Saturday, August 02, 2008

I LOVE SATURDAYS!... and 28 days till Auckland


- Morning tea with my girlfriends, taking Brylee and Griffin with me.
- potter around the house, only going to do essential stuff today (fed kids, do washing, bla bla).

I totally overdid it yesterday and paid for it with a really sore tummy...don't want to do THAT again!

It is funny how one minute I was feeling just fine and the next I was like a deflated balloon... and really sore. GRRRRR.
Live and learn.... I AM still recovering from major surgery... and am not WONDER WOMAN....

YES BECKY... you were the first!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day too chick.... give your wee boys a big love from me!

We had a lovely morning tea as per usual... came home and have done NOTHING all day! I needed to do nothing too, there is just no energy in me today! Hopefully tomorrow I will get some energy to tackle another wardrobe!
Steve went to Wellington last night with some mates, he's just got home and is having a "power nap".. then when he gets up he can watch the kids while I have a nap!

PROUD MOTHER MOMENT: Mike and his girlfriend Abby just before her School Ball this evening.....

They are just GORGEOUS! *sigh*.....

End of Day: a nice saturday overall.... I did the vacuming this evening, Griffin declared our house a mess this afternoon.... so thought I better pull finger and vacum... Pity he isn't big enough to do it! One day.

NSV: think I have gained weight in the last couple of days... feeling FAT today! Oh well, perhaps I will yo-yo for a while till things settle down. nite nite.


  1. OMG am I the first to comment?

  2. (damn comment moderation! LOL)

    We really are mirroring each others lives right now. It really makes me out of sorts to think of how different I feel right now. Good one minute, flat battery the next.

    Have a great day today!

  3. You're doing wayyyy too much for someone who just had surgery! You should limit your activties to sleeping, eating and SHOPPING!

  4. Hope you had a good morning tea. In a bit of a muddle here so didn't get in. Need to get family room & junk in all directions plus the wet laundry drying under the heat pump!!!! LOL

  5. Happy Saturday. I have to wait until tomorrow for mine.

    Going to the movies to see the latest 'Mummy' movie ...

  6. You seem far more organised than I am and we have 8 days left before we are moving out of here.

    eek. Better go and pack something.

    And you need to do less, young lady, or you will end up taking forever to heal. So slow down a bit.

  7. Good for you - relaxing! Remember slow and steady win the race!

  8. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I love Saturdays too! Lovely pics of your son and his girl!

  9. They are gorgeous. I loved the pics of your new granddaughter also.

    You and your daughter look a lot alike. You could be her sister.


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