Saturday, August 30, 2008


MY LETTERBOX... not quite the last thing to go... but DEFINITELY one of the most important! We are leaving No 3 ******** and moving to No 3 *******... HOW COOL IS THAT? We don't even have to change our number.

THE day has finally arrived!


WE have a long drive ahead of us, but I can't wait to go... our new home awaits.....
Being together as a family again.... FAN-FRIKKEN-TASTIC!

Right, until I'm in Auckland tonight and can access a compter, this is it for the day.

Wish us luck on our journey..... LATER PEOPLE!
Today.... has been awesome! We left at around 8.30 am... stopped and took some gorgeous photos of the mountain and Lake Taupo on the way up the island.. it was a gloriously fine day until we got to Hamilton, when it turned a bit cloudy... We stopped at Tirau and met up with Lee-Anne (a fellow blogger) and her husband Colin, and had lunch... I gave her a painting I'd done for her wedding gift. Then on to Auckland... no problems the WHOLE way... we got into Auckland at around 4.30 pm...
"We are now JAFA'S" wooo hooo!!!! I'm a JAFA, I'm a JAFA" doing a little dance....... BIG SMILES!
End of Day: an awesome day, one I have been waiting months and months for! We were in Palmerston North 6 years and 3 months... quite long enough for me! Tis cold down there!
Bring on the warmer weather, thank you very much!
NSV: I feel so good, it doesn't even matter that I am so overweight again! It will come off again! ONCE I'M SETTLED AND BACK INTO A DECENT ROUTINE. So there! nite nite.


  1. Have a safe trip! I hope all goes well in your new home! But just to be all together again is something great to look forward too!

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I am so happy for y'all!!!

  3. YAY! Oh, I so happy for you! And so pleased it all went smoothly... How long had you been in Palmy?

  4. Chris I am so, SO happy for you! It's been such a long time in coming. I hope everything goes well for you in the next couple of days. It will be a lot of hard work, don't over do it and hurt yourself! Very cool about the mail box!

    Can't wait to see more pictures!

  5. Hope the drive went well. At least you should be warmer!

  6. Travel safe...

  7. Today's the day! Drive safely and all the best for this next chapter of your lives xo

  8. WOOHOO! All the best to you all on your new life in Auckland.

  9. be safe and cant wait till you are HOME!
    hugs Laura

  10. Wow Chris, the day is finally here.

    Safe travels and we will hear from you from your new home.

    How exciting!!

  11. So cool about your house number. Good luck on the drive and the finals of the moving. Cant wait to see the new house.

  12. All the best with your long drive. Hope it is a safe one.


    Can't wait to hear/see how it's going!

  14. Are you there yet!!!!! Hope you had a good trip up and wishing you all a wonderful life in Auckland - easier for me to catch up with you next time as our friends we visit every couple of years live in Auckland. Love Z xx

  15. Congrats on becoming a Jafa. Lovely catching up and absolutely awesome the painting. Will update tomorrow.

    Relax tomorrow. Next week is a new beginning .....

  16. YA!!!!!!!!!
    Cant wait till next weekednd to c u all againand nothave to drive 5 or 6 hrs to c you he he 45mins now great cant wait ti c all all.


  17. So glad the trip to Auckland went well - how long will it take the packers to get everything unpacked and set up for you? Not too long I hope!

    That weight will be falling off you before you know it - it's amazing what a bit of routine will do. It's a renewed focus for many of us :-) I know i'm looking forward to mine as soon as this baby is born!

  18. Congrats and good luck with everything. I hope that it is all you ever hoped for.

  19. WOW thats sooo cool!!!!!!!! congratulations jafa!!!!


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