Monday, September 01, 2008

TODAY IS THE DAY..... and off to school they go!

Today we officially own our new home... probably late this afternoon.... I am sooooo excited! How can I make this day go faster????

AND... Brylee and Griffin start at their new school this morning too.... how exciting for them too. Well, my fingers are crossed that we don't have any problems! When Griffin started Kindy and school he vomitted every morning for MONTHS... and screamed and cried.... hell I hope he doesn't do that! He is such a little "homebody"... and likes his routines....
I am expecting both of them to cry a bit though... the poor little buggers don't know anyone at this school! Scary stuff for a little kid.
Stew and I are planning on devoting the bulk of today to settling them into school....
No other plans till we get the keys to the house.

So, that's our day planned... cross ya fingers everything goes as expected, and the kids have an awesome first day at The Gardens School. later....

- 8.30 am... went down to the uniform shop to get last of kids school uniform

- 8.45 am.... kids to their new classes...BOTH cried... but then settled and were FINE!!! We hung around for about 20 minutes then left!

- 9 am to 12 noon.... went to shopping centre and had morning tea, then we went to local Medical Centre to enrol and line up a new Family Doctor.

12 - 2.30 pm... chilled out at Aunty and Uncle's home

2.45 pm... picked up the kids, who had a wonderful day and were very happy. (Thank God)

3.15 pm... WE PICKED UP THE KEYS TO OUR NEW HOME! Wooooo hoooo.... everything went smoothly with no problems whatsoever.

3.30 pm to 5 pm... we were in our NEW HOME.... just wandering around getting aquainted.... what switches turned on what lights, how the alarm worked etc. IT WAS SO NEAT.

We are now back our Aunt's home... tomorrow will be a BIG day... the first container will arrive in the morning and will be unloaded, then another container will arrive on Wednesday and the third one on Thursday.

ALSO on Wednesday night VERY late my Mum is arriving from Australia to visit... HELL I hope I've found a bed for her by then! LOL.

End of Day: how many times can I say 'AWESOME'? I am so happy you can't wipe the smile of me dial! YIPEE to being happy.
NSV: I was craving cheesecake, I ate Cheesecake, I'm bloody happy. So there! nite nite.


  1. Am so pleased for you that it is finally here.... And you are right once you are settled that weight will shift.

    Have an awesome day in your new place :-)

  2. Here's hoping for a great day. You altered their uniforms so cute. Once they make a few friends in their area it should be much easier. Hugs to them!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for both. New class = number one scary. Dotting 'i's on contracts also scary.

  4. Ohhh how scarey for the kids... lets hope thy fit right in and make besties straight away...
    When does your furniture arrive?
    Hope the house is left sparkling clean and there are no dramas with the keys etc...
    Think of me while I am slaving away at work...

  5. Hope all goes smoothly for your little ones. Teachers are very good at ensuring that new kids are 'looked after' by their peers, and it's a nice way for the kids to be introduced to their new surroundings. Happy to read that you are finally about to walk into your new house. It is going to be another exciting week for you as you set up and make the new house into your home!

  6. WoooooHoooooo!!!! that is awesome!!!! I hope you have a great day and the kids go well at their new school!!!!!!

  7. see we brought out the sun to welcome you home. :)

  8. Hope they coped ok - I don't imagine there's anything more scarier for kids of their ages.

  9. Congrats on the end of the wait, how very exciting!!! Keep up posted on how the kids settle in. A new school is always scary, but they'll have lots of freinds in no time :o)

  10. Fingers crossed that today goes well. Congratulations on this new home...

  11. Hope today goes well. Lots going on for you with the new house takeover and the kids starting a new school.

  12. Hope everything goes just perfectly for you guys!
    Hope school is wonderful & they make lots & lots of new friends today!

  13. wooooooo!!!!!! YAY! 8)

  14. Chris you sound so happy congrats mate , I am so glad the kids had agreat first day. Have fun unpacking , congrats again jillxx

  15. Welcome to Auckland! I am so happy you all get to be a family again, no wonder the kids were happy with the new school. Now to unpack three containers. Please remember you don't have to fit it all in the new house!!

  16. Cool i cant wait to c the new house in person, on sunday.

    you must b so happy.

    daughter #3

  17. Wonderful news!!
    And hope all goes well for the kids new school.

  18. So glad everything went well with the kids today.

    All's in place. Everything will go like clockwork tomorrow. How exciting.

    And you will have a bed for your mum.

    Big hugs mate. Thinking of you.

  19. Anonymous9:47 PM


    Well girl, I am SO GLAD you are in there and loving it! Well...not unpacked yet but you know what I mean! The crap of the past few months will evaporate from your mind!


  20. Anonymous10:09 PM

    WOW I am so happy for you, that is fantastic. You sound so excited and happy. Brilliant!!!!! Looking forward to pics XCathy

  21. awwwwwwwwwwww its soo great how you're all together, happy and EXCITED!!

    yay for you guys!!!!

  22. Glad that the move went well. Have fun in your new home!

  23. Congratulations, that's great news about the kids settling into school and the house settling without drama's. A few less things you now have to stress about.

  24. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I'm so glad you're there! Good luck with the moving in!

    You'll have a sock monkey friend on your doorstep soon.

  25. Anonymous4:41 AM

    I'm so happy for you!! Can't wait to hear about your new adventures :)

  26. wow... all go now aye!
    I had cheesecake for the last two nights.. blueberry one... yummoooo
    Scales creeping up for me....

  27. Glad everything went well for the kids. Hope it all goes smoothly again today.

  28. Oh Chris, it's lovely to hear you sounding so happy! It must be a real weight of your and Stew's minds to have equally happy kids.

    What flavour was the cheesecake? :o)

  29. I'm so glad you are all doing well at the new place.

  30. My girl would hate it if we moved. I mentioned once and she almost started crying. I think she likes the friends she has at school and don't want to start all over again.


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