Monday, August 04, 2008

PAPERWORK.... and 26 sleeps to go!


- kids to school (phew, relieved about that)
- Into town to photocopy heaps of papers and send them back to Stew... loan documents, house documents, bla bla bla.
- Send off Enrolment Forms to new school for B & G.
- Get a few groceries... got no bread!

Then home to ... have a nap! Still get very tired... but it is improving. Not coughing much now, so the pain in me belly is not there all the time.... this is great!

Today I am going to work on my room and wardrobe... I'm sure there is heaps I can throw out! Yipee...... onward....

WOO HOOO, I got MAIL ! .... I love parcels!
Did you ever see such cute wee dogs before? I got them from a dear friend (Felicity) who is a private blogger down in the South Island of New Zealand..... I wonder who I can give them to? Me thinks the pink one will be going to a certain wee granddaughter this Christmas!!! Can't think who ??? *smiles*

Felicity sells Linen and 'stuff'.... you can look at the stuff she sells at : if you want anything just let me know and I can get you in touch with her.

DAVID: Thank you for still visiting me blog... even though I ain't out to change the world!!! *laughing now*

Well I got all my jobs done in town, came home, had lunch and crashed! I tell ya, I simply couldnt do anything... sucked big time. I so wanted to get on to my wardrobe and ensuite.. maybe tonight?

Mike and Steve have been here since about mid day, so they picked up the kids from school for me....

I just took Teddy for a little walk up the road, we both needed to get rid of the cobwebs! He did really well, but hates it when cars drive by... such a sook!

Teddy is getting groomed tomorrow, the hair around his butt is far too long and is getting 'messy'... eeewwwwww! So tomorrow he will get aquainted with CLIPPERS.... oooo can hardly wait. lol

End of Day: got lots done overall.... but not what I planned. My room/wardrobe/ensuite may just have to wait till tomorrow... shame that!

NSV: none! nite nite.


  1. You have been motivating me! I am cleaning out closets! Guess what? I have a lot of crap. Have a great day!

  2. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I hope you get all you want to done today!

  3. Yep, pitch all the clothes and Stew will be a lucky man!!

    The folks at school might look at you a little funny when you drop the kids off that first day, though. But just think of all the money you'll save on uniforms.

    What are you doing with their old uniforms? Do they do consignment there?

  4. I hate having "stuff" around me that clutters my life. They said on the radio yesterday to ask yourself two questions when cleaning out.... "is it beautiful or is it useful?" If not, get rid of it. Have a good day.

  5. I can never give up reading your blog.
    I love it daily!

  6. I love parcels too, and they are cute.

  7. When you're done, will you do my closets, please and thank you??! (Found you via David's blog, I'm not a world changer either though, alas). ;)

  8. That's a lot of work after just having surgery. Your not supposed to do any heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks. so ummm that's like 2 books at a time and not humonogus piles of clothes and umm packing and heave ho-ing and ahhh your tummy hurts you say? Go figure. Good time to boss your midgets and be the supervisor, it's slower but just think how much they'll learn.

  9. Good luck with your room etc and those dogs are just so cute.

  10. hah! You called me a tart, you love me,...sigh. It's a rotten job ya know but somebody's gotta do it. You should see me at work it's worse when I dress the part.

  11. The best part of moving in my opinion is getting rid of the clutter. And man oh man can I ever collect it!!

    I love me those doggies!!! SO adorable!

  12. Anonymous3:09 PM

    disregard the email I just sent...I see the parcel arrived safely they r just so cute arent they...thanks again Chris for the order


  13. hahaha you have helped kick my butt into spring cleaning action too! i cant believe its only 26 days to go!!!

  14. Its good to see you out and about and hope all goes well with Teddy's grooming tomorrow. Can't wait to see pictures of him after his clipper experience.

  15. Very cute dogs!!!

    Jay gave me a similar one for valentine's Day. It's red and white and sleeps withe me. :-)

    I love vegemite (well of course I bloody do, I'm a Kiwi, ain't I!!) and am a bit teed off because the place that I used to be able to get it at, World Market, is not stocking it anymore!

    For the American's that I have let try it, it is definitely an aquired taste. They either like it, or hate it.

    Jay is going to do okay in NZ, as he likes it :-)

  16. Oh how cute, i know just where to put her he he.

    How did the ball go did they behave ha ha.

    keep smiling mum you b in aucks B4 you know it.

    Daughter #3

  17. Hope will get to see you tomorrow with Jenny? My decluttering took a step backwards today - just want a couple of "normal" days up here!

    You will have to come up for a cuddle with Izzy before you go!!!

  18. I TOLD you you'd get cobwebs!!!! Not sure if walking will get rid of them, though *wink*

  19. After dealing with the first part of your list I would need about a week to recuperate. ;)

  20. im glad you're starting to feel better... slow down and dont push yourself too much!

  21. I'm glad you're recuperating nicely!

    How cool to get things in the mail! Not long ago someone sent me a very cool tie. (smile)

  22. It has been ages I ahve even been near your blog. Too busy, too self absorbed, too much, too ........oh heck, think of an excuse, I will be glad with any.

    I have been reading your tummy tuck story with much interest AND horror. I have been informing with my health insurance and they say if the ened is there, such as you say, infection, inflammation, bad smell etc. it will be payed for. But reading your post, I am againstartingt to doubt. Though you looked sensational!

    It will be enar a year before I ever get that close, but I am sort fo mustering up courage, as at this moment 70% of the excess weight is in my tummy.

    Mind you reading you present post, you seem to be busy enough as it is, AND counting down. Moving house I understand? Moving country?

    Hope all goes well.

    Kindest greetings,


  23. You MUST post pictures of your darling pup post-haircut!! I love shih tzus!!!!!

    Good luck tackling the wardrobe....


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