Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WHY WOULDN'T I? (17 sleeps to go)

Tell me, why wouldn't I be getting pissed off at a certain BOY in my house?

Why ..when I get up every morning at 7am, make beds, feed kids, make lunches, open curtains, get dog up and make sure he doesn't pee on me floor.... take kids to school, return, do dishes, empty the bins, sweep the floors, hang out the washing..... bla bla bla...... ALL while said BOY lies in bed till 12.30pm and then gets up ... and LEAVES....

AND then he turns up again some hours later, eats, ignores the dishes.... leaves dirty dishes upstairs for ME to get, stays up all night, leaves his room in a mess:


And let's not forget the boy who doesn't live here (Mike), but seems to be here all the time.. and sleeps here 90% of the time too..... and who is just as bad as the OTHER BOY.... AND WHO EATS EVERYTHING IN SIGHT as well..... does he do anything to help me? UMMMMM .... are you joking?

I AM FED UP..... I am supposed to be getting ready to move and they are just making more work for me and stressing me out. Can I THROTTLE them do ya think? I wanna....

*sigh*... now that's off me chest... what am I doing today? THE BLOODY USUAL....

- kids to school

- do some housework (oh joy)

- try to tidy up the pantry and wipe over all the shelves

HOW THRILLING. Can ya tell I'm in a shitty mood???? AND to make it worse... I'm tired cos SAID BOY came home at 4.30 am, then left again immediately.... but I woke up and couldn't get back to maybe today I will have a nana nap too.

WANNA: where the hell are ya? I can't read your blog.. you ain't commenting on me blog! I am sad.....

DEON: if you are reading this... I lie... Steve is a paragon of cleanliness, he does dishes too! So please DO go flatting with him.. take him off my hands!!!

I had to go to town to post an important letter, decided to buy Griffin another pair of trousers... which I did...

And dang! Farmers were having a huge SALE.... and I got these 6 pyjama sets for $3.50 EACH !!! BARGIN !

AND becos it's me BIG 50th BIRTHDAY soon... and I just KNOW I ain't gunna be getting the sapphire and diamond ring... Stew got me these new knickers instead (he just doesn't know it yet, LOL!)

ALL ON SALE TOO..... I find shopping THERAPEUTIC you understand? It's called STRESS RELIEF. And I'm sticking to that story....
April: I HAVE done the huge hissy fit thing and thrown everything off the floor out onto the roof.. in one girls room I took everything she owned and threw it out on the road! Felt good.
LAINEY-PANEY: Yes, THROTTLE does mean "wring the neck"!
WANNA: ta for getting back to me chick, love ya heaps!
KAREN: Where does your son Steve live, I can direct MY Steve there!
MRS C: Don't go feeling sorry for them! Steve is 21 ! and he's big enough and ugly enough to fend for himself! Mike is already in a flat with some other guys.... but Steve, Mike and their 30 year old cousin Deon are all getting together and moving into a place together, so I won't be worried about them... so don't you either!
End of Day: I've been so busy this afternoon! I have taken down all the pictures etc off the walls and tonight I am going to touch up the paintwork where there are marks... so another good job will be done.
NSV: too busy to eat most of the day! But made up for it with fish N chips... was yummy too! nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I'd be pretty mad too. That coke bottle would send me through the roof!!!

  2. hehe BOYS! Hope your day gets better, in just over two weeks you will be up here. What going to happend to the son thats living with you at the moment when you move?

  3. Hey the good news is that they will not be up there with you LOL. Bugga that would piss me off no end something for me to look forward to when the twins get older, nah just may send them to Auckland to their dads and he can look after them that sounds like a better idea :-)Hope your day gets better :-)

  4. They never change either! LOL at your comment to Deon.

  5. Oh, you soooooo have my sympathies.

    I also have a boy named Steve and I swear, he sounds like he's the long lost twin of your Steve.

    It's probably one of the things that I'm not overly looking forward to when I finally get home. My Steve wil probably descend on us. I'm gong to have to do the 'This is for your own good, son' thing ....Sighhhhhhh

    Do you think we could get them to go flatting together? They sound as if they'd get on really well...

  6. I would kick that boy's rear end from there to the other side of the world!! Some people have no respect!

  7. I am still about I promise...
    I have started a new blog but havent put anything on it....
    In a rut and cant get out... I will get back into it soon I promise...
    My comp is dead so using Marks and I have lost all my email addies and fav links...*sob*
    I will try to be a better blogger..
    Nice to know ya miss me tho ;o)
    *waves* to Deon...

