Saturday, August 23, 2008

I AM SLEEPING IN.... 7 sleeps to go!

BUGGER OFF... I'M SLEEPING IN... come back later... much later.....

I had a lovely lie in... And NO, I'm not suffering from any Stress now! (advice taken and 'worked on') LOL.

We went to town for a wander around, and for me to show Stew something I saw during the week.... and ummm.... we ended up buying another piece of furniture! I will put a photo up once Stew has picked it up.

It is absolutely pouring down today... miserable weather!

COFFEE BEAN: ha ha, dats a girl dog... Teddy's a BOY! LOL

NO, we did not get another puppy!!! That is just a picture off Google Images! Derrrr... like I need another puppy! One is enough!
ABOVE: The new TV entertainment unit for the new Flat Screen Plasma TV... OOOO ain't it pretty? Retail Therapy.. MORE STRESS RELIEF! I might add, I had my eye on a smaller one, but Stew liked the bigger one better!
End of Day: it's been wonderful having Stew home, it's not been wonderful finding out Steve is sleeping in his car... but hopefully it is getting 'sorted' tomorrow. I am so stressed out it's not funny, am going to have a sauna tonight and go to bed early.... I am over today.
NSV: no appetite today... to stressed out I suppose. No doubt will return soon enough, drat. nite nite.


  1. Ummm, what happened to Teddy? Where did all his lovely fur go? hahahaha

  2. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I hope it was a marvelous sleep in... and... uh... um... I'm afraid to come back later in case you share your de-stressing adventure... that is if you took all advice in the last post's comment section.

  3. so cute, is that Teddy? Did you get another puppy?

  4. I was thinking for a second that you'd gone and got yourself a new puppy!!!!

  5. Only 7 more sleeps! You must be SO excited! Heck, I'm excited for you! Hope the weather clears up before the move though...

  6. Nice TV stand and cute little model!

  7. Hope you get to sleep in a may be staying up 1/2 the night with the hubby...ha ha. More fun that I'm having.
    Can't believe your move is so'll be good once it's all over and you can all be together!

  8. :( about Steve. I cannot image how stressed you are! Is he the son that was sick and unable to work a while back?

    Poor Chris! :(((((((

  9. Hey girl... Guess what..I think I am back..I brought myself a new toy... A frikkin laptop..woooohooo
    Went into town just to look for a trig calculator with mark and Brought the laptop...I have been hanging with you too long.haha
    Now I just have to learn how to use it, doh!!!

  10. Love you Chris! LOL! I wasn't offended at all by yoiur comment - go and read new post and tell me what you think.

    DOn't think you are being too hard on son, as he seems to have energy to go out till 4am! Think you are doing the best're a top mum and you know it.

  11. hope you sleep well!
    I am getting excited for you! love the Tv stand and the model posing on it :D
    HUGS Laura

  12. Okay, I so want to hear more about you running over the teenager in your van on purpose. I almost sprayed my computer with coffee when I read that.

  13. I love the entertainment unit. I so hope Steve's living arrangements get sorted out cause its not long now till you leave and the time will go really quickly.

    Oh and I agree with your comments on my blog regarding my bf losing weight. I keep suggesting that he should but you know men they don't listen until something happens to them.. LOL...

  14. Glad that the destressing advice worked!
    Hope you got the lie in u deserved!

  15. Cute pic of a puppy. I didn't know they could sleep like a baby. I guess it makes sense because sometimes my kids like to pretend they are puppies.

  16. I love the entertainment unit. I know how it is with retail therapy, it just makes me a happier person.


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