Saturday, August 16, 2008

ANOTHER WET, MISERABLE DAY (14 sleeps to go)

The ONLY comforting thing about our miserable weather is that it is country wide.... not just here! I can't believe how long it has now been raining.... our lawn is now a lake! I HATE ! HATE ! HATE ! WINTER.

- morning tea with the girlfriends, might be our last get together as next saturday we will be so busy getting ready for the move!
- today's job: wipe over every single windowsill.... and light fittings.

The more I can do now means less to do on the last night once everything has been taken away. I am dreading it really! My mind is constantly going over all that I have to remember to do.... what to pack for our Motel stay and trip up to Auckland... what to keep out for the BIG CLEAN... bla bla bla.

I just want it all to start NOW, instead of a week away still.... I'm NOT a patient person. It has been so long coming.... *SIGH*

I AM GETTING SO EXCITED THOUGH.... only 14 more sleeps!!!

I saw this 'doodle' on Rick Green's blog last night, fell in love with it.... even though it's not even finished yet.... and talked 'turkey' with Rick... AND IT'S MINE! Woo hooo! Another original Rick Green picture for me.... he's the bloke who did our Snapper picture (for our tattoos)...

Isn't it soooo pretty? And funky! Can't wait to see it finished! It will get a special spot in our new home.

Lovely morning tea..... did a bit of shopping too.... wooden puzzles for the kids to play with, some more clothes for the kids... then home to open a little present from my girlfriend Chris D:

It is a really gorgeous plaque outlining the virtues of a Special Friend... which I seem to be (to Chris D) how sweet.

I've just been yakking with Stew... he is a lucky bugger! He got to go around to our new home this afternoon and talk to the present owners about all the house's idiosyncrasies.... how the alarm works, DVS, Central Vac, bla bla bla... he loves the house even more now! I wish I had been there! *SIGH*

End of Day: watching the Olympics...our rowers have done well! as I 'speak' we have won 2 Bronze and 1 Gold... so exciting to watch. Just filling the hottie bottles for me and the pup... then I'm off to bed. Feeling really good tonight, not as tired as I have been. This is great!

NSV: finally feeling good after a few crappy days. nite nite.


  1. it is a cool picture I am glad you were able to lay claim to it!
    Hugs Laura

  2. There it is! It looks good on your very colorful blog that you've got here.

    I did some more doodling this morning - about to go home for lunch - I'll look it over again to see if I'm satisfied.

    We'll "gobble" talk later.

  3. Hopefully the rain will be ALL DONE just a couple days before your move. If it's raining at your new house, too, you will see for SURE if the basement floods, etc. Best to know that sort of stuff up front, you know. Blessings!!!

  4. What a cool picture. Hope the rain stops soon and your lawn dries out. Have a great weekend.

  5. Love the pic by Rick!

    Have fun dusting the window sills and light fixtures.

    I hope the rain has gone away by the big move.

  6. Oh man what a cool picture!!!!!

    Does he just do randum stuff or stuff that he likes.

    E.G. Can he do a cartune turtle for me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    Daughter #3

  7. You'll be there before you now it!!! The new house, that is :-)

    Neat doodle!!

    Tell you what, how about you swap some of your rain for some of my sun. It's bloody hot here and has been for way too long. Over a 100 deg F today. I never , ever though that constant sun would be boring. But, believe me, it is!!!

  8. Not long until you are all a real family again! I'm sure Stew will just love having his wife there with him all the time again :)

  9. Glad to hear your feeling good! What on earth are you going to do once you settle into your new house and unpack - cleaning seems to be so much a part of your life for so long, you won't know yourself!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. I like the picture too.
    I love winter. Mostly because i hate sweating, it makes me feel dirty..blerrr.

  11. Arg... one of our house's idiosyncracies is that you have to push BM's down the toilet manually (yuck) and we have the plumbing rigged up so that it no longer floods the basement, but goes into a special utility sink for the purpose... and how none of the doors shut properly because the previous owners rigged the doors to fit perfectly when the house needed to be piered... now that it's piered nothing works...

    And you get idiosyncracies like DVD PLAYERS??? Waah! I'm jealous!!

  12. I do love the doodle. I can't imagine how much better it will be when finished - it looks so great now!

    14 sleeps - probably 13 by now - how exciting! I think you are very organized. Okay - MUCH better than I would be!

  13. You got a new house! Wow. I am so out of date. How exciting! Happy dance.

  14. We're having the opposite problem over here. Heatwave! I hate it. I'm ready for Fall.


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