

then we are outta here!

So far this week has gone really major problems at all... and the guys from Crown has been neat... bloody hard workers and nice to spend time with. Even if they are cheeky buggers! But I give as good as I get! (as they have found out)

It's great having Stew here finally, I feel like I can relax a bit.... it has been hard organising it all on my own for so long.... Stew is starting to feel a bit better from his tonsilitis now too..... just in time to turn around and drive back to Auckland tomorrow.

We are down to just the outside stuff to go! I am thrilled to bits with how this pack up has gone, after thinking on Monday that it would never get done on time! Yaaa for the Palmy boys ... they have done a bloody fantastic job!

I am expecting to lose my internet connection some time today, so if I don't do "End of Day"... that's why!

Remember me saying yesterday these blokes would be lining up to have their photo taken? ha ha ha, these two insisted I take these ones:
ABOVE: Here we have Brad, holding a huge metal cog... this bloke has lost over *70* kilos all by himself!!! He had a protein drink morning and night and a 'normal' meal at lunchtime and did heaps of exercise! AWESOME.
ABOVE: The 'famous' Tama.... notice he's holding the same metal cog?? LOL... talk about a couple of posers! heeee heee he.
All the garden stuff out the front of the house....waiting for the last container to arrive to take it all away. Then we can truly finish the cleaning and be outta here.
End of Day: very early, but we have the purchasers doing their "pre purchase inspection" at 2pm today... so we are getting everything done and OUT by then.
It's been fun... it's been tiring, but WORTH IT.
NSV:.... got heaps of exercise! nite nite.


  1. YEEHAH !!! The move is finally here! If I'm counting correctly, you should be heading Auckland way, tomorrow.

    I used to live up there as well about 36 years ago....

    There are times I've been tempted to move back, but it's just soo expensive re housing...

  2. welllllllllllll one sleep to go....then onto a new adventure. Safe travelling friend...

  3. ha ha ha, those guys are too flippen funny. Tell them (Brad and Tama) that they both have gorgeous smiles. I can't comment on Joe as he wasn't smiling, infact with the solomn look on his face and pointing to 'manawatu' I was wondering if he was unhappy about the area, or supporting it. (his face said unhappy).
    Anyway, great it all gone so well, and 'go brad' for losing all that weight, he should have had his own blog and 'shared the experience.

  4. Well Hello Brad... I have never seen a mover who looks like that. Next time I move I'm calling him. :)

  5. Oh how exciting - where have all those days gone????

  6. You have some real characters for movers. Is that metal cog a 70 kilo weight? Because that looks preeetty heavy.

    All the best on your move!!!

  7. Safe travels, and best wishes.

  8. been away for a hear your move is going along good... well ... you are moving. Hope all is well in the new house and you have a safe journey!

  9. have a good nights sleep!!! You are nearing the finish line. In a coupe of days, you'll be tucked up in your new house ... :-)

  10. Anonymous3:05 PM

    WOW! that has gone quickly! Good luck with the final move :0)

  11. BTW... ya gotta coupla many men there.... looks like it was a fun few days :-)

  12. Enjoy your last night in Palmy, a new life awaits! How exciting.

    BTW- That guy losing 70 kilos is just amazing, some people eh?!

  13. Hi glad to see that your finally going to be at the end of the week and happy to b moving, hey the next time yo see us (rena) will either b in palmy or at the new house in aucks.

    Daughter #3

  14. Good luck with getting into your new place...cant wait to see pics of it with your special touches!

  15. How exciting! It is actually here, the day you thought would NEVER come! Are you jumping up and down with glee? Okay - maybe not jumping up and down (I am not sure if you should be doing that yet) but I would be giggling like a crazy person! YEAH!!!!

  16. you're not bringing that metal cog with you when you move, are you?

    i have no idea what the hell you'd use that for...

  17. It time to rock and roll. Safe travels. Looking forward to hearing all about the final part of your journey.


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