Sunday, August 03, 2008

FRIGGIN RAIN.... SLEPT IN... and 27 sleeps to go.

I'm in bed still (8am)... it's been raining all night and I'm bloody sick of it....
The kids are being idiots and the puppy is yapping and wants to be let out....

When oh when am I going to get a darn sleep in .... IN PEACE???

Steve went out last night, he hasn't come home yet, which means he will sleep all day again.... useless boy.

I don't WANT to get up.... it is going to be another friggin long day of kids, housework and boredom.
Can you tell I am in a shitty mood? Stew is in Hamilton.... bet he's having a better day than me, in fact I bet the shit is sleeping in least he will be happy, the All Blacks won the rugby game last night.

So, I suppose I better stop bitching and get outta bed.... maybe the day will get better ?

Steve finally got home mid morning, so I promptly left him to watch the kids and went into town to get some stuff I needed, visited me girlfriend Chris D.... and came home.
Now he's in bed... so I suppose decluttering is down to me again...

It is blowing a gale here today, not nice at all....

Ok, something totally random... I am LOVING these two songs at the moment!

And of course, virtually EVERY song by Jordin Sparks!
Right... onward, gotta think about getting dinner... yikes, just remembered, I have a really lovely beef stew on in the Crock Pot (slow cooker).... neat, that's done then.

End of Day: it was as dismal as I thought it would be.... I am so over all this rain we are having, it drags you down.

NSV: I have my appetite back with a vengence... or maybe I'm just bored? nite nite.


  1. cheer up darl,
    lets look at the positive side of things. Firstly there is the fact that you can now actually count down the days until you move. You have waited sooooooo long for this to happen and its only a few weeks before you relocate, which brings me to point number two.
    It won't be long and I can take a drive up to Akl and take you out for that lunch I promised.
    Don't worry about Steve, he's just doing what young people do at his age, as long as he's safe and not doing anything that is detrimental to himself then try not to let the sleeping in bug you to much.
    (I can understand though as it is tuff when its in your house. I used to have a flatmate like Steve and it bugged the heck out of me, FORTUNATELY he wasn't my child so I could move. lol

  2. I'm sorry you're having a bad day... just remember HOLY CRAP!! YOUR BLOG SAYS IT'S ALREADY SUNDAY BUT IT'S STILL SATURDAY!!! How did that happen??

    (heh heh heh funny American)

  3. love the kids pics( previous post) Hope you have a great day... I wish we could get some rain here... I love sleeping in the rains!
    HUGS Laura

  4. Yep sounds like the day from hell, No sleep in, raining, dog yapping and kids making lots of noise.

    Well sounds like my day up at 7.30to feed rena, (that bit i dnt mind) back 2 bed to snuggle with hubbie, back up at 9.30 (rena crying) play with her till 10, put her back to bed for a nap then up at 11.30 for feed.
    Watch tv for while then put rena back to bed at 1pm.

    Go to bunnigns to buy padlock and get a phone call from me dad Hes in hams visiting friends and he wants to visit, YA!!!!!!!!
    Sowent home again, had a yack with him for a while took photos and then he left.

    made dinner then gordy left for work, now im waiting till 7.30 to feed rena her last meal for the night.

    well thats my day .

    Daughter #3

  5. Sorry do you have aunty lorris address or email plz.

    Daughter #3

  6. Mmmmm ....beef stew in the crock pot! I use my crock pot all the time in the winter ...I just bought 2 new cookbooks that are only crock pot recipes and I can't wait to try some of them!
    Sending some of our hot, steamy weather your way!

  7. Sorry to hear you had such a bad day I can only hope that tomorrow is a better one for you. Take Care.

  8. Tell me how I'm supposed to live with no air....

    Yep, it is running through my house too!

    We have had the privilege of knowing Jordin Sparks and her family for at least 10 years now...and they are great people.

    Jordin is really grounded and very sweet. She has held some of my babies at church and we have scrapbooked together at her home...listening to her belt out all kinds of songs non-stop around her house.

    It is a real gift the kind of musical talent that she has and it is a credit to her parents support that she is where she is...of course all glory to God!

    You should hear her rock the church!

    Sorry...didn't mean to sound like a name dropper! :) I am just proud of her and I love her family.

    And I think I like you even more for liking her music! LOL

    The Maid

  9. Days like that are the worst huh? But at least it puts you one day closer to the move, not that you're counting down or anything ;-)

  10. My day is starting off rotten too. Been up all night listening to a neighbors barking dog. It's one thing when it's your own dog and you have the control, it's another to lie in bed and listen to a dog yapping from a couple of houses away, knowing there is nothing you can do about it. UGH!

    At least the sun is getting ready to come up here...that's one bright point, right? Hang in there, hope your rain goes away soon!

  11. You poor possum. What a rotten Sunday. But one less before you move, eh? Soon you will be able to play "this is the last .... in this house". And that has to be good.

  12. Somebody needs a warm hug and a happy smile (He's says in a sickly sweet kind of way.)

    I hope that the next day goes better for ya! When's the beef stew on?

  13. I'm sorry you're having a rough day, love. :( YAY for counting the days until you move though!!!!!
    I love Jordin Sparks, too. She has such a gorgeous voice!

  14. It's a good thing you don't live here in Portland, Oregon. It rains nine months out of the year.


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