Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A funny story from yesterday:
Tama (the packer) puts the big sheepskin from the lounge in a box...
Steve says "Guess what my parents do on that Sheepskin?"
Tama... FREAKS OUT.... "You have got to be kidding?"

Ahhh, NAH, it's true! *evil snigger*.... now when I want to freak him out all I have to say is "SHEEPSKIN"..... and I've told his workmates too... he reckons they will all go around saying 'baaaa baaa' when they see him .... heeee hee he.

- kids to school
- let packer in
- Hospital appointment (more darn blood tests)

BELOW: the contents of my kitchen cupboards are in these boxes...

ABOVE: Just some of the lounge stuff done.... would you believe that every box and item wrapped etc has a numbered lable allocated and stuck to it, and it is ALL inventoried... and they have 720 lables for all our 'stuff' ! A 'normal' household has 30 cubic metres of stuff... and we have approx 100 cubic metres of stuff ! (and that's not counting the extra furniture, TV, Fridge/freezer etc we bought recently!) YIKES.

LYNDA: I already had the big clean out!!!! ha ha ha.

For Karen, a kiwi chick living in the States: She's entered a recipe contest, is in the semi-finals even.. and needs OUR VOTES!!! Go to : http://sitsgirlsrecipes.blogspot.com/2008/08/semii-finalists.html Thanks so much! Her recipe is 'Potatoe Bake'.

WOOO HOO, Tama turned up bright and early today with....more blokes to help! Yaaaa, it will get done on time!
Ahhh Men working..... Tama is the dude under the light fitting.... (I have their permission to publish their photos)....
Hospital... yakkity yak to the Haematologists..... down to med lab for blood tests (4 vials full)... half way home I get a phone call... "oh Mrs H, we are so sorry but the lab Technician forgot to take the 5th vial of blood, we need you to come back" LIKE HELL!!! Maybe tomorrow I will go back! I HATE NEEDLES .... could have cried.... actually feel like crying still. BUGGER IT.
Stew has come down with tonsilitis.... on antibiotics.... hopefully he will feel well enough to come down tomorrow... if not I hope he stays in bed and waits.
All is going really well with the pack... and yes, they will be unpacking the majority of stuff when we get to Auckland too....
End of Day: I'm knackered! Nothing to sit on!
NSV: Fish 'N' chips on the floor for dinner, that was so nice! yum yum. nite nite.


  1. I was soooo tempted to leave everything in it's box as everything was sooooo tidy.

    Come to think of it, I still have a few boxes in the garage. I know what's in them and have no intention of unpacking them ever, although I may donate them. Fortunately they don't house a sheepskin!

  2. Must be exciting though now - god looking at those boxes has made me restless I want to move...... aaaarrrggggghhhhh... LOL.

    Have a good day :-)

  3. Struth!!! 100 cubic metres of stuff? What does that tell you. Where on earth are you going to put that in the new home? Time to get rid of some stuff. I actually hate having too much "stuff" and find I get quite agitated by it. I'm always having a clean out!

  4. Poor Tama. He'll never be able to look at a sheepskin, in the same way again :-)

    Yayyyy... only 4 more sleeps to go. It's getting closer!!! ;-)

  5. Sounds like fun...NOT!!!

  6. Ooooh CUTE men working! More, please!

  7. WOW it is really happening now...
    The sheepskin comment had me laughing...
    Oh the joys of moving, I hate moving but at least you don't have to pack and unpack all your stuff..
    All the best with your blood tests.

  8. I would like to know where these 'normal' people live. I filled a 62 cubic truck when I moved and that didn't include the spa pool, or outside play stuff (trampoline, playhouse, bbq, outdoor furniture, Evianahs motorbike etc etc etc)
    I was also told that 'normal' people easily fit EVERYTHING in a 62cube including outdoor stuff and contents of garden shed.
    I have enough furniture for a four bedroom house and certainly don't have an overly cluttered house so I don't know how 'normal' people can have so much less.

    Oh that blood testing mix up sux. I would also had having to go back for more jabs.

    Gosh I can't believe your nearly ready to move, its finally happening and I'm so happy for you that you will soon be together again as a family. You have waited far to long for all those yummy morning Latte's Stew used to make and bring you in bed.

  9. Have you been a baaaaad girl?

    I think since the phlebotomist forgot to take a tube, you should get to poke her.

    I've got stuff on my stuff. It has gotten impossible to clean and I don't know where to start.

  10. Ahhh ... some manly men there :-)

    Thanks for putting up the bit about the contest, i really appreciate it :-)

    That sucks bigtime abou the blood. How could they forget FIVE VIALS ????

    And what do they need 9 vials for?? They never used to takethat much when i had to go in to check the levels of warfrin in my blood..

  11. ROFL over Tama and the sheepskin!

  12. That is just mean making you come back for more blood!

    Do the packers un pack too or do you get that honor?

  13. Oh you are lucky...packing and unpacking!!! I certainly envy that..

    Must be getting really exciting now!!!


  14. Oh, you are so evil! And very organized.

  15. Not Long Now!!

    I would LOVE to have someone pack up my house for meat the next move. I love unpacking but HATE packing with a passion.

  16. man, i remember the days of living out of boxes! i hated it!

  17. Thank god someone other than you gets to fill thoses boxes. It's all so exhausting in both physical and mental sense. Looks like they will be done on time.

    Have a safe move. All the best in your new place.

  18. haaaaaaaa. Sheepskin. ew. But, HAAAAAAA!! I love it. Good luck moving girly!!

  19. 100 cubic metres? And that's AFTER you decluttered - geez, i'd hate to see what you were taking if you didn't declutter :-)


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