Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yesterday sucked... BIG TIME... so today will be better!


Hopefully today Steve will move into a new flat, he will not have to sleep in his car. My heart broke when I found out he was doing that. No mother wants to think of her kid doing that.

We have quite a bit to do today... all the last minute things before the packers arrive tomorrow at 8.30 in the morning. I must pack our bags ready for the move to the motel too....

I hope I can get through today without crying.... I did a lot of that yesterday... IT IS NOT A GOOD LOOK... puffy eyes and red face... I hate crying.

I want to feel excited about the move ...... PLEASE. I keep looking at photos of the new house.... trying to imagine living there... it isn't working yet.... too much other 'stuff' getting in the way.... And Stew flies back to Auckland tonight. That might be hard... but then again, he will be back on Wednesday and then we will all be going to Auckland and will be together again. THAT WILL BE SO GOOD. SO GOT TO BE POSITIVE...ONWARD....

This is parts of my backyard:

And THIS is Teddy after he's been outside for toilets:

FUN EH? Tomorrow he goes to kennels, one less thing to worry about.

Remember that dear wee pot the Real Estate Agent gave to me?

Well I found some artificial grasses and lavender to put in it.. doesn't it look ever so pretty??? I'm hoping to find just the most perfect place for it in our new home.

Woo HOooo, I'm a spoilt tart! Janene just rang to invite the kids and I to dinner tonight! Neat, another meal I won't have to worry about..... or dishes! ONWARD....

FINALLY, Steve is in a new flat... so I can relax and stop worrying about him. Off to the airport shortly to drop off Stew for the LAST TIME.... then dinner with Janene and Jorja.... then home to do a few last minute things.

End of Day: had a lovely dinner at Janene's, even got to help cook it... AND we had ice cream and chocolate sauce... so yum! Stew is probably back in Auckland by now.. no doubt will hear from him later this evening. Kids in bed, Steve safely in new flat.. all is good again. So quiet in my house tonight! BLISS BLISS BLISS.

NSV: eeerrrrr none! But look out once I get to Auckland and can start walking again and concentrating on my weight! I am going to get back into the bloody 70's if it kills me! nite nite.


  1. Change is HARD but Change is good~ I am thinking that this change will be so wonderful for you once all the worries of getting everything and everyone moved... I bet at this point it is very freakin overwhelming!!

  2. Got any of that stew left??? Can you send it over???


    Jerry in Tampa

  3. omg ...even wet and muddy he is ADORABLE! I never thought I would say that about a dog, but he truly is precious!

  4. Chris, you will have a fantastic life in your new house - trust me. Stew home every night, less to clean (it's smaller, yeah?), only two kids in the house, a new town to explore, new friends to meet - fantastic times.

    You have had a hard time in the last couple of months being a part time single parent (with Stew away) and now you only have a matte of DAYS until that changes.

    ((((((((HHHHUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSS)))))) (and you know I'm not the hugging type!)

    Thanks for all your comments, too.

  5. It'll be ok, what's going on with your blood sugars? Are you checking them? Soory not getting on your case really just wondering. sorry about the kid in the car. But just think when he gets sick of it that means gettinga job and a place of his own!!! It won't hurt him. Maybe he's trying to work you over so you'll let him stay? Maybe? Just a thought.

  6. Oh poor teddy...
    Oh yuk to the swimming pool in your back yard...
    Big hugs to you Chris...
    Remember..its all good!!!
    You will love your new home.. a new start for everything...
    And who knows.. I may even get over there for a visit...
    I am working on it...

  7. LOL you have to give Teddy a bath everytime he goes out to pee?

  8. hey Chris, big hugs to you...moving is hard, change is hard...but I am sure you will be smiling soon as you are settled in to your new home...not long now!

  9. Don't forget: moving is right up there on the list of most stressful things to do, go give yourself a bloody break! Things will happen and you will deal with them as best you can at the time, and that is all you can ask of yourself.

    I know you might like to wrap a beachtowel around you shoulders and pretend you're superwoman, but even she would stuggle with moving house, getting S to move out, looking after B&G (the latter of which looks sooo cute on the TV unit!), coordinating Teddy's and you motel stays, saying 'see you later' to your good friends etc etc. The latter is especially draining, I find. This has been such a prolonged process it's no wonder you're bloody stressed! Once you get to Auckland things will be about getting yourself settled, and will feel much more positive and productive than the un-doing that you're doing now.

    So, take it easy and be kind to yourself. If you feel like having a cry, who cares?? Jeeze, after thinking through all that now even I feel a bit anxious, LOL.

  10. Glad to hear Steve has found a flat.

    I love what you did to the pot, it looks fantastic.

    I think things will settle down for you mate, once you have moved, it's such a big thing to do.

    Take care

  11. It's never without dramas - moving that is - I've done enough of it - so fully sympathasise. And when you're a bit of control freak as both you and I are - it's twice as bad- but it's all coming together beautifully for you and I'm so pleased for you - it will be awesome to start a new adventure with Stew by your side in Auckland! Go baby go Love Z xx

  12. I am so glad that everything is starting to click into place and I'm so glad you had a great day...

  13. OH!! My heart just dropped in my stomach reading Steve was sleeping in his car. Oh, Chris, what you've been through! Many prayers, hon!!

  14. Wow finally the time is here, well nearly and glad the boy has a flat will make things more enjoyable. Time to get excited now :-). Have a great day.

  15. That's hard to think of Steve sleeping in his car. Hopefully this flat doesn't fall through.

    Poor Teddy looks so woebegone :-)

    I think that once you are in Auckland with Stew, things will be so much better. Making changes is often hard, but I have the feeling that this will be a really good, positive change for you...

    Think of all the shopping in Auckland !!!! :-) i used to live there, years and years ago and it was super than. It can only have got better!!! ;-)

  16. I can tell how busy you are by the way you write. Yikes.

  17. The packers sound like our repair people. Sometimes they make us wait all day and then call us to tell them they're not coming that day.


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