Monday, August 18, 2008

WOOO HOOOOO..... ( 12 sleeps to go)

Last night... Steve actually left the house to live somewhere else! So happy... now I can stop stressing about him being here.... wooo hoooo.

-kids to school.
- into town to do a few jobs.
- ring around power company, telecom, SKY etc to arrange final readings here and reconnections in new house.
- finish washing windowsills and worst windows.
- get washing out... did lots of sheets yesterday. ... dumb really cos they are never going to dry in this weather!

That's it for now.... the Moving Company arrives in a week to start the packing! Gawd it's getting close..... I am really, really starting to feel excited now... got flutterings in me tummy even!

OH WOW! It's fine out there, we have blue sky, sunshine.... and a frost! Ok ya can't have everything.... but it's NOT raining ..... right now.. might have to take a photo so I don't forget what the sun looks like! lol

DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT.... Steve didn't leave last night, he's upstairs asleep.... the little shit. Maybe tonight he will sleep somewhere else!

I went to town to buy LIGHTBULBS... I swear I did! But... I AM EVIL... and went into one of my favourite shops JUST to look... and OH HELL.... saw these and JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM...

They were just too beautiful to leave in the shop, and I HAVE THE PERFECT PLACE FOR THEM in our new home.... *hanging head in shame*

So I text'd Stew and told him not to be mad with me, cos I was spending more money yet AGAIN... and his response???
"I'm not mad Darling if you like and want it that's fine. Happy to still have my wife in my life. I love you".
I almost cried right there and then..... my love for that man grows every day! And NOT cos he let's me spend all our money either! He is my EVERYTHING.
Ummmmm.... I forgot the lightbulbs too.......derrrrr.
Well a fairly quiet afternoon.... even fell asleep for a few moments!
End of Day: I lovely day, it stayed fine all day, though it was VERY cold... lots of snow somewhere!
NSV: Does shivering use up calories, cos if it does I used up a few! nite nite.


  1. Wow it is all happening for you now, am so pleased :-)

  2. YEAH! Steve is out on his own! I am glad that you no longer have that to worry about! Now you can concentrate on the moving and being with Stew!

  3. Good luck with getting him out of the house!

    Glad your weather is nice. There is a hurricane headed my way and supposed to make landfall in my city at 2am Tuesday! YIKES!!

  4. Sun is shining here in Tassie... but yes we have frost and snow on the mountains... I have just had two good days out on the motorbike with Mark and friends... Now back to work..*sigh*

  5. How sweet is that??? They don't make 'em like that anymore! Men like him are few-and-far-between...

  6. just love your new purchases chris and you have a one in a million hubby almost made me cry too lol
    steve leave the building now !!! lol
    have a good day

  7. Anonymous12:30 PM

    You forgot the light bulbs! Oh did that make me laugh! You are too funny. Your husband is a doll.

    Thank you for crossing everything for my brother. He is going to live and he's not paralyzed... but he's got a really tough road ahead. He's having very short moments where he gains consciousness before he goes back under.

  8. Oh they are nice. Well you can say that you didnt cry but i did when i read that but hey we are lucky to still have our mother in our lives aye.

    Daughter #3

  9. Oh your Stew sounds sooooo much like my Stu!!

  10. LOL What a guy!

    I hope it works well for Steve!! GL to him!

  11. Oh man, Stew is making me look bad. I'm going to have a talk with him.

  12. could we work on Cory coming to stay with Steve... I am going through hell trying to get him pillows! and AWWWWWW that man of yours nearly made ME cry!
    HUGS Laura

  13. Hope Steve leaves sooner rather than later.

    I so love your new purchases and WOW what a hubby. His response was so lovely now if only mine would be so lovely... LOL.......

  14. Anonymous8:13 PM

    awwwwwwwww how sweet is your man!!!!! Sounds like you're doing so well with the packing & house cleaning - up to the windowsils already! Yeharrrrr

  15. Cool pillows mum yo sure have a eye for design.

    Daughter #3

  16. LOL @ Steve! He's harder to get rid of than a bad case of the flu! I so hope he moves out soon so you have one less thing to worry about.

    And what a lucky tart you are to have such a special man in your life - no wonder you're counting down the days until your move.

  17. Those r gorgeous! Have a great day!

  18. The big moves not far away now. Don't envy you having to pack up the house. my DS has plans to move as well. Can't wait to get my house back, still have guests till the end of this month. Glad to see you are feeling well. Will catch up on the blog in the days to come.

  19. YES WE CAN DEFINATELY GO WALKIN TOGETHER CHICKEY!!! Really looking forward to catching up again!

    Yes I still have the same mobile number although my charger has gone AWOL the last couple of days but should find it soon (hopefully! lol)

    I am possibly thinking about getting a new prepaid mobile but if I do I'll txt u the new number, so until you hear from me I'll be on the same number you have.

    Yay, can't wait!!!

  20. Your husband is a real gem! What a sweetheart!

    I can't believe Steve is still with you! Yikes! Doesn't he have a friend with a couch? He could spends some time on the floor even.

    My only advice for the moving company - make sure they don't pack your garbage. I had a friend who moved and they very neatly packed up a bag of her garbage and it sat in her new home and smelled for almost a week before they could locate it! Crazy packers! I think they do it just for fun!


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