Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NO TITLE TODAY.... 25 sleeps to go.

- kids to school
- do me room
- lunch
- meet couple of girlfriends for post lunch coffee (in my case probably a hot chocolate drink)....

Don't go getting excited eh.... my day is going to be RIVETING I'm sure!

How can it fail to be? I am de-cluttering, so much fun. later.... and here's hoping it get more interesting!

OOO I forgot! Teddy is getting a haircut today, and having a bath and getting his nails clipped! How much fun is that??? He will probably HATE IT... but it has to be done, he's getting really 'daggy' around his backside... it's yukky! Hmmm, wonder if I can get a photo of THAT! lol

BLOGGER is being an arse... I cannot upload photso right now, dunno why. So photos of Teddy being groomed will have to wait... it went well, Well I thought so! Teddy on the other hand DID NOT think much of it all! ha ha ha.

I am feeling fantastic this morning too... so far today I have done all the bathrooms, cleaned out all their cupboards and drawers, wiped everything out... so happy ... oh and I did the laundry too!

Before his bath...
In the bath.... he did not like it!

OH MY GOD... how gorgeous is he??? I have NEVER seen his face so well before....

Lunch with Anne and Jenny was wonderful, so nice to unwind after a busy morning....

After whining about his tooth being wiggly for over a week...

The bloody thing literally fell out all on it's own. NOW he can eat his dinner without complaining, THANK GOD.

Now I just have to remember to make sure the TOOTH FAIRY visits tonight....
End of Day: a neat day, got lots done, saw some friends, and the tooth fairy has already been so no dramas tomorrow! I have been busy tonight too, I just cut out the material for the back of Griffin's quilt... will sew it tomorrow. It's just blue and red stripes.... it's not like you are going to see it much, it is afterall the BACK.
NSV: been eating heaps! Dunno why, but my appetite is raging at the moment. nite nite.


  1. Yep...decluttering, such a fumn job ..NOT!!!

    I'm reading the first book in the 'Twilight' series. However it seems to have gone walkabout. Not sure if i accidently packed it in a box of books I just packed or if it's sitting under the huge pile of clothes that I'm sorting thru...sighhhh

  2. lol! poor teddy, you'll have to post a pic of his new 'do'

  3. Teddy will get used to it soon enough - my pups go for their appt every 8 weeks and they actually look forward to it now! Have fun decluttering :-)

  4. you certainly have been a busy bee!! Sounds like finally moving is going to do wonders for you.

    Happy decluttering.

  5. You're on a roll Chris. Such a good feeling to declutter.

    I must say, you have got me motivated to go through lots of piles of clothes and list them on ebay.

    Look forward to seeing some photos of Teddy after his pampering session.

  6. Thanks for the company at lunch :) Was great to catch up. Teddy looks gorgeous. I know Tarsha always looks really good after a bath & clip and yes they do get used to it.
    Your de cluttering sounds like like it is going really well. We plan to do a major one after our holiday LOL

  7. Oh wow what a pretty little thing isint he (the dog i mean)

    Oh my god what a gap!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You not he only one who is counting down the days that you move to aucks I CANT WAIT!!

    Daughter #3

  8. Wow what a difference in teddy's appearance. He is such a cute little boy especially after a bath. Now I wonder how long he will stay like that.

    Hope the tooth fairy is generous tonight. LOL...

  9. Griffin looks cute minus the tooth!!!! I love kids with that gummy look. Our grandson is almost 8 and still has the baby teeth.

    Really enjoyed the catch up today with you and Jenny. Will miss you when you go to Auckland:-(

  10. I don't miss the tooth fairy days. I remember waking up in a panic early one morning because the tooth fairy had been to a party the night before and had forgotten to visit!

    At least after your 25 sleeps you will be moving to your new place. We still have too many to count before we can move into our new place. But at least we will be living in a nice place in the interim.

    And I can relate to Karen ... I have lost a box of stuff that I'm SURE I left on the bed. I think husband may have packed it away and it's now in storage!!

  11. Heyyyyy that Teddy is sure one cute little puppy....but Griffin even minus tooth is cute too !!

  12. Teddy looks fabulous with his new hair-do! Yayyyy for the lost tooth ...kids look so cute with missing front teeth! I hope the tooth fairy was generous!

  13. that dog is precious! and so it the little one :)

  14. I think my oldest looked funny when she started losing her teeth. I'm sure she'll think the same thing when I get old and lose my teeth.

  15. Lost teeth have been going on a lot here also. Must be something in the air.

    You're a busy lady!


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