Wednesday, September 28, 2022


 I'm seriously considering going out and getting a hair dye, and doing me own  hair.

Thinking of spending between 4-5 hours in the hair salon is doing my head in.  My roots are looking shocking, and the grey hair!  OMG that shit is ramping up.  Nasty. 

So, yeah.   I will probably go to the Chemist Warehouse today and get a dye.  Non peroxide though, cos I doubt my hair will handle that. 

What else is on my agenda today?  Sorry but it's bound to be a repeat of yesterday.  Working in me sewing room.  Bit of housework.  bla bla bla.

ABOVE:  See that little terracotta pot on the right?  I painted it blue 20 odd years ago... I reckon it needs re-painting.  Maybe I'll do that today?  It's been bugging me for the last couple of years, AT LEAST.

ABOVE:  I put all my Zippered Pouches on the table and shelving unit late yesterday, to see how it would look. I love how it makes them more visible. I have room for two more on there 😊😉😆.

Christy:  WW is OK... I had a small gain (200 grms) last week.  Stayed the same this week.  It's a slow process this time around, cos I'm OLD.  And lazy.  And like food too much.  But I never stop trying.

For those who asked:  I got carried away in my sewing room yesterday and forgot about Card Night!  By the time I remembered, it was too late to go over.  

Right, I'm off to start the day.  Catch ya later.

12.55 am:  Another busy morning out and about for me.
First up was the Chemist Warehouse for these:

ABOVE:  The hair dye and some new eye shadow.  I'll probably do me hair tomorrow, I can't be arsed right now.

After the Chemist Warehouse I went out to Gordonton, to Wairere Nursey and found their LAST Princess Maud Azalea:

ABOVE:  I hope this one doesn't die!  I think it will go in the rockery, which means moving some rocks this weekend.  Sorry Darling.

Because I was in Gordonton, I stopped into Grandmothers Garden:

ABOVE:  I really love this place, not just for their fabrics.  Their gardens are gorgeous too.

ABOVE:  Obviously, I did find a 'couple' of fabrics to buy.  

I had to stand and wait for 20 minutes while the only other customer in the shop decided how much of each fabric she wanted... I swear she took so bloody long I almost walked out.  There was one single person working in the shop today, hence the loooooong wait.

So now that I'm home I shall have some lunch then head into the sewing room.  Which means I probably won't update again till dinnertime.

Steve hides bottle tops around my house.  It's a thing...

ABOVE:  That wasn't subtle at all son.  😂😅😉

It is now 6 pm and I have done virtually nothing this afternoon.  Watched a movie. Had a nana nap.  Made ONE zippered pouch.  Now I have to get dinner.
Oh ya.

Nice quiet evening.  Coronation Street is getting interesting!  And that's a wrap of the day.  
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Pouches look so cool all together on display

  2. They look amazing in a group. That will attract attention for sure!
    I like the weathered pot - it's looks like you paid extra for the "distressed" look. It would look cute with fresh paint too, I am sure.
    Go to the salon. Bring your phone. Get pampered and play games. Post blog updates. Relax. Enjoy.

  3. Azaleas like an acidic soil. The pouches look fantastic.

  4. Rhonda6:57 PM

    So annoying when a customer doesn’t know what they want and they are actually getting served! Having worked in retail I feel for the shop assistant, especially being on her own, and seeing customers waiting (and possibly getting antsy and cranky) and there isn’t a lot she can do 🤷‍♀️ until she is finished serving the annoying customer. Should always be two employees on duty in my opinion. I tend to take a deep breath if I’m in the position you were in Chris and try to just go with the flow, not worth getting worked up about.

    1. Oh I didn't get antsy or worked up... I found a chair and sat on it with my fabrics on the floor in front of me. And just waited, and waited...

    2. Anonymous8:13 PM


    3. Rhonda9:49 PM


  5. Was more fun when it wss the 20$ note doing the round rather that bottle tops

  6. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Does Garnier Nutriss not have peroxide in it in New Zealand? It does in the US.

    1. Yes it does. I gave up trying to find one without Peroxide in it.

  7. Love the fabric on the right!

  8. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Wow I love those fabrics Chris. Kj


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