Sunday, August 10, 2008


STEW. GOT. LUCKY. And that's all I have to say about that.... except.... there were no NEGATIVE consequences.... and I am profoundly relieved that the new Fanny works just fine! *still smiling*

Today's plans:
- Stew is going to work on the garage and fix a couple of dings in walls.
- I'm going to finish unpicking that bloody quilting.
- The kids and I are off to a pot-luck lunch at Janene's, it's in place of our usual saturday morning get together. Should be nice.... we get to check out Janene's new home.

Stew flies out for Auckland tonight, not sure if we will see him again till 'moving week' .... he's coming home on Wednesday 27th, which will be when we are staying in a Motel while our house is packed up. It's getting closer! It all starts on the 25th when the moving company people come in and start packing... they reckon it will take 4 days to pack everything, and a whole day to load it into containers and trucks. LOVELY.... I can't wait.

I think all of this is getting to Griffin, cos he's wet again this morning.... third night in a row. Not happy about that! Like there isn't enough to do...

It's been a busy day! Stew did all the vacuming, washing and so on... I went to lunch !
And I finished the unpicking ... now just have to decide what to do... try and do it myself in a simpler way or pay a professional to do it for me. DECISIONS....

Stew had flown back to Auckland.. Griffin bawled his eyes out. But... it's only 2 weeks till we start THE MOVE.... oooooooo!
End of Day: busy and nice. Will miss me man ....
NSV: I wish I could say I had one, but I don't think I did. I'm avoiding the scales (again) cos I have put on weight in the last week or so... bugger. nite nite.


  1. Isn't it great when moving companies can do the whole lot.... and glad you are full of smiles ;-)

  2. i am so thrilled that STEW got luckey... you see why I have anything I have quilted for me... I have a lady in South carolina who does it all by hand and has the huge quilting racks in her living room... It costs me a fair bit but... its all worth it in the end!

    Hugs to ya and hang in the with the picking it out OMG that so sucks.

  3. Hey gorgeous I just did a big catch up on your blog. All I see is good news after good news after good news. Fantastic!

    Good luck with the move.

  4. After all the slowness with getting the house sold, etc, it seems like everything is moving so FAST now!

    Big Hugs!

  5. Poor Griffin. Poor you. But not long now.

  6. Good gracious, how much stuff do you HAVE that it will take them four days to pack???!

  7. Not long now till moving day - boy ha s that gone fast.

    Glad that everything is working normally - Lucky things LOL....

  8. Anonymous11:56 PM

    woohoo for stew~!

  9. Moving has alot of different effects on different people. Hope the bedwetting thing calms down soon. And woohoo for stew!:))

  10. yea for moving companies! Makes life easier.

    granted they get to look in every nook and crany so hopefully you dont have anything embaressing hidden away...

  11. Glad to hear that things are going well after the surgery!

    Maybe Griffin is upset or anxious about the move -hence the bed wetting?

  12. Glad everything works ... especially after all you had to go thru!!! ;-)

  13. Lucky you. Sometimes it feels like getting pregnant is like God's punishment for sex.

  14. I am so jealous that you have someone to pack and move your stuff. I am doing mine myself. I fu*king hate moving!

    Glad to see the new fanny was worth it. Don't break it again! LOL.

  15. wooooooo 4 Stew!!!!!!


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