Friday, August 22, 2008

STEW'S HOME TONIGHT.... 8 sleeps....

Yaaaaaa, Stew is home tonight, I can RELAX for a while..... well OK, maybe not relax that much, but I intend having a bloody sleep in tomorrow! It is MY turn. I reckon it's MY TURN for a sleep in for the next couple of months even! He's been up in Auckland, able to sleep in every other weekend, and me? Havn't had a decent lie in for months. I am TIRED people.... damn tired.

AND GRUMPY.... stressed out .... annoyed with Steve.... annoyed with the dog... HELL I'm annoyed with everything right now. I do believe it's because the move is so close and there seems to be so much still to do....

Can I just curl up in a corner and pretend it's not happening for a few hours? Please. (this is from a woman who had been hanging out to move for 9 months!).... derrrrr.

*SIGH*... ranting over.... let's see what today has in store:
- guess????
- yep, kids to school
- pop into town to pick up new Slow Cooker (it was free from Fly Buys)

Dat's about it! Maybe I'll have a lovely long soak in the bath to help de-stress myself? I'm sure Stew doesn't want to come home to a stressed out crabby wife! Any other good ideas to help me de-stress????
LAURA: funny woman ha ha ha!

Dinner... in the nice new crock pot... corned beef and spuds....Stew will love it! My Aunt has him on a diet up there in Auckland... I don't think he's seen a spud in a while! LOL (spud = potatoe)

BTW: Steve is STILL here.... trying to get that boy outta my house is even WORSE than when I was getting him outta me womb, and that's saying something, cos he was 10 pound 12 ounces at birth! And no C-section for me, OH NO, I had to push that bugger out! Kinda what I'm trying to do right now! ha ha ha.

YUMMMMM, me house smells so nice... dinner is simmering away, I'm off to have a nice hot bath and shave me legs... might try the suggestion for de-stressing LATER... a couple of Bacardi and Diet Cokes and NOOKY! LOL

End of Day: hubby home, I'm bathed and shaved (everything!)... hee hee hee.... looking forward to some 'alone' time with me man! Don't even think I need the grog... am ready to GO! *evil little snigger* ....

NSV: does getting rid of excess hair count in weight loss? I reckon! nite nite.


  1. I'm a stress case over here, too. I'm blaming it on PMS and other shit work related and I'd bet money it's a full damn moon. I say destress with some ipod therapy and a glass of wine. All I know is that I have to put down the Haagen Daaz for the love of shoes!!!!!

  2. sex honey sex and loads of it... hanging from the ceiling fan style sex ... did i mention sex... stew wont complain either i am sure LOL

  3. Sigh I tried Chris... Humm maybe ... naw shoot ok its the thought that counts! LOL

  4. I think the sleep in will cure all that ails you! You have been working hard and deserve to let someone else defronst the freezer!

    It sounds like you are organized even though you feel frazzled. I am sure it will all be fantastic and worth it once it is over!

    Think positively!

  5. I agree with is a good destress.

    Not long till moving - they do say that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences a person can have - and uprooting your whole family is a lot more stressful. But you will be in a better place soon, and with Stew again!!

    My thoughts are with you everyday, hoping that everything will run smoothly.

    Take care, and ENJOY your sleep in tomorrow!!

  6. It must be going around....I am in super stress mode! I say have a stiff cocktail!

  7. I cannot, cannot, cannot.... cook anything in the crock pot! I have two recipe books and have tried everything but nothing turns out tender or lovely. I'm about to chuck the thing out! Maybe I could learn something from you :)

  8. Yes, I've been a bit stressed here as well. There are a pile of boxes in the back bedroom still to be sorted through and repacked. Been doing much of that nyself, as the quaote I've been getting are outrageous!!

    Then there is school. This year's kindy class are abnoxious little S***S !!

    Plus it is soooo hot here...

    Oohhhh ...corn beef, potatoes and cabbage ...yummmm. I miss the type of corn beef we get in NZ. The corned beef is okay here, but not he nice big thick chunks of corned silverside that I'm used to...

  9. Loads of alcohol and even more SEX ...that'll fix you!

  10. no stress here, im all cruisy and destressed, lovin it!

    definatly give hubby a workout;o)

  11. Over here, it's my wife's turn to wake up at dawn with the youngest child. She prefers mommy so I get to sleep to a more reasonable hour.

  12. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Hey you guys
    All the best for the big move next week. It's finally happening. I can't get online at the flat but will catch up with you when I can. I'm so glad you'll finally be settled and together again. But I am gonna miss your visits Chris although don't think I'll be there for at least 6 weeks now. Carry on the quilting and please keep in touch. Big hugs KJ

  13. oh yum thst looks so good havent had corned beef in soooo long,

    um year good stress releif a nice alcholic drink and SEX, lots and lots of SEX. NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY

    Daughter #3

  14. Steve needs to get a place and fast!! Aaarg! Is he thinking the magic moving fairy is going to visit him or something? Or is he waiting for the packers to take his stuff, too? ;]

  15. Chris - sounds like a normal household - stress and people.... They go hand-in-hand! I love the suggestions - sex always works... Exercise... My wife SHOPS (like a crazy woman) and then feels better - for at least 20 minutes! I think she may single-handedly keep the US economy afloat!!!!!


    Jerry in Tampa

  16. That part about trying to get your son out of your womb and your house is great! You are so funny! :D

    Now I'm craving corned beef.

  17. Hope you got plenty of de-stessing with Stew. Enjoy your weekend.

    Good luck to getting rid of that boy. They all seemed to be wired the same. Perhaps when he sees his stuff sitting on the curb, he'll finally get a move on.

  18. god, i love stuff cooked in a crock pot.. i havent had any in so long.. whens dinner? :)

  19. Oh yea Chris, sex is definitely the way to go for de-stressing! Not sure about hanging from the ceiling fan like Peach, but a good romp in the hay never hurt anyone!


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