Monday, August 25, 2008

IT ALL STARTS TODAY.... 5 sleeps to go!

8.30 today:
- Teddy gets picked up
- the packers arrive and start
- kids to school (hopefully Steve is arriving to take them)

9 am :
- into town to pay bills (NO shopping!)
- Take pork roast (raw and frozen) to Sandra for our dinner on Wednesday night! She gets to cook it ...

That's it for right now...

I wonder what the packers will be like? Hope I like them, they are here all week! And I intend to be here too... making sure it goes smoothly, making them coffee... tidying up as they go.... so that there is less to clean on Friday night.

OOOOO I am so excited, butterflies in me belly...

THIS..... IS HOT :

THIS....... IS NOT:

And I won't mention ANY name ... but someone in my family had one of these Community Detention Ankle Bracelets put on their ankle this weekend..... for 4 months..... naughty person!

*RANT WARNING* : Was told the packers would be here at 8.30 (IF NOT SOONER!)... so get Steve to take kids to school ... and I wait... and wait.... and then I ring them at 9.15... "Where the hell are you"?.... "Oh bit of a problem, won't be there till about 9.30 now"..... FOR FUCKS SAKE! Wouldn't it have been nice to get a phone call letting me know?

My confidence in this Company is rapidly going down the toilet. And I wait...

Well.... one guy turned up.. Tama is his name and he's really lovely... we are getting on just fine..... and he's really working! I am just sitting watching him... so nice to see a man working! LOL

Work progresses... he's finished the kitchen, part of the dining room and part of the lounge.... Steve and I are keeping him entertained yakking....

Off to a girlfriend's for dinner tonight...

End of Day: all going to plan so far... still don't know how one man is going to get all the packing done on his own in time... but we will just wait and see! Dinner at Michele's was lovely, there is nothing like a meal you havn't had to cook yourself!

NSV: too busy most of day to think about food! nite nite.


  1. Don't forget to take lots of photos!

  2. Hang in there girl, I know you're having fun! ;)

  3. Ohhhh with a bit of luck they will be good eye candy... hahahaha
    Not that I would look... Ahhh who am I kidding... even Mark knows I am a perv...
    Hope your day goes smoothly...
    Take care...

  4. HOPe that the packers work out OK...even if they are late.

    I was reading through your Saturday post - and you have bought the exact same TV unit that we bought!! I think it might even be the same colour. I had to do a double take and go check on my blog for the piccy's, but its the same!! And bloody heavy too.

    Take care - and hope it all runs smooth and well this week.

  5. I hope they show up and take good care of all of your stuff. I'm so excited to hear about the move, see pictures,etc.

    I can't believer you get that much rain! Poor Teddy! And poor you for having to deal with a wet pup! No fun when they are wet and muddy.

    Hang in there!

  6. Hope everything with the movers turns out okay.

  7. Uh oh! Packers and movers can literally make or break a move! I'm crossing everything that it all goes smoothly... xxxx

  8. Hang in there... it will happen just as it is supposed to!
    Hugs Laura

  9. oh no, this brings back memories of my 'nightmere' shift at the end of last year. Book removal truck for 8am, didn't turn up and knowone at the office was answering the phone. At 9am I finally got a call asking 'where is Miller Road, Onewhero we can't find you' mmmmm I reply thats probably because my house is Miller Road Bombay. Dispite having received confirmation with everything correct, the turkeys had managed to drive 35mins in the wrong direction. Needless to say they didn't arrive until 10am and turned up with four kids in tow. (I was NOT impressed) It was the move from hell. Hope yours goes better.

  10. Will be thinking of you today ... my turn next week!!!

  11. I'm sorry about your relative. Hope the packers do a good job and the kids are ok!

  12. Not long now.....glad you are liking the moving man. They will be done in no time I bet.

  13. Ugh ... bad news about the relative!!

    Re the packing and moving ... it will be over soon and then you can realx and make your new house into a home..


  14. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Well hellow mother, its the naughty one here,must say the braclet dosent quite look like that one, and I still do have a bit of a life, hows the spunky movers, give them my number(i type as I quickly glance over my sholder to make sure the boyfriend eisnt around lol).Well good luck with the move ok, love #2

  15. I hope the week goes well. I just finished moving on the weekend, what a nightmare- and that was without having 2 little ones to look after.

    Just think, it won't be long now till you can be a family again with Stu in Auckland.

  16. Just be careful, I know a Tama from Palmy and he is lovely on the outside and a rascal of the P smoking, wife beating kind on the inside. Take photos.

  17. the alarm might not be too hot, but i'm digging the shoes!

    ive got a think for high heels...

  18. Glad to see things progressing relatively smoothly. I'm excited for you as well. Can hardly wait to hear all about your new home.


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