Sunday, August 31, 2008


- visit Stew's Dad
- Check out Botany Town Centre (Stew's idea) NO SHOPPING!
- Just chill out and do bugger all! Maybe take a walk around the new neighbourhood?

Today is about no stress, no housework, no worries.... just relaxing. There will be enough to do in the next week or so ...... the next two days are going to be all about chillin out and getting some rest.

NO PHOTOS either, I'm using my Uncle's computer.... you poor buggers will have to wait until my computer is connected at our new home! But think of the fun when I can post some! wooo hooo!

RIGHT, I'm off to start the day as a JAFA.... *BIG SMILES*

We have had a lovely day... our visit to see Stew's Dad went well. His Dad is nearly 92.. and very frail so we don't stay long. After that we went to Botany Town Centre... I did buy something! Two lovely plants, one for me and one for my Aunt and Uncle.. and a wee gift for me Aunty too.... new school shoes for Brylee and a Car Parking Sign with my name on it for our new garage! So, obviously I cannot go near shops without buying SOMETHING...*sigh* You all knew that already though I am thinking! LOL

We did a 'drive by' our new home... and the present owner was there .. saw us and waved us in to have another look! How cool... I got to go in and have another drool.... ha ha ha. I still LOVE the house.... it is much smaller than what we are used to of course, but such a nice feeling house. I can't wait till tomorrow when it is ours.

End of Day: it's been another awesome day... no stresses, just having fun together. And the weather has been awesome, sunny and warm (well out of the wind that is!)......

NSV: I am feeling happier today than I have in a very long time... this is good. nite nite.


  1. Yeehahhhh!!!! Congrats!! You finally sound contented ... at home at last for you!!

    I'll wave as I drive by today ... gonna go check out my flat in Manukau City this arvo and tomorrow.

    Can't wait to catch up again ... I move in properly next Sunday night (7th Sept) ... still on same mobile btw

  2. NO SHOPPING?? Who the hell do you think you are kidding Chris... lol

  3. I need a no stress day too. I think I'll join you. :)

    Hope you are loving the new neighborhood. :)

    The Maid

  4. wahoo!!!!! welcome to auckland chris and family and glad you had a no stress day mind you botony is quite a stressful place to be at the weekend lol

  5. I'm so glad things are going smoothly. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!

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  7. Sounds like things are going great. How awesome that you got to go into your new house for another look.

  8. LOL ... good thing you're still in love with the house, imagine if you changed your mind :-)

    As to the shopping, it's a new city so new rules apply right? Surely that sounds fair.

    Glad you had a chance to relax, as you said you'll have enough to do in the next few days so make the most of the downtime while you can.

  9. OK I had to look up "Jafa" on wikipedia, and they said Aucklanders have a bad rep just like New Yawkers.

    Um, I have lived in New York and the rep is well-deserved LOL! Are ya calling yourself obnoxious or just kidding like ya do all the time???

    Can't wait to see pics of you all settled in, though when that will happen at the crazy rate you're going and having guests to boot is beyond me.

    Glad the kids had a great day of school!


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