Monday, August 11, 2008

LOVE MONDAYS I DO.... 19 sleeps to go.


- kids to school
- Into town to pay a bill and get Griffin another pair of school trousers.... he keeps making huge holes in the knees.
- Ring the Moving company to organise Insurance of our household effects ...
- Ring Quilting lady... get a quote on someone else quilting the darn thing!

Do some more decluttering... take down all the pictures etc on the walls.....One less job to do in the final week.

ONWARD...... Oh and ya don't get a wet bed if you get up at 4.30am and take him to the loo.... relieved about that!

Went to town, had morning tea with a girlfriend.. then headed off to get Griffin's trousers... AND I had to pass the material shop...

WELL.. they had a sale on didn't they? So I got two materials towards Brylee's quilt .... then I carried on me way to Farmers....

And well... I had to pass the Girl's Wear section and I couldn't resisit.... Brylee DOES need more pants... and I couldn't just buy the pants could I? So she has three new outfits.......then I carried on me way to the Boy's Wear ...

Where I got the new school trousers for Griffin.... AND knowing him, he would have had a major grump cos Brylee got heaps of new stuff... so I got him some too! THEN, just as I was about to leave I saw this:

WELL HELL, I just could not resisit it! Griffin will love it.

AFTER all that I thought it best if I hot-footed it home... SO I DID.

JENNY: WHAT do you mean, BECOME a shopaholic?? I thought I already was one!!!

CKK: if I could get in touch with you I would about November.. but I can't get into your blog ... and I don't have your phone number either....?

End of Day: and what a day! I FINALLY did the quilting myself... but in a much easier way... just long straight lines down the length of the quilt. It works for me... and this evening I sewed on the edging and now all I have to do is hand stitch it down on the reverse side and IT WILL BE DONE! Probably get that done over the next couple of days. I'm thrilled.

NSV: don't talk to me .... I'm evil.... I had a pie for lunch and a muffin for dinner. *hanging head in shame* .... nite nite.


  1. Sounds like you are moving right along!

    Won't be long now!

  2. I paid 150.00 to get my quilt done a couple months ago... and the lady is working on my cousins now and will probably be about the same price.
    I dont blame you quilting is something else! hell just putting the top together takes talent! I so love his quilt its just so well boyish LOL.
    Hugs Laura

  3. Sounds like the poor wee an is a little stressed about the move. Leaving the friends he has there and the school he is used to, is quite a big step for the littlies.

    Glad everything else is moving along though. It's only, what, 17 days to go?? YAAAYYYYY :-)

  4. Awwww ..cute clothes and I completely understand why you couldn't resist the. Especially that last t-shirt :-)

  5. Wow - lucky tikes with all of their new clothes! Maybe you could pick up some clothes for me too? No? Well, it was worth a shot!

    I think having someone else finish the quilt is a good idea - you have a lot on your plate right now.

    Love the fabrics you picked up!

  6. Hi Chris. I've been reading along with your blog every day, even though I haven't commented. Your new house looks ab-sol-utely stunning! How exciting! PS: Loving the new clothes for the kids. I know how you feel.... I can't resist buying bits here and there for Guy! xxx

  7. Been a while since you've been back - hope you aren't of shopping......

    Hey great news - Izzy fedinately on heat and Toby did it! Fingers crossed:-) If she has soem - hope they aren't too cute cos I will want another!

  8. Me thinks you might be coming a shopaholic ROFLMAO :) :)

  9. Oh i love the shirt, leigh has a similar one,

    It has a girl on it and she as a bag over her head,
    The caption says "my sista looks betta like this".

    I just love it.

    Daughter #3

  10. LOL, you're a shopping machine! No doubt Griffin loves the t-shirt, now you just need one as cheeky for Brylee and you have the perfect 21st photo :o)

    I'm so excited I can barely contain myself: I will be in Auckland in the last weekend of November. I absolutely love the place and the idea of soon being so far away from it has me more than a little sad, so I thought 'Why not?' - GIDDY UP!!! Might you be around?? I'd love to chat up with you, and on your turf for a change ;oP

  11. I love the clothes and the kids are well and truly spoilt.

    Congratulations on stitching the quilt yourself, I know its not easy, so well done.

  12. lol love the "sister for sale" shirt!

  13. Beautiful fabric for Brylee's quilt ...I love it! Adorable outfits for both kids too! I love shopping for children's clothing ...someday (not too soon, I hope) I'll have little grandchildren to spoil!

  14. sister 4 sale! i love it!

  15. HA! sister for sale. I love it!!

  16. !!

    You had the fridge delivered to your current house? I thought everything was just being delivered to your new place!

  17. I love that fabric, it's gorgeous! Cute kid outfits, too.


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