Thursday, August 14, 2008

GUNNA PAINT TODAY ( 16 sleeps to go)

So, last night I was going to paint (touch up) the walls where pictures had been... but I was SO tired I just ran outta energy!

Therefore... that's today's job! Neat, something to do .... no reason to go to town and do some retail therapy!

GOOD NEWS!!! Looks like Steve and his cousin have found a 3 bedroom flat for them and Mike... AND Steve might be moving out THIS WEEKEND!!! OOOOO Yaaaaaaa! Not that I don't love my boys (cos I DO), but I am SICK OF THEM ! Only a couple more weeks and I will be hours away from them... wonder if I will miss them and worry about them? DAMMIT, I'M BOUND TO! But it will be good for them, make them grow up a bit and stop relying on us so much.

- kids to school (like I don't say that every day!) lol
- Touch up marks on walls
- Fill out Mail Re-direction forms for Post Office.
- Pop into town and get some American $'s for a purchase I made.... ooops I don't even have to go to town to buy something!

- Dunno what else yet...... But you can be sure it WON'T be cleaning the kitchen windows! That is all Steve's job! The twit wrote on them:

What is says is " Steve is a God of Sex"... YEAH RIGHT ! In your dreams son. He better clean in off before he leaves!

Well the painting didn't take that long at all! Our hallways and rooms look NAKED though!

So ... I have time on me hands till I think of what to do next... so am having lunch in town with a girlfriend.... later...

Lunch with Chris D was nice... ate too much so came home and had a nap! So tired today....

Went up to the school to pick up the kids... Griffin was wearing totally different clothes to the ones he left home in.. here's why:

Those are his totally NEW school trousers and quite NEW sneakers... RUINED. The little shit. The Principal had a word with him about not wallowing in the mud (played rugby he did).... here's hoping he doesn't do it again.

End of Day: busy afternoon, visited Ann out on her farm and saw Izzy and Toby (Golden Retrievers).. Izzy used to be our girl... but she is now Ann's and so happy out there. Her and Toby are hopefully making babies right now! I am coming back to see them if/when they are born! Grocery grab after visiting them, then home for dinner.

Been extremely tired today... Maybe I am doing too much... must try and slow down a bit. Not much else to do now though till the moving company arrives.

NSV: well none, just feel blah.... not eating well, getting bugger all 'exercise'.... doing lots of 'stuff' around the house... maybe it counts as exercise? lol. nite nite.


  1. Dang! That's the sort of thing that my Steve would write on the windows. Maybe it's something to do with calling them 'Steve' ?

    And you'll still worry about them. They're still your 'babies' no matter how big they get. But there are advantages to worrying about them from afar, trust me on that :-)

  2. LOL @ Steve - oh you'll miss him terribly but obviously not some of his antics. Hope the painting goes well - just over 2 weeks to go, you must be getting excited.

  3. LOL! Is this what I have to look forward to?

    Another one leaves the nest.

  4. almost ready to move!

  5. Chris I finally got the chance to catch up on your blog! Wow! You've been busy! I can't believe you've only got 16 more sleeps!

    Glad to hear things are going along well. I totally sympathize with you on the older 21 year old leaves her room a disaster 95% of the time, and I keep threatening to put everything into big garbage bags, drag it outside, and toss everything into the garbage bin.

    Your quilting is beautiful! That takes lots of talent and patience, of which I have neither.

    Glad you like my San Diego pictures. If you ever make it up this way, you'll have a place to stay!

  6. OMG this is why im not a boy; Brand you pants and i bet Griffin loved "playing rugby" lol. Poor you! Glad you had a good lunch.

  7. That's a tough one. I want my kids to be my kids forever, but I don't actually want to take care of them when they are grown ups.

  8. Good to see you today:-)

    Hope your move goes well and will be checking up on it all once we get back!

  9. Hopefully after a good soaking you can get the mud out. Fingers Crossed. Boys/Men you can't live with them and you can't live without them.

  10. ah... "GOD" of sex.. i was trying to read it and it keept looking like "COP" of sex.. i wasnt getting it..

  11. Boys.New Clothes.Mud.Rugby. Yep, been there done that...and my daughter was rugby mad as well and would come home in the same state.

    I used to make them take thier clothes and sneakers outside and hose them down. That way they were then safe to throw in the wahing machine! (The clothes, not the kids, but it was tempting!!)

  12. Busy as always i see! Very impressive muddy clothes!!

  13. Yeah! Steve and Mike are getting their own apartment! It will be interesting to see if they leave it as messy as Steve's room has been. They might be in for a bit of a shock when they have to clean it themselves!

    I say take a good nap. You have been working so hard to get the move ready you deserve one!


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