  8. Sounds like he'll make someone a "typical husband" someday.

  9. Yes, THROTTLE him!
    (okay, I just had to say that b/c you said it, and I honestly don't know what it means, but I'm assuming it's something along the lines of "wring his neck").

  10. Mmmmm, changing locks sounds like a good idea lol...... Remind me I sad that in about six or so years!! Nothing more frustrating than someone undoing all your hard work virtually right behind you.

  11. I go into a rage when I go in my boys' rooms. And their bathroom is a swamp. I want to smack their heads together. So I only go in there when they aren't home, easiest way to avoid abusing them. Ha! My aunt used to rip her kids rooms apart and throw everything in a pile in the middle of the room. Empty all the drawers, tear the bedding off, mattresses turned over. Looked like a tornado. Then she would tell them to clean it up. They kept their rooms pretty clean after that. I have not gotten to that point, but have been tempted.

  12. I actually find it in my heart to feel sorry for them - where are they going to go and who's going to take them? :[

  13. Hey - I think you have a right to be angry! If the boys are old enough to be out until 4:30 in the morning - they are old enough to help around the house - at least with their stuff!

    On the up side - those knickers are really nice!

  14. well I am going to sound like I was raised by nightmere parents (but they really arn't) but there is no way they would put up with letting us get away with what Steve and Mike do.

    Here is just one example. Two weeks brothers birthday he decided to drop out of school. My father said "thats fine, but if your not at school you have to get a job". So he quit school and for the first week he bummed around the house, every time my father arrived home he would ask him 'so have you got a job yet' (ha, what a joke he wasn't even looking), so Monday of the following week my father went into his room at 7.30am & said, get up your getting a job today. A bleary eyed brother dragged himself up from bed and made a half hearted effort to look through the paper at the jobs. After breakfast my father said 'ok, get in the car we are going to town', once in town I am told he went to the industrial area of Hamilton then they walked and door knocked on 5 bussinesses doors before the sunbeam electrical appliance factory said they were needing staff. He started the following day.

    I will say that my father is an absolute stickler when it comes to things like that. He signed me up to work at the local woolworths supermarket during the school holidays when I was only 14 & I had to work every Christmas holidays from then on.

    He's a tough old stick but he drummed into us that life is not a free ride and he would have booted out behinds if we hadn't have done our jobs at home. From about age 10my job was feeding the pets, collecting the milk (from the cowshed), mowing the back lawn when needed, emptying the dishwasher and peeling the potatoes + plus our rooms
    My other siblings each had their own jobs so everyone had some responible.

    I will admit that I am a little the same way with Evianah. She empties the dishwasher, feeds the pets, and takes the small bin liner to the rubbish bin and replaces it. She also vaccums the cars once a month.

    She knows that looking after the house is work and everyone who lives in a house needs to help out and thats just the way it is.

    I always thought the boys just slept all day, but if they don't lift a finger to help then that is DEFINITELY something I would not be able to put up with.

    And here my essay ends.

  15. I like you new photo. It shows your very blue eyes and you don't look like an Amazon anymore!! I have not checked if you have posted your height, but the other photo you looked like 2 meters tall!!

  16. You're too nice. If our grown kids were like that, my wife would throw all their stuff out on the sidewalk. Then she would change the lock.

  17. Great shopping, love the quilt and yes I know what you mean about teenagers and mess, tell me does it ever get any better. Have a good week :)

  18. Hey now dnt let them brothers of mine stress u out, just remmber you onlyhave 17 sleeps to go and you wont have to worry tha much about hem all the time!!!!

    Daughter #3

  19. Boys... can't live with 'em etc etc etc.

    Love the undies! I've got the ones on the bottom right! AntzPantz?? Very comfy. Oh, yes, I love me some shopping!

  20. Lovin the undies girl....

  21. Can't wait for you to move and NOT TAKE THE TROUBLEMAKERS WITH YOU! Imagine how much easier your life will be! :)

  22. MMMM Fish and chips sounds yummy.
    Anyway, hope all gets better in the ay of others actually helping you when they are part of the wreckage...
    You got some great deals while shopping!Love the undies! very pretty.

  23. Those pajama sets are too adorable! The ones on the far right and left, I would totally send my kids to school in them. I'm in awe of your shopping skills.

  24. i think my wife would throw a fit if my son had his room that untidy...

    i could care less, but you know girls :)

  25. Love the panties! Sounds like you are ready for the big boys to be gone! How much longer before you move? I didn't miss you moving while I was gone did I?

  26. LOVIN the knickers!!! Stew is so thoughtful. :) That's how I shop, too. I always come home and tell Matt he got me the nicest outfit!! hehe.

  27. Ooh, pretty knickers.


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