Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RAIN, HAIL, FREEZING.... 11 sleeps to go.

Late last night it started raining and hailing again... This morning.... sunshine AGAIN, but OOOO So cold...

- kids to school
- Stay home! NO shopping! The lightbulbs can wait till Stew comes home!

Steve's flat situation has fallen through... so now he has nowhere to live.... and only 6 days to find something! FAR OUT, that's all I need, more stress. Half his stuff is in his cousin's house and has to be removed asap... I am beyond all this shit, I just want to put my head in my hands and scream.

Lucky I don't bite my nails when stressed cos if I did I'd have stumps for fingers.... instead I usually eat... WONDERFUL.

CLARIFICATION: I don't have to pack the house up... a moving company is coming in on Monday and they do it ALL... what I have to do is

- take everything off the walls.....DONE

- clean the house.... DOING

- pack clothes, essentials for me and kids..... DOING

- Arrange power/gas/phone/SKY disconnections/reconnections.... DOING.

THAT'S IT! The moving company packs everything, takes it to Auckland and then unpacks everything .... HOW COOL IS THAT? And the best thing, it doesn't cost us anything either... Stew's company pays for all expenses incurred for the move.

After my best intentions... I have been to town TWICE today already! First time to post some stuff, then second time to sign our life away with new Mortgage Documents..... Scary Stuff That!!! HUGE mortgage..... EEEEKKKKK.

OH.... and there was a shop having a Closing Down Sale.... AND..... they had my dinner set in there.... so I just HAD to get some side plates, I had none you understand! So now I have a few. ON SALE people, ON SALE!!!! How could I resist? *skulking into a corner now to repent me sins*

Alley: Of course I forgot the bloody light bulbs! Ha ha ha!

Felt really DOWN this morning... but I plugged myself into my iPod and am now feeling much better... love me music! Off to get the kids from school now... OH YAAa. *sigh*

End of Day: totally knackered again tonight.... just mental exhaustion I think... stress is tiring!

NSV: getting on top of all the 'to do' things... this is good. nite nite.


  1. Oh, no!!! What on earth happened??!! I hope everything's ok because I'm figuring you conveniently don't have an extra room at the new place.

    Garage in the winter doesn't sound so hot. :[

    Please keep posted if you haven't packed the computer! Double hugs! And a BIG prayer for Steve today!!

  2. Oh shite... thats terrible news...
    Maybe you need to get out there and find him a place yourself.. that way you know he has it... bloody men aye!

  3. HOpe things sort themselves out with Steve...it must be driving you mad.

    And you are a lucky lady to have a moving company pack everything - it took me 4 full days to pack up my house - and I'm still unpacking at my new one - 5 months later!!!

    Take care

  4. I am hoping Steve finds a new place very, very quickly!

    Thinking of you and hoping you stay warm!

  5. Wow-your moving plan sounds like a dream! How nice that the company pays for it!

  6. you had hail too? we had hail here 3 times in the last 2 weeks..

    i think its the end of the world!

  7. lucky you with the no packing thing.

    sorry about the flat falling through.

  8. I don't get it. How hard is it to find a place to live? I hope I don't have this problem down the road. Good luck.

  9. Anonymous2:45 PM

    But........did you remember the light globes?????

  10. Heya! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

    Looks like you've got some fun and games right now - bugger! Hope things pick up for you.


  11. Sorry to hear about the extra worry over Steve - it's the last thing you need, that's for sure.

    Thanks for your comments of support Chris on my last post.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed things work out for you all.

  12. I think you are right... stress is VERY tiring! I really notice it on the days that I am working...

    Also, I've been meaning to ask: what does yer loverly man Stew do? Something very fab and clever obviously if they are prepared to re-locate him and his family!!

  13. We also had hail here in Sydney last night.

    Hope Steve or like others have suggested you find him some new accommodation quickly.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you...

  14. Isn't it funny how listening to good music can change your mood? Thank goodness for iPods!

  15. The dishes were on sale and in your pattern. You were morally obligated to buy them before the pattern was discontinued!

  16. Too bad about your son's accomodations falling through. Hope he finds something asap. Although you don't have to pack everything yourself, I'm sure it's still exhausting to move. Keep warm.


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