Thursday, August 07, 2008

I NEED A NEW FOOT...... 23 sleeps...

For me sewing machine of course....

It's a special "walking foot" especially for quilting... and once I have one I can finally get to the 'quilting' part of Griffin's quilt. Gawd this quilt is taking FOREVER to get done... but I reckon it will be worth it when it's finished! A totally individual one of a kind quilt.

Of course, once it's finished I will have to start on one for Brylee... in pinks, lilacs and white I suppose.... her favourite colours. But first... I think we shall move house! LOL


- kids to school

- go into town and buy new foot, go to Patchwork Shop and get instructions on how to do the quilting.

- home to do some more housework I suppose.... can't do much more de-cluttering without Stew here now 'cos it involves lifting stuff and I ain't doing that!

No way do I want to aggrivate me belly and end up in hospital again! So... I await the return of THE MAN.. ha ha ha.

The poor bugger, if he knew how much he had to do he'd stay up there in Auckland! And he ain't even going to get 'lucky' either! OOOO I'm evil.

WHOOPS, I got sidetracked... and decided to put some 'decoration' on the kids uniform Cargo Pants... these pants have nothing to distinguish them from one kids or another's ... so I kinda put some 'gardens' on them... WELL they ARE going to The Garden's School eh?

At least now you will be able to tell they are OUR KIDS pants ... I put this on the hem of the trousers, so not too obvious. ONWARD...
LYNDA: yes, I put the 'garden' on Griffin's pants too... he is only 6 and loves everthing his Mum does! I doubt he will get teased either, it's not that obvious... and if he does he sure can stand up for himself that boy!
I have been pacing myself.. all is good... I had a two hour nap after lunch, then picked up the kids from school... took puppy for a 30 minute walk and now.... chillin' till dinnertime! Then after dinner I am going to try the quilting foot....
End of Day: warning to anyone who buys double sided iron on padding for quilting... the bloody stuff does NOT stick.... and you end up having to iron it again and again and again.... I COULD SCREAM. I'm trying to stitch the layers together but they keep unsticking... GRRRRR...
NSV: been on track today... DIET COKE is giving me heartburn so have gone back to me Just Juice (Lite) with sparkling water. SADNESS. nite nite.


  1. i wouldnt know the first thing to do with a sewing machine...

  2. You are such a clever tart with your sewing!!

  3. You're totally going to hate me, but I've tagged you, heeeee! (You don't need to do it if you really don't want to.)

    And man, sewing machine - I am absolutely useless with anything to do with needles and threads. Oh well!

  4. you sure crack me up Chrs......just love your sense of humour :)

  5. Please tell me that you've only done the embroidery on Brylee's pants, not Griffins!! Not a boy thing and he'll get teased about it!!

  6. Ok I'll take your word for it that its not too noticable.. maybe practice some boy patterns for next time just to keep auntie Lynda happy :)

  7. Anonymous3:22 PM

    man woman can't you just sit down and rest for once,what part of you'r not fully out of danger dont you get,yea you have my two but they do go to school, we dont want you back in #2

  8. What a great idea with the uniforms, you are so clever :)

  9. LOL - I'm with Lynda - do a boyish pattern next time for Griffin.

    Good luck with the quilitng foot, looking foward to seeing the quilte - you are a clever tart:-)

  10. You know what I was thinking. 23 more sleeps till Akld and 25 more days till spring. Now how perfect is that. Spring is afterall new life, new beginnings and that's exactly what's happening for you.

    I'm also concerned that maybe you are overdoing things ....

  11. I've got one of those quilting foots and a whole lot of fat 1/4's. just got to get my a into g and make a quilt!!!

    Just catching up on all the blogs I read. been quite an interesting few days. Getting back into the swing of school, which has been exausting. On top of that, my neighbour took a tumble down her front steps and shattered her tib & fib. She now has steel rods in her leg. What with running back and forward to the hospital and now popping over to make sure that she hasn't done anything stupid, now that she's home....I'm really tired. She's a really stubborn old biddy .. you should have seen me and the EMT trying to get her into the house today. Sheeesh!

    Awwww ... young Teddy looks so cute :-)

  12. Oh cool love the garden mum you are so cleaver.

    Cant wait o c the finished result nd to c you start b's Quilt.

    Daughter #3

  13. cool stitching! hope you have a great sleep... nap time here for me :)


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