Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ever woken up thinking "There is SOMETHING I'm supposed to do today" ... but can't remember what? Well that's me today!

I hope it isn't important!

So until I remember: TODAY:
- kids to school

- continue fluffing around the house, getting everything ready for the packers....

- meet my girlfriend Chris D for a coffee before she goes to ENGLAND in the afternoon with her hubby!

Chris D and her husband are going to England for about 4 weeks I think... it might be his last trip 'home' due to his having lung cancer.... but ya never know with that man! By rights he wasn't expected to live this long... but he's a battler and determined to stick around for ages! GOOD ON HIM.

So I'm going to town AGAIN today... pray for Stew's sake that I don't get sidetracked by a SALE..... LOL

Maybe DARK GLASSES will help? Or BLINKERS ? Or maybe I should just leave me handbag at home!
Morning tea: was lovely, we had it at our girlfriend Sandra's coffee shop.... so got to see her too. Then... I popped into town and bought....


You can stop holding your breath now Stew!!!! LOL.
I'm safely home now, so no chance of going shopping mad today!
Kids fed and into bed... and I'm cleaning out the pantry and getting the rubbish ready for pickup tomorrow... thank GOD this is the last time I will have to do the rubbish on me own! I hate it... sorting out plastics, paper, bottles, and 'other' rubbish into their seperate lots. And let's not forget the BIG BIN for all the garden rubbish and junk. You would think with a big strapping boy (STEVE) in the house I wouldn't have to do this eh? WHAT A JOKE... he's never out of bed in time to help lug it all down to the road. The USELESS BLOODY SHIT. I am fuming as I do it let me assure you!
End of Day: another really nice day here, sunny but not warm.
NSV: getting lots of incidental exercise... don't ever sit still for long! nite nite.


  1. Take your handbag chickee BUT leave the CREDIT CARD at home LOL :) Hope to catch up with you at some stage next week before you leave.....even if just for a coffee in town :)

  2. Omg..time is flying girl...
    Oh I am so jealous that you have the time to shop...
    Mark and I are going away for 4 days.... so shopping I will be doing!!! Yes I am actually taking one of my owed holidays to get away.. we have a public hoiliday for the local show on a thursday so I am taking friday off work to get away..woohoo just the two of us!

  3. Stay strong, Chris! I know you can do it! Don't you hate it when you forget something?

  4. Chris, my regards to your friend with cancer. It's a terrible thing.

    I've posted your finished doodle on my blog and gave you a little link love.

    Thanks again.


  5. blinkers are real good at zeroing in on the sales. LOL

    Well have a great day.

  6. LOL @ the lure of a sale! They're addictive aren't they? I had to talk my way out of bidding on an ebay auction last night - it was a fabulous buy but the clothes were size 0 and I figured $70 for a bulk lot was a little too much to spend when bubs isn't even born yet and won't be needing them for quite a few months.

    Hope you have a nice time out - just think come tomorrow you'll be down to single digits! Any news on the Steve front yet?

  7. You know, you've got me wondering why I never have morning tea with my girlfriends. I definitely think it is a tradition that deserves some looking into. As long as there is food involved too. I mean if it's just tea, what's the point? :)

  8. what is it about you chicks and sales that drives you all into a frothing frenzy?

  9. I had the lovely opportunity of lugging out the huge recycling bins this morning. DH always drives off with out a thought and DS is sound asleep. Looks like you're not alone on that front. Glad to see your weather has improved. Summer is starting to fade here. Last night the temps hit the single digits. Now that just not right. Good luck getting rid of that boy!

  10. Ha ha!

    I know what you mean about the shopping stuff.

    That's why I tell my husband, "don't take me to the shopping mall if you are worried about money". I will see something totally cute and want to get it. :) It makes me feel good about myself when I buy something nice to wear every now and then.

    I've been really down about not losing weight though. :( I'm 15 lbs over what I'm used to being. NOthing fits. So, I'm trying not to be sad.


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