Tuesday, July 25, 2023


I worked on the new little coffee tables on the weekend.  I bashed them with a hammer, drilled some holes in them and just made them a bit 'aged' looking.  I smacked all the corners in, so they were not a pointy hazard to little kids/babies.

 I wasn't sure how I was going to stain, paint or varnish them, but had a few ideas.

So, first of all, I put some diluted fence stain on them.

ABOVE:  I didn't like how they looked at all.  Just too bland, and too orange.

So my next step was paint, with a white washed effect.

ABOVE:  I didn't have much paint anymore, but what I did have was exactly what I wanted.  Lucky!

And after quite a bit of slap 'n' dash, I had them how I wanted them.  Aged looking.  

When Bex saw them she said "Yep, totally you".

ABOVE:  Before I did anything to them.

ABOVE:  After I did me thing.

They are pretty much exactly how I envisioned them.

We have two fish door knobs that Stew is going to put on the end of each one at some point too.

You bet I will show you once that is done!  lol

Today's plan is to make another of the Kiwiana Braid Runners.

The first one I made sold immediately, so I know another one is a good idea.  Maybe 2 before our next market?

I will continue making them until I am sick to death of them!  Then I will go back to making my other ranges of runners, a few more bowl cosys etc.

We have 12 markets between now and Christmas, so I want to have plenty of stock.

10.45 am:  It's been an excellent morning.  I got heaps of jobs done around the house.  I found the one and only electric blanket we have, for the front bedroom.  My cousin Deb is visiting us tomorrow and staying the night.  Better make sure she's warm!

I've had 'brunch', so feeling warm and full.

I got a call from Christchurch just now, it looks like I have managed to get the last 5 metres of that Kaffe Fassett fabric!  Excellent!!!  It should be here in a few days time.

Soon I will take myself off to the sewing room and start another runner.

ABOVE:  Now that I have 5 meters of this Kaffe Fassett fabric coming in the next few days, I could continue to make what I'd already cut out ready for sewing.

ABOVE:  I have sewn one small one to the point where I need the KF fabric, and I've just started another bigger one too.
Both will be finished once that KF fabric arrives.

Tomorrow I will probably start the Kiwiana one.

I'm stopping for the day now.  I just sliced me thumb open with the damn scissors.  NOT bad, but enough to sting and drip blood.  Can't have blood on me fabrics!
Hell no!

I'm going to WW this evening.  Just attending the meeting.  NO weigh.  My weight is steady, no change, and that's OK.  In a month or so I will jump back into 'loosing' mode.  But for now... I'm maintaining.  It good for one's mental health to know when to take a break.
I was obsessing about it, NOT GOOD.

7.26 pm:  The WW meeting was lovely tonight.  I'm finally feeling like part of the group.  It helps that two ladies are from the Cambridge WW group.
Cambridge WW is closed down now, so they come over to the meeting here.  

Home now, and snuggled up keeping warm, watching the telly, yakking with Stew.  Just the usual evening here.

Catch Ya Tomorrow


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Love the tables, very beachy! Omg 12 markets, you will be an even busier girl!

  2. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Cute tables, they match your rug colors. Ky Girl

    1. Better not replace the rug then!

  3. Somehow, I didn't think a tan stain was going to be the final look! I finally decided to google "rissoles" and see what you are making down there! So tonight I am making rissoles! Sounds yumm!

    1. I even got hubby to grate the veggies. heehee.

    2. Anonymous10:25 AM

      We started making them after Chris kept mentioning them also, family loves them.

    3. They were tasty! Will be making again for certain!

  4. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I love the tables in their "finished" form but have to say, I actually liked them pre painting, too, in their "stripped bare" stage. Great job Chris xx Colleen

  5. Teeny tables are you for sure

  6. Love the tables, Steve made them beautifully and you have "Chrissed" them so they look perfect in your home, you really are a talented lady :-)

  7. Ohhh the tables look so perfect. 12 markets wow busy alright great stuff, I loved the runner rail too btw.


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