Friday, August 08, 2008

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY.... 22 sleeps to go

I have been hanging out for today... Stew will be home tonight and we havn't seen him for two whole weeks! I missed him after seeing him for a whole 3 weeks last time he was home.

Every morning Griffin climbs into bed with me and asks "How many sleeps till Dad comes home Mum?".... he is so cute. And he misses his Dad so much. Mummy is no fun. Not long now till we will be together again permanently.

- kids to school
- sew, sew, sew~!

I did quite a bit last night, in fact I was sewing away and happened to glance at the clock and bugger me! It was 11.30pm... how the hell did that happen? Oh well, at least I was gainfully employed doing something constructive and not feeding me face! I ended up having my dinner (soup and toast) at 11.30 pm!
Onward....AND.... today is the 8th day of the 8th month of 08. Wonder if anything special will happen today?

ONE HOUR... that's how long it has taken to quilt the first block! So there are 30 blocks.. and all the edges... I think this is going to take a LONG LONG TIME...
And it's so bloody hard to sew... working with the bulk of fabric on a normal sized machine... PHEW I sure know how to make my life difficult! But I will persevere... it will be worth it. WONT IT?

8/8/08: well it's the Opening of the Olympic Games today eh?
End of Day: Stew safely home for the weekend, we went out for dinner... was nice. Stew and I both agree, the stiching around the blocks (I've done 4) is detracting from them so I am now UNPICKING it all!!! Maybe I wont stitch around them? Just cos you HAVE TO doesn't mean I will....
NSV: feeling FAT ... which isn't a victory at all.... bla! nite nite.


  1. Hiyas Chris! Haven't been around lately , so just checking in ! Hope all is well.
    I wanna see pics of the quilt when you are done!

  2. The quilt is looking good!!!

    Ummm...isn't the opening ceremony supposed to be tomorrow? When it's 08/08/08 in the rest of the world? :-)

    And American TV better show the Kiwi's marching in or I'll be seriously pissed off...

  3. I'm behind the times - 22 sleeps till what???????

  4. the machine quilting looks great chris BUT straight stitch is sooooo much easier and quicker lol but as you say its one of a kind and is looking wonderful
    have a good weekend with stu home

  5. I love your quilt. My mum made me one as a kid and I still have it and it takes pride of place. I am sure your wee man will love it. Well done.

    yup the games start today but they are a few hours behind. The opening ceremony is tonight about midnight our time.

  6. It alwayss seems like you get so much more done in the same amount of time as me, I peak over and you have done so much in one day! The quilt is beautiful, you are very talented. My mom pieced one together recently and had a lady quilt it for her and she has sewn for fifty years so I think you doing it all is awesome!

  7. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Excellent quilting! Very pretty! Dory likey!

  8. Looking good mum keep u the good work,

    You are a good mother just think you have raised 6 kids, And two grandkids, Dnt let anybody tell you that your not a good mother,

    I think you have done a great job with all of us..

    Daughter #3

  9. What a gorgeous block!

    And we can't wait for the Olympic games too!

  10. I am having a very fat day too, and I've worked out why. 888 (fat lady day!!) Well that's my excuse today and I'm sticking to it!

    I agree with Stew but am gobsmacked that you have a fella that can offer a considered opinion on such a matter. There aren't too many around. What if the thread wasn't a contrast? Not being a quilter I'm not sure what really needs to be done and what's just ... done.

  11. Anonymous1:47 AM

    wow! that looks way tricky!

  12. Oh! How strange! I thought the stitching detracted from the quilt, too, but it might have worked better in blue or something.

    But it is a GORGEOUS gorgeous quilt. I'm so excited for Griffin to have such a beautiful heirloom.


    PS. I can never turn the fabric well enough to do flowers and the like, but if I stitch slowly I can do some messy letters. :]


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